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posted on 21/Sat/03/2020 01:18
What Is Amazon Sales Rank?
Is Best Seller Rank (BSR) the Same as Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)?
How Is Amazon Sales Rank Calculated?
The Key Factors That Can Help to Grow Sales Rank
Top 3 Tools to Detect Sales and Sales Rank
How to Boost Amazon Sales Rank?
Final Thoughts

 Today, we’re going to discuss Amazon’s sales ranking and how it affects you, the seller. Even if you’ve been selling for a while, you still may have not fully grasped what sales rank means. We’re going to help you better understand its importance and what you can do to improve your rank.

Amazon Sales Rank

What Is Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon’s sales rank remains a mystery in terms of how it works exactly. But thanks to the efforts of some very sharp analysts, part of this process has been revealed. So, what does Amazon sales rank mean? In a nutshell, it’s a metric Amazon uses to determine how well a product is selling in relation to others within the same category.

How can this benefit you? Well, by knowing just how well any one product is doing within its given category, you can adjust your marketing and sales strategy to coincide with what consumers are currently interested in and buying.

Let’s look at an example of Amazon sales rank so you have a better understanding of its fundamentals. We’ll start with a small coffee manufacturer that sells their brand on Amazon. Let’s call them SCMCoffee. Now let’s say SCMCoffee has several kinds of coffee under the ‘ Grocery & Gourmet Food ’ category.

To determine where SCMCoffee stands among Amazon’s rankings, any item they have listed in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category will be ranked against all other products within that same category.

This is beneficial to sellers because it somewhat levels the playing field. It wouldn’t be fair to rank SCMCoffee’s Medium Espresso Roast against a 4K LED television, now would it? However, there is a downside to this practice.

Since Amazon doesn’t have subcategories within every category as of this writing, it can sometimes be hard for a little old coffee manufacturer to rank highly. If the latest hot item under Grocery & Gourmet Food is a cake topper, it can be hard to compete until coffee takes over the world’s interest again.

Clearly, there’s no tried-and-true way of getting all the attention and surpassing the rest of the competition. But, there are several ways of working to improve your sales rank, as we will discuss in a moment.

Is Best Seller Rank (BSR) the Same as Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)?

You will undoubtedly hear the term ‘Best Seller Rank’ (BSR) from time to time. It’s the same thing as your Amazon Seller Rank (ASR). If you’re a best-seller, you’re going to rank higher out of principle.

And if your Amazon Seller Rank is high, you’ll get the same outcome. These are simply ways of referring to how well a seller is ranked on Amazon at any one time. And as you’ll soon discover, you can use this information to your advantage.

Now that we know what these terms mean and how they function, let’s move on to how Amazon gets their figures. It’s important that sellers have the clearest understanding of how rankings are calculated. This will help you position your brand to rise above the competition.

How Is Amazon Sales Rank Calculated?

As we mentioned earlier, the exact formula for Amazon sales rank is unknown. Amazon keeps this data well-guarded and isn’t keen on it getting into the hands of consumers. That being said, there have been some breakthroughs in cracking the code.

We do know that all items are ranked, regardless of their category. We also know that, among the over half a billion listings, some items rank in the single digits while others can rank far, far greater.

Items with lesser numbers rank higher because they’ve sold more volume. Items with a greater number rank much lower because they’ve sold less volume.

But there is much more data that goes into ranking besides just sales numbers. Amazon also looks at how long any particular item is listed and when it was last purchased.

As a seller, you want the window of time between your listing of your goods and selling them to be as small as possible. Doing so will result in your sales rank improving.

While there are clearly other metrics that play into Amazon’s sales rankings, this information has yet to be discovered. But for Amazon and shoppers, it lets them know where you stand as a seller.

There are many tools and resources available that can help give you an edge as a seller to better your ASR. You want to continually try new things to improve this number. If you become stagnant, you can count on your revenue doing the same.

Now, it needs to be noted that earning a single- or even double-digit score is very difficult to do. However, as a seller, you need to make this your number-one priority. Sales rank changes all the time. This is because Amazon updates their sales rankings every hour.

Even if you’ve fought hard to get a low sales rank, it can fluctuate often. Thankfully, there’s a method to the madness, and these fluctuations can help you better gauge where you stand.

If your sales rank is only changing mildly when Amazon updates, you know you’re doing pretty well. But if your rank changes by a large scale, you know you need to work on something.

This will give you a general idea of how well your brand performs on the hour, every hour. So there is a silver lining in the rapidly-changing world of Amazon.

But what you do with this information is up to you. Will you just sit back and hope interest in your product picks up? Or will you try to learn new ways of reaching out to the masses so they take notice of your brand?

The Key Factors That Can Help to Grow Sales Rank

To that point, let’s look at some key factors that can play into increasing your sales and visibility. If implemented into your business properly, you’ll start to see your sales rank improve, as well. Letting chance dictate your success is a sure-fire way of losing sales. You have to be proactive in improving your brand.


