Amazon Brand Registry-How Does it Work?

posted on 18/Wed/03/2020 13:31
What is Amazon Brand Registry?
Who can Use Brand Registry on Amazon?
Amazon Brand Registry Benefits
How to apply for Amazon Brand Registry?
The Eligibility Requirements for Amazon Brand Registry
Final Thoughts

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Navigating the online world and trying to make a name for yourself and your business can be a daunting and intimidating venture for any seller. Trying to understand what you can and can’t do with online selling can be the difference between a successful and profitable business and an ugly lawsuit. If you are already selling your products on Amazon or are looking to enter onto the platform, then you have surely considered how the platform will accept and integrate your brand without damaging your business.

To help keep businesses safe from legal issues and other seller, the Amazon Brand Registry was created to ensure that online sales of products were being conducted fairly and legally. To understand just what the Amazon Brand Registry program is, we will take a look at just how it works and how you can use it to help out your own brand. Additionally, we will look at some of the question’s that sellers have about the program and how you can go about getting involved with it to grow and protect your brand on the online space.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

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To protect the rights and products of their online sellers, Amazon has created their own registry of brands that they use to track and record the sale of goods on their platforms. For Amazon, making sure that their sellers are working within international regulations and rules ensures that they are able to operate without issues and that their sellers know what the expectation is of them.

The general idea of the brand registry Amazon system is to ensure the legal protection of products that are owned by or trademarked by a particular brand. When you go to a normal shopping center, you will see thousands of different brands that all offer unique products that they have spent time and money to develop. If someone could just take their idea and copy it without any consequences, then brands would lack protection from unfair competition and stolen ideas. A brand owner will have the exclusive rights to sell a product that they have created and own so that no other brand or company can produce the exact same product for unfair competition. It is this idea of trademarks that Amazon uses to create their registry of official brands.

Brands like Nike and Apple are already established online and are able to use the Amazon Brand Registry to make sure that only they have the rights to sell their shoes and have the ability to see if others are illegally distributing their products. Any brand that has a trademarked product can submit an Amazon brand registry application to ensure that they are the sole distributors of their products. Having the ability to protect your rights as a brand and still sell on Amazon is why so many major and small brands trust the Amazon registry to keep tabs on all their sellers to keep the platform free from theft and false property sales.

Who can Use Brand Registry on Amazon?

Brand registry on Amazon may seem like a fairly obvious concept, but a wider range of people can use the service then one would first assume. The primary target for the brand registry is established brands that have several trademarked and established products that they are looking to start selling on Amazon. These larger brands will benefit immensely from the service because they can have the confidence to sell their products without having to worry about others interfering with their business. If you are a brand owner, then you also have the potential to work with Amazon to help and keep your brand safe. If you are going into Amazon to sell as a brand owner, then it is most likely that you already have your brand established with all of the necessary trademarks to have exclusive sales rights to your products. If you are not yet an established brand, you can still try out and test future trademarked products, but the brand registry won’t be able to completely protect you from other sellers.

However, with the launch of the more recent Amazon brand registry 2.0, there have been some changes to the rules that allow more sellers to grow their online presence than was previously available. With the addition of an authorized seller feature, brands can select and choose certain online sellers to sell their products to consumers even though they themselves are not the brand owner. This newer option means that more than just the products’ creators can sell and profit from selling a product without having to create an entirely new brand and product. This gives sellers a chance to work with larger companies to sell products and save costs from manufacturing while allowing larger bands to have less to worry about with their online sales.

The scope of the brand registry system means that a wide variety of people can benefit from the registry system to keep their businesses safe. There are many benefits that can be seen for the average seller and international brand alike that will make more people want to work on Amazon to get their product into the world. To understand some of the additional benefits to using the Amazon registry for your products, we will take a look at some of the best benefits to entering your products into the Amazon brand registry system.

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

Brand Protection

The most obvious and regarded benefit of applying through Amazon’s brand registry is the protection of your brand and products. Once you complete your application and all the documents are in order, Amazon will be able to recognize your products and brand in their store to keep others from selling your product. This added peace of mind means you will not have to manually go and search for potential threats and trademark violators. Protection of your brand comes in many forms, and being registered with Amazon allows you to take any action you need to make sure your brand is not being taken advantage of.

