The Amazon Seller Central Explored

posted on 1/Sun/03/2020 18:58
How Much Capital Do you Need to Start selling on Amazon?
Choosing Products to Sell on Amazon
What is Amazon Seller Central?
How to Create A Proper Amazon Seller Central Account
Choosing the Selling Method
Amazon FBA Fees
The Amazon Seller Central Dashboard


Amazon Seller Central provides individuals interested in making money online with a great business opportunity. It is the largest e-commerce site worldwide, providing sellers with access to millions of customers globally.

However, it can sometimes be tough to start and run a business on the amazon seller central. This is especially the case for those new to the platform. That's why you must familiarize yourself with the platform before beginning to list your items for sell. The amazon seller central is the right place for you to begin your journey of making money through selling online. The reason is that it simplifies most of its processes including:

  • Payments
  • Web design and maintenance
  • Handling returns.

Again, Amazon has relieved users of most tasks involved when selling online. They offer programs like FBA and FBM where most tasks are done on behalf of the amazon central seller. The amazon central seller simply ships items to Amazon stores and their employees do the tasks of handling the items and shipping ordered items to customers. However, the seller has to pay amazon fees for this, although this fees is insignificant compared to the tasks involved.

You must know how to access what you need on your amazon seller central account. If that's what you need, you've come to the right place.

How Much Capital Do you Need to Start selling on Amazon?

The answer to this question depends on:

  • How/Where you get your items from.
  • How you ship your items.

Here are the main ways that you can use to get items for selling on Amazon:

  • Manufacturers- In this method, the amazon central seller talks to the company that manufactures an item, buys the item from the company at a wholesale price then resells the item on Amazon seller central at profit. A huge investment may be required for this method since most companies are interested in working with sellers who can handle a huge volume of products. Also, such sellers can get inventory from their suppliers.
  • Retail Outlets- This is the most common way of getting items for selling on Amazon. It involves buying discounted items on stores like Walmart then selling them on Amazon at a profit.
  • Creating Ow Brand- As a seller, you can decide to design and develop your own item, then have it manufactured for sell on amazon seller central. You will take the responsibility of branding the item, testing its quality and doing other operations involving the item before it's being sold on Amazon. All profits earned from selling the item will be yours and the manufacturer will have nothing to do with it. The method is commonly known as Private Label.

From the above, you can tell that your inventory will cost between $200 and $8000 depending on the type of item you choose to sell and the type of business model you choose to use. Also, don't forget the Amazon's monthly amazon seller central fees of $39.99, shipping fees, branding costs, product photography fees etc.

This means that your initial Amazon investment can cost you between $350 and $600 depending on how you start your Amazon business. This value will vary from one person to another and across various categories, but it's usable as a baseline when doing calculations.

Choosing Products to Sell on Amazon

The kind of item you choose to sell on amazon is important. It determines your success or failure as an amazon central seller. This means you must take it with seriousness. The kind of item you choose to sell must have these characteristics:

  • Good margins
  • Moderate/low competition
  • Lightweight and small
  • Ready demand all year round
  • Doesn't experience seasonality
  • Can sell up to 10 units daily.

The item's trend is important. Most items manage 40 to 50 orders daily. This is a great number for you to start with.

Avoid choosing items that is saturated in the market. Doing that means that you will be competing with sellers who are already established. Also, you will find it difficult to make your item visible and drive huge traffic towards the item for more sales.

This means before choosing the item to sell, you must perform a thorough research and careful consideration instead of simply jumping to the market blindly. When running an Amazon business, all decisions you make must be driven by research and logic.

When researching the item to sell on Amazon, ensure you use the right tool for the task. There are numerous software tools that amazon central sellers can use to identify most profitable items to sell. Some are free while others are paid. They offer different features. Ensure that you choose about these tools and choose the one that meets your budget and requirements.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

It's an online platform that allows almost everyone to become an online seller on Amazon. At the same time, the amazon central sellers sell without having to worry about tasks like handling payments, shipping items, handling returns etc. The major task the seller is relieved of is having to design and develop their own website.

There is no other way to start selling on Amazon other than on the Seller Central. The FBA program offered by Amazon makes selling on Amazon even much easier. Your task as the seller is simply to ship items to Amazon and let them take care of the rest. They've huge warehouses where they store goods. They receive customer orders and process them on your behalf. They also ship the items to customers and handle payments, returns and complaints.