The key is to have solid, ongoing sales. The more items you sell, the better your rank will be. On the same token, the faster your items sell, the better your rank will be. Speed and consistency. Speed and consistency. Burn that into your mind. If your items are doing both, your sales rank will be a highly-respectable one.


Another helpful piece of information that sleuths have uncovered is that searches don’t impact sales rank. That’s right, no matter how many people search for your product, your sales rank will remain unaffected.

Now, that’s not to say that there isn’t a positive byproduct of your brand having lots of searches. You can use this to your advantage. Knowing what keywords shoppers are using most and what they are looking for can help you adjust your listings favorably.

Let’s use SCMCoffee again. We’ll imagine there are tens of thousands of shoppers on Amazon searching for coffee (which might not be too far off). SCMCoffee has a big advantage right out of the gate, wouldn’t you say?


But if SCMCoffee only stocks Medium Espresso Roast and shoppers are searching for House Blend, all those searches aren’t going to help their bottom line.

But, by knowing shoppers are looking for a certain kind of item, sellers can make adjustments to their brands within that category to better accommodate searches. In this scenario, SCMCoffee would be wise to start ordering House Blend. In doing so, they should see an increase in traffic and sales.

Knowing what to stock depends largely on what consumers are interested in during any given moment. You can’t just look at searches for the week or month. Sometimes, interests change by the day. And in some cases, by the hour. It can be quite maddening if you let it. It’s important that you don’t allow rankings to control you; only to guide you.

Now, there’s another aspect of the sales rank you need to be aware of. Let’s say you had amazing sales last month and ranked highly all month long. All those great numbers you did won’t play into the following month’s rankings. So you see, it’s vital that you consistently stay on top of the game and work hard to outperform your competition.

Now that you know what plays into sales rank Amazon metrics, you’re likely asking yourself what you can do with this information. This where the many sales rank tools and resources enter the equation.

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Top 3 Tools to Detect Sales and Sales Rank

Here, we’ll talk about some of the hottest tools in the industry that can help improve your Amazon sales rank. The following have statistical data to back them up, proving that their applications are legitimate ways of helping you become successful.

Let’s cover each one individually so you have the best understanding of how they work and what they can do for your brand. While each tool works toward giving you the same outcome (better sales rank), their methods of getting you there may differ.

We want you to choose the best application for your brand. One may serve you better than another. It’s important for you to determine what area of your business needs help the most before deciding on any particular resource.

IO Scout

IO Scout is one of the most-trusted sales rank programs available. They have an incredibly powerful tool called the Amazon Sales Estimator. This handy resource gives you an idea of how a product is selling within a specific category.

Its results are based on any given product’s BSR. Sometimes referred to as the Amazon Best-Sellers Rank Calculator, this Amazon sales rank calculator will help you identify any niches within a category that shoppers may be searching for.

This provides you with the inside scoop on what you need to do in order to grow your brand. With IO Scout’s Estimator/Calculator, you will essentially be able to spy on your competition. By seeing in real-time the kind of searches they are getting and how much they are selling, you’ll have an idea as to what changes need to be made within your own brand.

If you’re launching a new item, this information provided by IO Scout will help you predict what kind of numbers your listing should be pulling in. And, by knowing which categories are the most profitable, you can target those categories with potential listings.

The great thing about IO Scout’s estimation tool is that it’s free. If you have projections that you need to hit for the month, this tool will give you the edge you need to be successful.

Using this free tool is a breeze. You simply select the category and the BSR number. For example, we looked at the Kitchen & Dining category. When selecting a BSR of ‘1’, our results showed a 2-pack of collapsible reusable straws. At $8.74, these straws rake in $99,391.28 a month. That pack of straws is the Kitchen & Dining category’s current best-seller.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another highly-respected brand that offers many resources for improving your Amazon sales rank. They too offer a free tool that allows you see how certain products are selling within any given category.

Jungle Scout’s Amazon Sales Estimator works to show you what kind of numbers your competition is pulling in each month. To use this valuable resource, you will need to register with Jungle Scout.

Doing this is easy. You just need to enter your name and provide an email address. Jungle Scout also likes to know in what capacity you sell on Amazon (private label, handmade, wholesale, etc.).

After registration, you will have access to their Amazon Sales Estimator. Jungle Scout’s tool is unique in that it lets you see results from any Amazon marketplace in the world. It’s a great way to see what is popular in other countries.


Algopix is yet another fine way of looking at invaluable Amazon metrics. Algopix gives you access to vital product sales history. You will have to register with Algopix to use their resources, but it’s free for seven days and only takes a moment of your time.