Better Branding Options

When you enter into the registry, you are immediately granted certain privileges and powers that normal seller doesn’t have access to. When it is you who has brand rights and selling exclusivity to a product, you can decide whatever branding features that are going to be used to display the product on Amazon. With the rights to a product’s listing, you can do things like completely edit the images and descriptions associated with your brands’ products. With more options to make your products look and sound better, more customers will be inclined to check out your professional page instead of a non-branded competitor.

Report Violations

In a perfect world, sellers on Amazon would respect the property rights of others, but that’s sadly not the case. If another seller tries to sell your products without your direct and signed approval, being in the Amazon brand registry makes your defense much easier. Amazon will be on your side in every case and has plenty of resources to help keep your business running without illegal competition. If Amazon detects any serious threats r scams, they will notify you immediately and help you get things in order. They also let you report any issues that you come across in the marketplace that is interfering with your business operations.

Utilize Video

With so many brands using sources like YouTube and Instagram to sed messages to customers, buyers all over the world are using video to justify their purchases. Being a registered brand with Amazon allows you to upload videos of your product to help sell your brand and gives you an edge on the competition who has limited selling potential. You can upload videos that you use as advertisements, product demonstrations, or whatever else you feel necessary to spread the word of your products and brand image.

Build a Store

Similar to your website or physical storefront, the Amazon page that your brand resides in almost immediately attracts or sends away your customers. Having the ability to organize your entire Amazon catalog with a virtual store front will make you look like a large industry with excellent marketing in just a few steps. You can add banners and images to make your store look professional and you can effectively and strategically organize your products into relevant subcategories. The ability to make your storefront comes with your brand registry and adds another indication to customers that you are serious about making your business look its best on Amazon.

Better Customer Experience

In the end of the day, the most important aspect of any business is how well it is received by its customers. If your customers aren’t enjoying your content and naturally being drawn to it, then you will be left in the dark. Being able to provide customers with a better user experience and page navigation could be the hook that people need to stay on your page and add new products to the carts. You can draw more customer attention with direct and indirect tactics that Amazon can help with to foster an environment that gets customers eager to shop from your page.

Competitive Advantage

Being the best that you can be is great for getting customers engaged, but what if you could do more? Being a recognized brand on Amazon gives you many benefits that can even allow you to monitor the competition in your market so that you can se who is doing well and who could be your next big threat. Having some insider knowledge as to what you can do to improve your sales and brand image is what separates you from the brands destined to fail because they did not use their given resources to grow and improve their brand.

How to apply for Amazon Brand Registry?

amazon brand registry requirements

  • Have an Established Brand - The application to get recognized on the brand registry of Amazon all starts with making sure you have a brand to sell from. Having products that you own and are able to sell gives you the power to act as a brand on Amazon. Amazon allows you to sell products without an official brand registration to test the market and see how consumers respond to your goods. Once you decide to pursue selling your products on Amazon, you will want to look into the trademark process of keeping your brand safe from unfair competition.
  • Make Sure you are Trademarked - Without the official rights to be a brand, Amazon will not do very much to recognize your brand as anything official. To apply for your brand recognition, you will need to fill out the necessary application to ensure that you can become a real brand. This process can take a good deal of time and has many legal things that must be addressed by your home country. This process is the longest step and is mostly out of Amazon’s control, but it is essential to getting your application completed.
  • Provide Brand Information - Once you have your official trademark available, you can begin to fill out your registry form with Amazon. This application is very similar to filling out a general seller application with Amazon. You will be asked to enter in various information regarding your brand. Some things you ill need is your seller information, brand name and logos, and some information as to where you are operating out of. These details should be easy to fill out as any company who has created an official brand will likely have all of this information ready to go. This is the only primary part of the application and will have you registered in a few weeks if all goes well.
  • Keep your Account Active - The last step in your application is not a written step, but it is essential to keeping your account alive. If you are not active with Amazon and attempting to make regular sales, then you could be removed from the registry. Brands that do not stay up to date with Amazon and act in accordance with Amazon’s guidelines face the removal of their brand from the registry. You don’t have to reach certain sales quotas or anything too strict but engaging with your customers and keeping prices up to date will ensure your continued protection with the registry.