It will be good for you to understand the Amazon Seller Central first instead of simply jumping into listing and selling your items. It's only after that you will earn rewards for your effort.

How to Create A Proper Amazon Seller Central Account

Before you can begin to sell on Amazon, you must first setup your amazon seller central account. During the account creation process, you will be asked to provide different types of information. Ensure you've the following:

  • Your business name
  • Your Amazon and customer contact information
  • You full name and address
  • Shipping locations, which are the places you intend to deliver your items to
  • Bank details
  • Seller logo
  • Business information, the About US. This section must be treated with seriousness since it will tell your customer about your business story. Make sure you instill confidence on your prospective buyers.
  • Policies regarding returns and refunds, if any.

The following steps should take you through the process of creating your amazon seller central account:

Step 1:

Open on your web browser and click "Sell" from the top of the page. You can also open .

amazon seller central app

Step 2:

After the page is loaded, click the "Start Selling" button. You'll be taken to the page for account creation. This is a straightforward process. Enter your personal details like name, address, email address etc.

amazon seller central

Step 3:

After creating your login credentials, log into your seller amazon central. The configuration page for your Seller Central account will be opened where you will need to provide personal details.

seller central amazon

Step 4:

You will be required to fill 5 sections as shown above. The required details are simple and straightforward to understand. In the section for "Tax Information", you should fill your tax identification details like the entity name, federal tax classification, address and Social Security Number.

Step 5:

As you fill in the details, make sure that you cross-check to ensure they are correct. If your goal is to sell items in only one region, only one amazon seller central account is needed. This applies regardless of the number of brands or items you need to sell. However, if you are targeting multiple regions, you will be required to create multiple accounts.

The security of your amazon seller central account is important. you should secure it using a two-step authentication. Adding an extra security layer to your account won't cost you anything.

Choosing the Selling Method

When it comes to selling on Amazon, you can approach it in either of two ways. You can decide to do it yourself or let FBA do it for you.

When you choose to do it by yourself, the process is simple. You list the items on Amazon and receive orders from customers. You process the orders and ship items to them. The task of handling returns and refunds will be yours, offering customer support and following up to ensure have reached their right customers. For this process to be successful, a logistics partner is needed. All required infrastructure must be setup to avoid issues to do with scaling.

The FBA program works different. It's where you let Amazon to do all the tasks mentioned above on your behalf. Your task is to label your items then ship them to Amazon's warehouses, commonly known as fulfillment centers. Amazon will then take care of the remaining tasks. Once a customer issues an order for an item, Amazon will pick the item, pack it then ship to the customer. Amazon has an infrastructure system that is well-established for this. Amazon will provide customer support services and process returns and refunds. This way, you will have the opportunity to focus on how to expand your business.

Amazon FBA Fees

As you have noticed, FBA does much of the work for you. However, this is not done for free. You pay a fee called the Amazon FBA Fees. This fees is paid on a per unit basis and is determined by factors like weight and dimensions of the item. I know you are scared of the fees. However, you will realize that most Amazon sellers prefer joining the FBA program. The reasons include the following:

  • Your items will get the Prime logo, which is very prestigious. This means that your items will be ranked high upon search by customers. You will also enjoy free shipping options for your items to customers. In other cases, your items will be shipped than usual.
  • With FBA, scaling is easier and comes with much convenience. This is not the case when you need to scale your business on your own.
  • It's simple and more convenient to use the Amazon FBA.
  • Your items listed under FBA program are accompanied by the trusted reputation of Amazon.
  • You will be relieved of tasks like shipping, customer support and processing of returns and refunds.

Before you can make a decision, consider the benefits and demerits of each plan and choose one that fits your needs. However, the FBA is the most preferred plan by most Amazon sellers.

Of course, Amazon can't allow you to use your platform for free. The use of their services attracts the Amazon seller fees. When using the FBA program you will incur the following types of fees:

  • Monthly subscription Fee- Amazon charges sellers this fees for using their platform. It is normally $39.99 monthly. This fees is only applicable to those intending to sell more than 40 items monthly. If you know you can't sell up to 40 items monthly, opt for the plan of paying $0.99 per item sold. This will save you from much each month. However, for those selling more than 40 items monthly, a charge of $0.99 monthly will become too costly and cut into your profits. That's why you should go for the $39.99 monthly plan.
  • Referral Fee- This type of fee is charged per item and is calculated as a percentage of the item's price. See it as a form of commission a seller pays to amazon for each item sold.
  • FBA Fees- If you choose to join the FBA program of Amazon, you will be required to be paying Amazon FBA Fees. This fees is paid per item and you will enjoy all features offered by FBA. The amount paid for these types of fees depends on the size and weight of the item. If the item is larger or has more weight, you'll pay more.
  • You may also incur other types of fees. Examples include storage fees, removal fees etc.