Their tool is quite different from the previous two that we mentioned. Algopix’s Amazon Product Rank Tracking Tool lets you see how a product is faring within any given category. What’s so helpful about this tool in terms of how you operate your business is that it lets you see all kinds of useful information.

You’ll get insight into things like demand and shipping costs. Let’s say you want to see how a certain pair of tennis shoes is doing on Amazon. With Algopix’s ranking tool, you can see how often shoppers are searching for and buying those tennis shoes. You’ll be shown how much it costs to pack and ship them so you can factor that cost into your budget.

You’ll even get sales tax and Amazon marketplace fees. This too can be entered into your budget so you know exactly what kind of profit you will make on the tennis shoes (or any other item of interest).

Algopix’s Amazon Product Ranking Tool will show you how many of a certain item has sold for the month and how successful it has been on Amazon since its initial listing. The gross volume of the merchandise helps to give you an idea of how often a product moves each month.

You aren’t limited to just Amazon, either. You’ll have access to online stores like Wal-Mart and eBay, as well. You can search for results across 16 different marketplaces, allowing you to broaden the scope of your searches.

Why would other countries’ metrics be important? Well, let’s say those nifty tennis shoes you invested in have started to die down here in the United States. You’re sitting on piles of inventory that you suddenly can’t move.

Algopix’s ranking tool is showing you that Japan has taken an interest in these very same tennis shoes. Now you have a chance to move your large inventory of shoes, effectively saving you rising storage fees and overhead.

As mentioned, this invaluable ranking tool is free for you to try for a week. After that, you’ll need to pay for Algopix’s services going forward.

How to Boost Amazon Sales Rank?

There are quite a few ways to go about improving your sales rank. Let’s take a moment to discuss some things that you can do right away.

Optimized Title

Having a confusing or badly-worded product listing title can deter shoppers and result in lost revenue. You want to be concise, but informative. Try to be as creative as possible so that shoppers are drawn to your listing above all others.

Be sure to include the brand name, the kind of product you’re selling, and a few important features related to your product. Shoppers move quickly, and by giving just the right amount of information, you stand a better chance of having your listing seen.


Equally important is how you price your goods. If you aren’t competitive in your pricing, you risk losing business. Always make sure that you factor in shipping. Not doing so will have a negative impact on your brand and your relationship with consumers.


Just as proper wording is important in attracting customers, high-quality images work the same way. Crisp, clean, and exciting pictures can do wonders for your traffic. Never skimp on this aspect of your listing. You also want to be as different as possible. Don’t use the same images as your competition.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, your Amazon sales rank is worth its weight in gold. By having a good standing among Amazon’s rankings, you’ll have a greater chance of being successful. It’s important that you try new ways of getting attention to your listing, as long as they are within reason.

There are many tools and resources available online that will help you improve your Amazon sales ranking. It takes hard work and plenty of dedication. But if you are diligent in your research, you will undoubtedly find a way to be successful.


What Is a Good Sales Rank on Amazon?

So, what is a good Amazon sales rank? Well, ‘1’ should be your goal. But realistically, if you’re a new seller who is doing fairly well, you might see a ranking of 50,000.

In the Amazon category of selling books, for example, a ranking of several tens of thousands means you’re making a sale every week or so. Depending on your sales goals, a ranking with that great of a number might not necessarily be bad to you.

Conversely, if you’re a big-time brand, ‘a sale every week or so’ just won’t cut it. So as you can see, your sales rank number is largely subjective depending on who is doing the selling. If you are simply wanting to move an item or two every week, you might be able to live with a ranking in the tens of thousands.

This doesn’t mean you should just kick back and rest on your laurels, though. It just means you won’t have to work as hard at sales and marketing as, say, Nike or Sony. But if you plan on pulling in anywhere near the kind of sales figures they do, you will absolutely need to pour all the energy you can into improving your score.

How to Find Product Rank on Amazon?

Finding this information is quite simple. Once you have located the product you are interested in, scroll to the very bottom of the listing. You should see a section named ‘ Product Details ’. From here, you need to find the ‘ Amazon Best-Seller’s Rank ’, also located at the very bottom. You’re all set. You should now see the product’s sales rank.

How to Rank Higher on Amazon?

While the many ways in doing so are quite detailed, ranking higher really comes down to three simple factors. You can start to improve these immediately. Doing so for any one of the following will result in a better sales rank:

  • Conversion Rate- This is how much and how often you sell your product or products. There are many ways to increase your sales. Try to get creative in how you attract customers.
  • Product Relevancy- If you want to rank higher on Amazon, your product has to be relevant. There’s no way around it. If you’re trying to sell Betamax players when Blu-ray is all the rage, you’re likely going to be unsuccessful in your efforts.
  • Customer Satisfaction- Taking care of your customers will greatly improve your Amazon sales rank. If you aren’t practicing great customer service, you need to start doing so immediately.