Amazon FBA Fees in Details

posted on 11/Tue/02/2020 01:47
What are FBA Fees?
Why Choose FBA?
Benefits of choosing FBA
How to Start
Types of FBA Fees
Tools for FBA Sellers
What Should you Sell on Amazon?
FBA vs. Ebay Fees

Any entrepreneur who wants to sell worldwide will first think of Amazon. It's the world's number one online store. With Amazon, you reach customers globally. Nobody would want to overlook such an opportunity.

However, for any business to be sustainable, it must retain profit. You can't finance a business from your pocket for long. It must attain level of sustaining itself. People fear FBA fees . It seems too much for profitable investment. However, it's wrong!

In this article, we will discuss Amazon FBA fees . Know the various fees charged on FBA and calculating them. Learning this will protect you from losing money and run a profitable FBA investment.

What are FBA Fees?

FBA is a platform where goods are sold to customers worldwide. The uniqueness of FBA is it does most operations for you. Simply, ship products and they store them in their warehouses. Amazon takes responsibility of handling the various operations. They receive orders, pick, package and ship item to the customer. They also do a follow up.

You own but Amazon runs it. However, they charge FBA fees . You pay various FBA fees for services received on FBA. The amounts also differ.

FBA charges monthly fees. Plan the budget well and know the various FBA fees to incur. It's key to running a profitable FBA investment.

Why Choose FBA?

If no time to respond to concerns, choose FBA. FBA team will do it. If no enough space to store your items, choose FBA. Their huge warehouses can store millions of products at a cheaper cost.

Choosing FBA gives you an opportunity to think on improving your business. FBA can also benefit the following people:

  • Land-based stores- FBA gives an opportunity to promote unique brands. You succeed quickly since FBA will keep goods as you expand business.
  • Online stores- FBA gives a platform to reach customers worldwide. Increase your income using good marketing strategy.
  • Entrepreneurs- Changes have happened with online businesses, hence, you can't track everything. However, FBA keeps you informed of happenings in the sphere.

Before choosing FBA, explore its fees to know whether it's good. Every investor desires making profit, but plan budget before investing wrongly. If FBA is right platform to take items globally, success will be inevitable.

FBA has a Prime shipping feature with which customers can receive goods 2 days after placing an order. They can offer customer support services.

Benefits of choosing FBA

Choosing FBA will guarantee you many benefits. You get advantage over online competitors. FBA gives more convenient options for storing, packing and shipping. Choose FBA and forget about these. FBA also guarantees the following benefits:

  • You can quickly start on FBA. FBA requires creation of Seller's account and join million members. Finding customers is quicker than developing website. FBA quickly gives online store for marketing.
  • FBA is right platform for sellers. 95 million sellers earn from customers purchases items. 50% buyers choose FBA when they need product first time.
  • Prime shipping. FBA grants free 2-days shipping immediately after joining. Items are shipped with logo. Move items to international market today. Most customers need items delivered quickly, hence, they need logo. Choose FBA now, enjoy quick shipping and international audience.
  • Business growth. With FBA, cover amazon fba cost, forget the rest. Get room and create strategies for building business empire. Example, do research, explore market, look for extra suppliers. Next, venture into a new niche and succeed there.
  • Prime products are ranked first. Clear amazon fba fee and items will be ranked first than those without. Such will be seen first, translating to sales. Pay the fees now and enjoy more sales.
  • Customer support. Amazon's tremendous customer support service. It recommends products to customers based on needs, hence, customers love it.
  • Returns. Customers not satisfied with items can return to Amazon, making FBA a preferred platform. This boosts sales.

Choose FBA to promote your items online. However, know expenses to incur, then decide whether FBA is best. Use the fees calculator to determine fees .

How to Start

After choosing FBA for selling items, take a step. Do this:

Step 1: Create Sellers Account

It's the first step. Next, research on fees. FBA has calculator for determining expenses to incur for item sold.

Step 2: List Products

Use software or manual means. A software simplifies research process. Alternatively, do it manually. Choose what works well.

