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What is the Amazon Affiliates Program?
Becoming An Amazon Affiliate
Amazon Affiliates Earnings
How to Promote Amazon Products
Amazon Affiliates Terms of Services
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

As the largest e-commerce platform on the planet, Amazon boasts of a yearly revenue numbering hundreds of billions US Dollars accrued from millions of active users on Amazon. You can get a sizable chunk of that revenue by joining and applying affiliate offers from Amazon on your website.

The core focus of this article is to extensively discuss what an Amazon associates program is, how to join the program and the best practices to help search for and promote Amazon affiliates products.

What is the Amazon Affiliates Program?

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The Amazon affiliates program otherwise known as associates program is an affiliate marketing program designed by Amazon to help website owners and bloggers to become affiliates or partners with Amazon as it were. 

As such, when these website owners and bloggers advertise products from Amazon on their sites using an already created link and a buyer makes a purchase of the product after clicking the created link, they earn a certain amount called Referral Fees. 

This online affiliates market program was one of the first introduced in 1996 as a developing solution to assist website owners and bloggers make tons of money by engaging in adverts of products from Amazon. Let us now discuss an in-depth step-by-step process of becoming an Amazon affiliate.

Becoming An Amazon Affiliate

Your journey to becoming an Amazon affiliate starts with a step and continues with 3 other subsequent ones. They are:

1. Create a website or a blog

2. Join the Amazon associates program and become an Amazon affiliate

3. Build your affiliates profile

4. Create your affiliates link

Create a website or a blog

To become an Amazon affiliate, you must own an active blog, website or a YouTube channel that has already been populated with and thus appears to be active and certified to both Amazon and its users.

Also, you must be able to describe the intent of your website, blog or YouTube channel as part of your application process. Hence if you do not already know, you need to carefully consider why you are creating the site, who would be your target audience and how to get traffic on the site or blog.

Become an Amazon Affiliate

After getting your site or blog active, you are ready to create your Amazon affiliate account and to do this you will visit the Amazon affiliate homepage then click the” join now for free” option. That option will prompt you to log in to your Amazon account or create if you do not have one. 

It may take a day or two for your account to be approved but once it is proceeding to build your Amazon affiliates profile.

Build your affiliates profile

After signing in to your Amazon account, click on the the “New Customer” option to start building your affiliates account through the following steps:

1. Enter your account details which will include your name, phone number, and address 

2. Enter your blog, website or YouTube channel or address

3. Enter your primary website name which serves as your preferred store ID to explain your website’s intent and choose Amazon topics that will likely appeal to your links.

4. Describe how you gain traffic on your site or how you use your site to generate income monthly and the exact number of visitors your site accommodates each month.

5. Enter your mobile phone number and click the “Call Me” option after which you will receive a call from Amazon representatives requesting you to input a four-digit code after which your account will be approved.

6. Confirm your payment method by inputting your credit card and tax ID.

Create your affiliates link

Once you are logged in on your Amazon affiliates account, you will be directed to the homepage of your affiliate where you can view your performance dashboard which includes your earnings overview, monthly summary, and total clicks.

After this, you need to create your Amazon affiliate link. Here’s how:

  • Select either of the Quick links; “Search for Product” or “Browse for Product”. 
  • Using the “Search for Product” option, allows you to find a specific product keyword while “Browse for a product” allows you to find a product using categories such as health, beauty, etc.
  • After finding a relevant product, click on the “Get Link” option.
  • Giving the link type, customize background color, change title color, and image size. 
  • Crosscheck the link before adding it to your site
  • Simply using a copy and paste method, paste the link on your site.

Your account will be approved for 180 days during which time you must make at least a sale or your account will be closed, that is, a customer must buy a product on Amazon using your affiliate link. 

Once your account is a go, you can start earning on the amazon associate program. Let us now discuss how much you can earn as an affiliate on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliates Earnings

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As an affiliate or a partner on Amazon, you are entitled to a fair percentage of the amount paid by buyers who make purchases using your blog or website. When a buyer purchases a product within a 24 hour or 30 day period if the product as added to their cart using your affiliate link, you will receive a commission for the sale. You get commissions ranging from 1% up to 10%

Amazon offers a variety of fee rates for different products. Ultimately, your total earnings depend on the number of people you refer to and the amount of money spent. As an Amazon affiliate, you may earn from $50 to $50,000 depending on the performance of your blog or site, the traffic generated and the niche of the products you promote.

