Jungle Scout: Personal Experience

7/Wed/10/2020 08:00

Hi, I'm John, Amazon seller with 5 years of experience and over $100,000 of revenue. To become successful in my business, I have tried hundreds of tools, read hundreds of articles and failed many times. Today I will tell you where you definitely don't want to invest your money, or how JS got me mad.  Read more

The Best Free Amazon Review Checkers

3/Sun/05/2020 13:35

Product reviews are one of the most crucial indicators of whether you should purchase the product or not, and they're directly affecting the sale volume of the product. But feedbacks on e-commerce sites such as Amazon are not always trustworthy. Many companies pay to people to post positive reviews on their products, or leave the negative ones and destroy their competitors' business. You want to buy a product, and you're not sure if the reviews are real, so you read them through to decide whether you should buy it or not. This is not an issue when the products have several reviews, but if there are dozens or hundreds of feedbacks posted, and something still feels sketchy, it's challenging to read every single one of them and make a decision. Reading hundreds of reviews will take a lot of your time, and eventually, you will get confused. At this point, you should use a fake review spotter tool, which will help you discover if the feedbacks are real or not, on a dime. Read more

AMZScout Review - Ultimate Seller Guide 2020

30/Thu/04/2020 12:41

For entrepreneurs who desire to reach greater heights with their Amazon venture with sizzling hot listings forged from time-tested tools, the AMZ Scout should be your next port of call. With AMZ Scout database, the highly coveted 7-figure income is nearer than ever. Let’s find out how it actually finds a profit-making item & super-positions it to win rapidly. Read more

Amazon Sales Rank Guide

21/Sat/03/2020 01:18

 Today, we’re going to discuss Amazon’s sales ranking and how it affects you, the seller. Even if you’ve been selling for a while, you still may have not fully grasped what sales rank means. We’re going to help you better understand its importance and what you can do to improve your rank. Read more

How to Sell on Amazon the Easy Way

21/Sat/03/2020 01:20

Fulfillment by Amazon is such a rich web service that helps merchants by professionally performing complex and sensitive order fulfillment processes on behalf of merchants. Read more

How to Sell Books on Amazon

20/Fri/03/2020 08:55

Amazon is, by far, the most successful company that the world has ever seen. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has built a service that is an integral part of the world’s supply chain. He’s the richest man alive because of his unrelenting success. He’s so successful that he made his ex-wife the richest woman in the world simply by giving her money in the divorce preceding’s. It’s an unprecedented amount of success. Read more

Your Ultimate Amazon FBA Guide to Success

19/Thu/03/2020 08:36

Wouldn’t it be great to have a shelf at a big box store that was set aside for your products? Well, that’s kind of how Amazon FBA works. They take care of all the customer-related needs while you just focus on attracting customers’ eyes to your shelf. Read more

Amazon Brand Registry-How Does it Work?

18/Wed/03/2020 13:31

Navigating the online world and trying to make a name for yourself and your business can be a daunting and intimidating venture for any seller. Trying to understand what you can and can’t do with online selling can be the difference between a successful and profitable business and an ugly Read more


18/Wed/03/2020 00:29

As the largest e-commerce platform on the planet, Amazon boasts of a yearly revenue numbering hundreds of billions US Dollars accrued from millions of active users on Amazon. You can get a sizable chunk of that revenue by joining and applying affiliate offers from Amazon on your website. Read more

FBA Toolkit: Everything You Should Know

18/Wed/03/2020 03:10

“FBA” stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”, an exciting business model that allows entrepreneurs to build their businesses through Amazon. FBA toolkit is a collection of tools that are available online to Amazon sellers. Through the Amazon FBA toolkit, sellers are able to receive organized, precise, and useful data in regards to products for selling on Amazon. Read more