Step 3: Consider Goods

Are they allowed on FBA? Read their policies to know whether authorized. Also, understand their selling processes.

Step 4: Ship to Amazon

Amazon has warehouses for storage. You ship items to them and specialists take responsibility of handling. They receive orders, pick items, package and ship them. If customers raise concerns, they will respond appropriately.

Step 5: Watch for Notifications

Whenever an item's sold, they notify about the same. Remember that FBA handles packaging and shipping. Just open your seller's account and know sold products.

Joining and selling is simple. Amazon's specialists do much, and you focus on something else. However, the role of planning for budget and catering for fba amazon fees is yours. FBA produces quick success.

Types of FBA Fees

The Amazon's Fulfillment program may be the best option for you, but be ready to incur a number of fba fees . You will incur referral, storage and other expenses. Consider product's price and expenses to determine the profitability of FBA investment. They include:

Referral Fees

It's deducted for items sold. It's calculated as percentage of item's price. Normally, it's 15% of item's price. However, some items like jewelry attract higher referral fees.

Fulfillment Fees

Remember Amazon stores, packages and ships items to customers. You pay through fulfillment by amazon fees. FBA also handles customer support. FBA relieves you to focus in expanding business. Doing it becomes expensive.

amazon fba fee

FBA is best logistics partner. Enjoy safe and timely deliveries of items. They offer safe storage for items.

Mothly FBA Fee

FBA charges monthly fee. In the Individual seller plan, you will incur this charge plus a deduction of $1 per item sold. In Professional seller plan, you only incur a $39.99/month charge.

The former's good for individuals making few sales. The latter's good for individuals selling thousands or millions of items monthly. If can sell above 40 items monthly, choose Professional plan.

Storage Fees

These costs are charged after storing items in Amazon's warehouses. It discourages long storage of products.

fba fees

Storing items in Amazon's warehouses reduces time taken to ship to customers. If goods move quickly, choose this. Amount depends on month and product's size. Approximate the total items needed and make order from supplier.

Variable Closing Fees

Items in particular categories attract flat fees. Examples include media items like DVDs, books etc.

Tools for FBA Sellers

Amazon provides a platform to brands. Amazon sellers use tools improve their experience on FBA. Most sellers prefer manual research. However, it's not effective when too much data is involved. Research time is lengthened. Tools automate FBA business boosting sales. Here are such tools:

IO Scout

The IOScout tool helps sellers determine best FBA item. It can track event's history regarding a product , analyze competition etc. Before venturing into a particular niche, use IO Scout to identify best item in niche and worst item in niche. IO Scout has filtering options, returning most detailed data. Example, to analyze categories, filter using price, and sales, and revenue, etc. Enough information is available to analyze before venturing into marketing FBA items.

fba fees

IO Scout shows best-selling items. Track items and get required information. Information is updated hourly. IO Scout gives data about anything, niche, and product, and software etc.

There exists Chrome extension for IO Scout for time saving. Install now and won't be need to leave web page to open another program. You open Amazon page and get necessary details.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout can tell a product's performance in market. Every product details can be seen, including revenue, ranking, inventory etc. As FBA starter, use Jungle Scout to identify the most profitable item in your niche. Jungle Scout will let you know peoples' interests and invent a solution to these.

amazon fba fees

Jungle Scout has list of manufacturers to choose a supplier from. It can show details about particular product . Create suppliers' list with Jungle Scout and compare them to know their contact details. Find right supplier and manage financial processes with ease.

Jungle Scout will simply the task of managing your inventory. Know the quantity of inventory to order next time to plan your budget well. Explore both insights and trends with Jungle Scout, reduce costs. Install its Chrome extension and avoid having leaving your web browser to launch another app.


AmazeOwl can show all best-selling products and display current market trends. AmazeOwl is good for monitoring keywords.