How to Promote Amazon Products

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As you use Amazon affiliates, Amazon offers you 3 ways to promote products by adding links and adverts on your blog or websites. These include:

1. Text Links

2. Native Shopping Adverts 

3. Banners.

Text Links

Text links remain the most efficient way to refer a buyer to Amazon within the website or blogging content. After logging into your affiliates account, click on the option of the “Products Link” as seen on the bottom of the product linking tab.

Proceed by searching for the product you want to link and click the “Get Link” option on the right of the product. If you need to shorten the link, click on the down arrow beside the get link and click the option of “Shorten URL”

You may decide to customize the new URL and turn it into HTML under the “Get HTML Code for This Product Link” option and proceed to copy and paste it at the appropriate part of your blog or website.

Native Shopping Adverts 

Native shopping adverts are beautiful advert designs but unfortunately, they do not get as many visitors as the text links because they typically look like an ad.

To get Native advert links, login to your Amazon affiliates account and click on “Native Shopping Ads” option as found under the “Product Linking” tab then select the type of Native Shopping Ad you would like by clicking on the “Create Ad Unit” option and selecting from the following:

Recommendation Ads

These are the ads that automatically show you relevant product recommendations from Amazon based on your blog or website page content and visiting users.

Search Ads

These are the ads that allow your visitors to take advantage of search results directly from Amazon on your blog or website. They also include product recommendations based on key search phrases or keywords you or your visitors entered on the site.

Custom Ads

These ads let you select your favorite products that you would like to promote and place the ad unit within your product article posts on your blog or website.

Choose the Categories or items you want to have in your ads, as well as the Fallback that is, a kind of substitute which when the item or category is unavailable at some point on Amazon, this will fill in.


Banners are usually the easiest way to get a link on your site but they are often not the most efficient way to build sales. To get banner links, login to your Amazon affiliates account and select the banners option as seen below the product listing tab. Navigate down the page and select the category you would like to get a banner from.

You may select the size banner you want by clicking on the size below the category you chose, or you can navigate through the list to find the one you want.

Copy the HTML code below the banner you want after that, Paste the code in the appropriate place for your blog or website.

Let's dive into a brief discussion on how to select the best profitable products to promote:

How to Select Products to Promote on Amazon

There is no gainsaying in the fact that people buy almost about anything on the Amazon Marketplace. As such, if you are looking to profit as an Amazon affiliate, you should be able to find a good selection of products to promote irrespective of your blog or site niche.

To begin the selection process, visit the best sellers page and navigate through the departments and then select a product that is relevant to your blog or website. Be sure to select products of close relation and relevance to your site niche perhaps choosing a broad category but narrowing it down niche-wise to specific products keeping your target visitors in mind.

It is also advisable to promote products between $50 and $200 mark because such products are middle-end products. While low priced or cheap products may be very easy to sell, they give a low commission.

In the same vein, high priced products may bring high commission but may not be easy to sell. Hence, middle-end products are your best bet when thinking of Amazon products to promote on your blog or website. As you promote middle-end products, be sure that those products are of high quality to get good customer reviews and ratings.

Now that we know what products to promote, let us discuss the best product content that will put visitors in a ready mood to buy promoted products. Some of these content include the following:

1. Product Reviews: This is the most popular of articles written by people on Amazon to make money. To do this, select any Amazon product within your niche and write a comprehensive review about it.

Writing a quality review of a product relevant to your niche remains the best method to gain visitors on your blog or site and to increase affiliate sales.

2. The A-list Products: All humans have the innate tendency to want the best things available to them. It is no exception when people buy on Amazon. Buyers are ecstatic about spending more money if it means buying the best product.

Writing on A-list products available on Amazon will ensure an influx of traffic on your blog or website especially if the content can be ranked high on major search engines. This form of content may bring the highest traffic needed to profit as an Amazon affiliate.

3. Product Comparison: With millions of products and brands available on Amazon, it is often hard to choose what brand or product to buy. Thus, there is an unending need for buyers to compare products and brands before making a purchasing decision.

Providing an in-depth and accurate comparison between brands and products will ensure that visitors purchase the products you recommend.

4. Sales Promotions and Discount: Most products on Amazon usually have a listed discount. Be on the vigilant for these kinds of sales promotions as promoting them especially if they are relevant to your niche can be worth your while.

5. New Product Launch: When new products on Amazon are launched, they become a hot topic. A lot of buyers are often interested in new products recently launched. Writing about them can guarantee a measure of traffic on your blog or website.