The Eligibility Requirements for Amazon Brand Registry

With so many great benefits to be an officially recognized brand in the amazon brand registry, there are certain things that need to be in order so that you can complete the official requirements for brand eligibility. The primary requirement for being a recognized brand on the Amazon registry is that you are in fact a registered brand that is recognized by your company’s country. This is the most complicated part of becoming a recognized brand, but it is also the most important step that you cannot move on from without completing. Once you are formally recognized as a brand by your trademark office, you can now move on to the easier and less complicated registration issues. The next requirement to make you eligible to be registered as a brand is that you must be the person who officially owns the rights to the trademark of your brand. If you are not the person who actually has the rights to your brand, then you will not be able to represent the brand and will need the brand owner to get the registration for brand registry in check. Lastly, you will need to have an Amazon account to be recognized by Amazon’s registry with two ways to go about the recognition. You can either use an Amazon Seller Central account of Vendor Central account to be recognized by Amazon’s registry. Each of these accounts is essential to sell on Amazon anyway so you probably have one of the two. Without an Amazon account, Amazon will not be able to support and defend your trademark. If you are complaint with these three requirements, then getting your recognition of a brand by Amazon should be relatively simple.


Do your need a trademark for Amazon brand registry?

The Amazon brand registry system is build off of companies and brands that are in complete ownership in their products. By allowing brands that are established and legally protected by trademarks, Amazon is able to offer easier protection and support to those brands who decide to use the brand registry. To establish yourself as a brand on the Amazon brand registry, you will need to have a trademark for your products to have them fully protected. If you sell products that do not have officially licensed trademarks, Amazon has very little legal obligation or power to help your brand defend your rights. A trademark legally protects your product and rights to sell, so if Amazon has you in a registry where everyone else but you has officially licensed products, the registry would be representing faulty data that shows not all of the registered brands are actually brands. The only real exception to this rule is if you are selling something for another brand as a licensed seller in which case you can sell without your own personal trademark. Selling products of a registered brand without getting authorization from the brand itself will result in legal action taken against you that can be severely damaging.

How long does it take to apply for Amazon brand registry?

When it comes to applying for the brand registry, the primary thing you will have to deal with is your countries own trademark rules and restrictions. Without trademark rights from your country of sales and operation, you will not even be allowed to sign up for the Amazon registry. This process can take up to a year depending on hat you are selling and if you are going up against other large brands with their own trademarks. The market area you operate in and what you are selling can either make this process fairly easy or a multi-year depending on the brand you want to establish. Once you have a legally recognized brand, it is much easier for Amazon to recognize you and your brand and get you into their registry. Once you have your brand recognized legally, you can start to work with Amazon to get your brand officially registered and recognized in a few weeks. Amazon will review all of your brand information through your seller account and then get back to you when you have been added to the registry successfully. Once you are in the registry, you will now have access to all of the benefits that a registered brand has access to with Amazon.

How much does it cost to register a brand on Amazon?

Many brands are worried about getting their brand registered with Amazon because they worry about large fees or subscription costs, but the Amazon brand registry cost is free! Amazon doesn’t want to charge already established brands for simply existing and they are able to provide excellent service to brands with no charge. One thing to eb aware of though is that the process of getting your brand registered under an official trademark can cost some money. You can hire someone to help get your brand registered with a trademark, but that is not always necessary. Every country has different rules as to how you can get your brand trademarked, and some trademarks will require you to pay a certain renewal fee to maintain your trademarked status for a certain amount of time.

Final Thoughts

So many opportunities and benefits can await you if you take the action and get enrolled in the Amazon brand registry program today. You can compete on a much larger scale than ever before and have the confidence in knowing that you and your products will be safe from theft. All that’s standing between you and the future success of your business is taking the time and action to get your brand registered as soon as possible.