Research on your niche and get best images to use. Beginners who use AmazeOwl succeed quickly.

amazon fba fees

With AmazeOwl, you monitor selling trends of competitors. AmazeOwl gives a report showing your competitor's selling price, and titles and images. If new competitors join your niche, AmazeOwl will notify you. This will keep you ready for market competition.

AmazeOwl will help you come with a good financial strategy by analyzing the expenses and niche.


Camelcalecamel is good for FBA beginners. It is full of information and resources to help you start your FBA journey. Camelcamelcamel is a free website with guides and tips on how to run an FBA business.

amazon fba fee

If you have not mastered the FBA business, Camelcamelcamel will help start well. Setting product price is a great challenge to Amazon sellers. Camelcamelcamel simplifies it for you. Set the optimal price using Camelcamelcamel.


You can't ignore keywords when running FBA business. They determine the relevance of your product during search by customers. If you use wrong keywords, the product details won't be pulled up upon search by customers. Use Keyworx to avoid this.

fba amazon fees

Keywords are good for SEO. Keyworx gives best keywords for product's title. The product's description also needs keywords and keyworx will get them for you.

With the right keywords, your item will rank well. This will make it more visible, hence, more sales. Keyworx will help you achieve this quickly and without struggle.

You pay monthly fee, but this is negligible compared to benefits of Keyworx.

Seller App

Seller app will ease your FBA operations. It scans similar items and returns best price for item. It is too basic, hence good for everyone. It's good for FBA sellers since it's free.

amazon fba fees

Try Seller App now and run smooth FBA business.


Octoparse is a web scraping tool for Amazon. If you need to crawl the Amazon website for data about products, use Octoparse. Data has rich information. Such helps in making good decisions. Octoparse extracts data about customer reviews, and product details, profiles.

fba amazon fees

With Octoparse, you can extract data from websites without coding. Extracted data can be saved in a text file, csv file or Excel file for analysis. After analysis, making wise decisions won't be a big deal.

Profit Bandit

This is a paid tool, costing $15 per month. If you are already into FBA business and wish to continue, go for Profit Bandit. It is a bit advanced than App, with filters for calculating profit from products.

Profit Bandit can analyze the performance of a product on other online platforms.

AMZ Finder

You can't ignore customer reviews as a seller. They can improve your conversion rate and your item ranking on FBA. Potential customers check reviews others to know their experience with product. With AMZ Finder, you ask for reviews from customers via email.

amazon fba cost

Improve the credibility of item by asking for reviews using AMZ Finder. You sell more and catering for fees won't be an issue.

Price Blink

When launching product, knowing pricing of same item by different vendors is important. This gives an estimate of initial price to use for item. Price Blink will make this easier for you. It compares the price of the same item by different vendors even on different websites other than Amazon.

amazon fba fee

You set an optimal price and beat competitors. Buyers compare prices of items. They also look for items on other online platforms and choose best one. A lower item's price may attract buyers, generating more revenue.


A comprehensive tool for sellers. Use it after your business grows. This tool was tailored to be used by FBA sellers. It helps in reviews, SEO, managing inventory and monitoring competitors.

What Should you Sell on Amazon?

Every FBA enthusiast will ask themselves this questions. No definitive answer to this. FBA has products of different types. The products are divided into different categories. Before sticking to particular item, a research is necessary. Your goal is knowing what's necessary to sell on FBA.

Different FBA products attract different amounts of fba fees . We stated that jewelry products are charged a higher referral fees. You must consider this. Know all expenses that you will incur when selling a product. Also, estimate the sales to make selling that item Next, determine your profitability. This will tell you whether the item is viable investment or not.

Some niches are more profitable compared. Lightweight products costing below $100 move faster. It's good for beginners and experienced FBA sellers. Choose niche that's less competitive. Don't sell what everyone sells.

Shipping is crucial. Heavier items are challenging and expensive to ship to customers. The arrangements for shipping must be simple. If complex, the amazon fba fee will rise and less profit will be earned. Delicate items complicate the shipping process. More damages also occur, leading to losses.