The following tips will greatly help an Amazon affiliate to get an untold number of visitors on his blog or website and to make profitable sales on Amazon:

Use Two or More Affiliate Links

For every article or post you write, it is advisable to use multiple affiliate links including the link every time you mention the product as this will help you reach more people and gain points on user-friendliness.

Clickable Product Image

Using pictures of the product in your content while writing on your blog or website is a great way to help people further understand your content. Therefore, when you use images of products in your content, make sure it is clickable as this helps people connect with the product on a personal level and boost your sales.

Use Appropriate Website Layout

The layout and design used on your blog or website play an immense role in how successful you are like an Amazon affiliate. While creating your website, keep in mind the compatibility with mobile, clean design, affiliate links that are easy to find and usage of word press theme custom-built for Amazon affiliate sites.

All these put in place facilitates a successful Amazon affiliate.

Amazon Affiliates Terms of Services

As with every given partnership, Amazon also gives exclusive terms and conditions of service also known as Operating agreement and Program policies for those who wish to benefit from the Amazon affiliate program and these terms are expected to be followed to the later.

These terms are changed frequently and it is imperative that as an Amazon affiliate you review them from time to time to avoid your account getting banned while you also lose all your affiliate sales. Here are a few of such terms.

1. You must have the Amazon affiliates disclaimer on your blog or website. This means that your identity as an Amazon affiliate must be conspicuous. You may choose to put the disclaimer statement given to you by Amazon on every page of your blog or website or on just on an Amazon disclosure page.

2. Images from Amazon used must link to Amazon. If you are downloading images from Amazon, the images must link back to Amazon as clearly stated in their terms of service to avoid getting a ban on your account.

3. You must never promote Amazon products through Email. While you may choose to promote your blog posts or website content through email lists, you are not to promote Amazon products using email lists to avoid getting a ban on your account.

4. Unless you pull prices from the API, never mention them. Because Amazon product prices are subject to frequent changes, you should never copy and paste prices to a buyer on your blog or website as the information about prices given to any buyer about a product may be misleading unless the prices are taken from their API which allows you dynamic pricing information.

5. You are allowed to share your affiliates link on social media as this allows you to reach more visitors who will make purchases on Amazon using your links on your blog or website. Amazon allows you to share your links on major social media platforms as long as you add them to your approved website list.

6. Compliance will all relevant regulations is non-negotiable. Amazon will do a review of your blog or website and when they do, be sure that your blog or website complies with all Amazon regulations and other relevant policies and directives. 

Following all these terms of service will ensure you do not get a ban as an Amazon affiliate. Make sure you read the terms of service from time to time and the best of your understanding. If you encounter a term of service you do not understand, contact Amazon affiliate support immediately to make things clearer to you. Happy earning!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: What is the Amazon Affiliate Program, Is it different from Amazon Associates?

Answer: Both are the same and are often used interchangeably. It is an affiliate marketing program designed for bloggers, website owners and people with a following to actively advertise and promote Amazon listed products on their blogs and website and get a commission when a purchase is made using their affiliate links.

Question: How do I use the Site Stripe on Amazon Store?

Answer: The Site Stripe is one of the easiest ways to add links as this tool allows you to select a link from any project page on the Amazon store.

Once you login to your Amazon affiliates account, scroll to any product page, there you will see the Site Stripe as a widget on top of the page. 

Question: Why Do So Many People Use Amazon Affiliates?

Answer: Many people use the Amazon affiliates program because it is huge, easy to use, you receive tangential sales from everything your visitors buy in a go using your affiliate link, and Amazon covers most markets making almost all products available to every prospective buyer.

Question: What is OneLink?

OneLink can be described as Amazon's link localizer. This is a tool that allows you to redirect buyers not in the USA like the UK and Canada to the Amazon stores available in their respective countries so they can make their purchase.

Without the OneLink localizer, an Amazon affiliate would get zero commissions on buyers from Canada and the UK who use his affiliate links on his blog or website. To use this tool to locate Tools and OneLink on Amazon. 


Through the course of this article, I have taken you through the journey of being an Amazon affiliate or associate and we have discussed how to be on top of your game and become as successful as you can be. 

Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Building profitable traffic on your blog or site will take time and you will make mistakes. Patience is key to the whole process. Carefully review all the steps mentioned in this article and apply them, and be sure to put in a huge amount of time, motivation and passion as you remain on the right path to becoming a successful Amazon affiliate over time.