If you are not serious, you will find these fees cutting so much into your profit. To avoid this, you need to study them well and know the amount you will be paying to each type of fee for your items. This will save you from unexpected surprises at the end of the sales process when calculating the profits.

The Amazon Seller Central Dashboard

The Amazon Seller Central is the amazon seller center for all Amazon sellers. IT provides them with the interface with necessary tools for them to sell on the platform. To make your Amazon journey easier, you must understand the various tabs offered by the seller central. Learning is good, but you have to get started by doing it practically.

amazon seller central app

Let's discuss the various features or parts of the amazon seller central dashboard:


This section allows you to add new items to the inventory, or add an already existing item on Amazon. If you need to quit your current work, you are allowed to save it as draft then resume uploading it later. It's the section used by Amazon sellers to edit the available information.


The Inventory is very important on your seller central amazon dashboard. The section helps you manage the inventory of your item and do what it takes to ensure your item is always in stock. Whether you are a member of FBA or you do tasks by yourself, this is the part to help you manage your inventory.

It is also the section where you will manage the inventory that you send to the Amazon warehouses. It's also the section that will help you take the presence of your item to the globe.


This section of the amazon seller central dashboard allows the seller to set the price of items and keep on observing them. The seller can set the price of the items from this section, setup alerts and set it up such that the price of their item changes in respect to the price of competitors' items. There are also fee discounts and you can take advantage of them if you are qualified.


This is the screen where you get to manage your item orders. You see all orders issues by customers and their current status to know whether they've been fulfilled or not. You can view the number of pending orders, shipped orders and unshipped orders. Again, all returns that are waiting to be processed are added to this section.


Most sellers spend most of their time on the Advertising section of the amazon seller central. This section allows you to create PPC campaigns for your item and run them depending on what your preferences are. You will be able to monitor the performance of your ads depending on conversions, sales and ACoS. If you find that the items are not performing well, you can optimize them to achieve the kind of performance that you need.

Other than the Amazon PPC, it's possible to market your items via coupons, promotions and lighting deals on the Advertising screen. If you are a member of the Amazon Brand Registry program, you can use the Enhanced Brand Content feature to come up with a more superior product listing.


This screen is self-explanatory. It's the section from which you get reports that describe the health and performance of your business. You can get reports about taxes, advertising, orders and payments. You will also find a coach who can train you on how to improve your Amazon business. With such training, you can understand the amazon selling business further and gain tips on how to reach many customers, make more sales and generate more revenue.


All new sellers must pay closer attention to this section. This is the section where you will find feedback received from customers about your item. You will also find messages received from your customers and charge back claims. If you violate the rules and regulations governing Amazon, you will get notifications in Performance Notifications segment. It's the right section for you to get customer insights.

Those are the major sections that you must familiarize yourself with as an Amazon seller. With time, you will get used to them and learn more new features of the dashboard.


The amazon seller central is the best opportunity for anyone interested in making money through selling online. The reason is that it simplifies most of its processes including payments, web design and maintenance, handling returns and others. For you to run an online business, you need to have your own website. This is where buyers will get to know more about your item and make orders for the same. However, with the amazon seller central, you're not required to have a website. They save you from this challenge, which is a barrier to most sellers in need of starting Amazon businesses.

On the amazon seller central, you will find millions of customers from all over the world. These customers are looking for different types of items, including the item you are interested in selling. It's a nice platform to get started and promote your brand worldwide. However, it can sometimes be tough to start and run a business on amazon seller central. This is especially the case for those new to the platform. That's why you must familiarize yourself with the platform before beginning to list your items for sell.

You need a small amount of capital to start on amazon seller central. Your initial Amazon investment can cost you between $350 and $600 depending on how you start your Amazon business. This value will vary from one person to another and across various categories, but it's usable as the baseline when doing calculations.

Before listing your item for sell, it will be good for you to first understand how the amazon seller dashboard operates. The dashboard comes with various parts, each performing a different task. Knowing how each section works will save you from wasting time. You will also have high chances of running a successful Amazon business.