FBA vs. Ebay Fees

Which's cheaper, FBA or Ebay? Each has advantages and disadvantages. Honestly, Ebay seems easier to start. It's easy to understand. But, which has more returns?

This depends on kind of products being sold. Amazon's larger than Ebay. It 2018, it's annual revenue was $232.887 while Ebay had $10.76 billion. Amazon's sales grow by 30% each year, while Ebay has stagnated for past 5 years.

Amazon's customers are 310 million while Ebay has 167 million. It seems Amazon's base is 2X that of Ebay. However, the figure isn't real because Amazon Prime.

Amazon's customers are more loyal than Ebay's. 100 million of the 310 are Prime and active. Each Prime member spends $1.3K each year. Amazon's user base is large, hence, you can earn 10 to 15 times than on Ebay.

In 2019, 5 million sellers were active on Amazon. This number rises daily, with about 100K new sellers each month. Ebay has 25 million sellers and 1.1 billion items on sale. Ebay is more competitive. Ebay sellers earn little from sales. An Ebay seller earns $430 yearly.

Amazon's seller base is small. However, it is growing daily with most sellers coming from China. Amazon's own brands which compete with third-party sellers. However, Ebay doesn't sell own products.

Amazon has small sellers based targeting larger customer base. Ebay has larger sellers base targeting small customer base. Amazon is better. You can earn significantly selling on Amazon.

Most successful Amazon sellers use FBA. Amazon stores and does tasks for them. FBA relieves you to focus in expanding business. Doing it becomes expensive. On Ebay, you store and do ship items. Shipping costs rise, and delays occur. Amazon's negotiated rates are cheaper. On Ebay, expenses maybe high. Do calculations. Ebay's costs get higher by 11% when shipping's factored. Gap widens for larger products. Amazon's negotiated rates, Ebay doesn't have. Amazon's rates become low, Ebay's become high. Selling on FBA becomes cheaper than Ebay.

FBA management's easier that Ebay management. They do fulfillment, Ebay doesn't. Ship goods to warehouses and collect money. They do packing and shipping for you. No interaction with customers.

Ebay's different. You wait for customers to pay. Customer may abort a transaction, forcing a relisting of an item. You ship items on own, Ebay doesn't do it for you. More customer service tasks are involved. Managing Amazon store's easier. Factoring costs of storing and shipping items, FBA becomes better.

Less work's involved running Amazon business than Ebay business.

However, FBA may need payment for sellers permit and text where they've fulfillment centers.

FBA customers focus on value and loyalty. This's due to discounts, free items, same-day shipping, cheaper prices etc. Such perks makes them loyal.

Ebay customers love bargaining. They're frugal. The Ebay's auction models makes these expect to pay less. Ebay has similar items, hence, buyers choose cheaper ones. Price first, then quality and service. On FBA, its quality and service first, then price.

Cheaper customers are on Ebay, ready to bargain even to end of auction. More customer service's needed on Ebay that Amazon.

FBA wants to own customers, not you to ow them. They mask customer's contact details like email addresses. You contact them as masked wile masked. Even customers' phone numbers are hidden. You know not much about customers. When listing, Amazon masks brand name.

It's different on Ebay. You can access customers. You've access to branding opportunities. Customer contact details not hidden. Get customers' email addresses and direct them to your website. You can offer customer support through their email addresses. Amazon prohibits this.


FBA provides millions of sellers with an online platform to grow their brand. FBA is everywhere. It's the right platform to reach international audience and market items. It's easy to start. You simply create an account, list items and ship to Amazon stores. Amazon does remaining tasks. Earn selling to international audience from home.

However, pays is necessary to use FBA. This payment is the amazon fba fees. FBA charges different fees. Before beginning selling, know the costs to incur. FBA fees isn't much compared to revenue you earn. Understanding various fees and how to calculate them is important. It saves from losing revenue and running unprofitable FBA business. There're tools tailored for calculating this. Identify the suitable one and determine your expected FBA expenses.

To excel on FBA, you must choose best product. Some products are more profitable than others. Choose the most profitable one and run a successful FBA business.