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posted on 16/Mon/03/2020 22:33
What is an Amazon Chrome Extension?
Why do you need an Amazon Chrome Extension?
Best Amazon Sales Estimators
Amazon FBA Keyword Tool
Final Thoughts

Growing your online business to reach customers all over the world is both a daunting and exciting challenge at the same time. So many modern companies found their start on the internet and have learned so much in the process that a whole industry dedicated to helping online businesses grow now exists. Getting the inside scoop as to what products you should be selling and how to manage your current products is what will keep you thriving and ahead of the competition.

Today we will take a look at some of the best Amazon Chrome extensions that you can download to day to help improve your online business and compete with the big dogs. We will also look at some of the details of online business management and answer some common questions that business owners tend to have.

What is an Amazon Chrome Extension?

With so many online tools it can often be confusing and intimidating to pick out what you need to actually improve your business. There are scams and fake claims everywhere that make it hard to know what information is real and what is fake. Companies like Amazon are so large that they have little to lose in helping new businesses and they often want to give small, online stores a chance to grow with Amazon so both parties can benefit. To help guide your sales and small business details, many third-party companies have invented their own algorithms and techniques to help you manage your business more effectively with Amazon. Google Chrome has always had the option to let you add a wide variety of extensions for productivity and online navigation, but the rise in Amazon marketplace seller has led many companies to develop Google Chrome extensions for business owners to use. These extensions come in all shapes and sizes that help online business owners search for trends and better understand their analytics with an easy to use extension system. To understand what exactly these extensions do, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons that you need an Amazon Chrome extension.

Why do you need an Amazon Chrome Extension?

Digging into the heart of your business operations and Amazon sales numbers can be a grueling process if you rely on outdated methods and hard to use software. Thankfully, many different creators have developed various types of Chrome extensions to make your online life easier. Before looking at some of our favorite options, let's take a look at why you need one to keep your business ahead of the pack.

  1. Track Prices- Online marketplaces like Amazon are constantly offering sales to keep customers happy and the general market in balance. Having the ability to track your product’s prices alongside what competitors are offering gives you a tremendous advantage on the market and can help you predict future trends. Many extensions will help monitor the prices of certain products so you can be ready to add them or remove them from your marketplace as the prices rise and fall. An Amazon Seller Chrome Extension that allows you to be immediately informed of price changes will keep you one step ahead of the competition so you can be the first to offer a sale to needy customers.
  2. Learn the Trends- Most extensions are great for immediate notifications about products, but they generally also come with plenty of information about past history that can help you understand product trends. Understanding how products have entered and exited the market in the past will give you a second sense for being able to know when to sell new products and when to get rid of old products. Using your Chrome extensions to help teach you about the past wins and losses of other products will allow you to better prepare for a sudden increase or decrease in demand for a product.
  3. Easily Research Products- Gone are the days of massive spreadsheets and excel files that listed together all of the products you wanted to sell and research. The sheer power of modern computing allows even the most basic of applications to locate files from anywhere on the internet and bring them right to you. Many Chrome extensions allow you to simply enter in a products’ ASIN or URL number to have that product immediately displayed with any relevant information you may need. You can check the average market price, what it would cost you to store and sell it, and almost any other piece of useful information you could need to better understand a product. The ease of use that these extensions offer make it easier than ever to know what you need to know when making business decisions
  4. Manage Your Business Operations- Business information and analytics used to be something you had to hire someone with a PhD to help with but now all it takes is a few clicks to truly understand your business operations. Knowing what it is costing you to store products and how much you will need to set aside for shipping can easily be mismanaged in your business, so having an extension that helps track your resource allocation will prevent you from making significant calculation mistakes. Knowing how much of a product you have in stock and when you make a sale can be as simple as seeing a small icon flash on your screen when certain actions are completed. Amazon Chrome extensions are constantly making lives easier and businesses are thriving because of them.

Best Amazon Sales Estimators

With an understanding of what Chrome extensions are and how they can help your business, we will now take a look at some of the best offering on the market for Chrome extensions. Some will be free and simple while some will require some investment for a wide breath of features. Regardless, we are confident that you will find one or two Amazon Extension Chrome products to help your business thrive.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

amazon fba chrome extension

The FBA industry has been growing and expanding ever since the service was offered, and Jungle Scout has been at the top of every users wish list since day one. Jungle scout offers some of the most comprehensive services of any FBA tool, and their Chrome extension is just as useful. Their chrome extension is essentially a simplified version of the website and offers users a more mobile platform for using their services on the go. If you are looking for one of the most comprehensive packages on the extension website, the research services and price tracking capabilities of Jungle Scout are some of the best you can find. However, with all of the services offered with the extension, you will have to pay a rather large fee to use the services features. Thankfully, the services you pay for allow you access to everything Jungle Scout has to offer with their FBA services. If you are looking for a simple extension to utilize, we suggest you look for another extension as this one has enough information to become easily overwhelming for the untrained business owner.

Helium 10 Plugin

amazon smile chrome extension

Helium 10 is another application that has a long history of helping sellers improve their businesses and offers a wide variety of services to their customers. The diverse range of Helium 10’s abilities make is a great option for a business owner looking for many ways to improve their business without needing to look all over the internet for answers. Helium 10 wants to help you optimize your business strategy, so their extension package gives you everything you need to stay effective. You can use their keyword tool to help you optimize your products so that more people are seeing them and can get options from the program with various ways to improve your keyword selection. You can also use the extension to analyze the competition by looking at competitor pricing and results to more effectively improve your own business for additional confidence. You will have to pay to us Helium 10, but you should consider it as an investment in the future of your business.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

chrome amazon extension

If you love data and analyzing numbers, then the Viral Launch Market Intelligence extension may be just what you are looking for. This platform gives you all of the raw data you could ever need to make informed decisions about your business and take precautionary steps before making any investments. Viral Launch gives you all of the information you could possibly need to make the right calls with your business without having to worry about lost profits and potential by checking the market early to make a future decision. The extension can highlight current and past rends in the market to give you the best course of action and the market analyzing software will give you advice as to what products would potentially increase your profits. The calculator features that is included with the package allows you to enter in certain costs and inputs that you know and then see what profits or losses could result from certain future actions. You can try out the extension today with varying levels of subscriptions that give you better prices if you choose to get a longer plan and gives you free usage if you get annual packages.

AMZScout (Pro)

amazon fba chrome extension

AMZScout has been helping sellers with their fee and product management for some time, and their new Pro services cranks everything up to eleven. This application offers some of the best value among all extensions as the amount of features you get for the price is staggering. You can have to tool look at your listings and then calculate how much demand and interest your page generates so you can adapt and adjust it to appeal to a much larger audience. AMZScout Pro even has a feature that will look at the current market and estimate what kind of sales you can expect to see if your business continues to operate at its current level. If you plan on using any FBA services, the application has a fee calculator that can tell you how much you will be expected to pay in fees when you use those services. What that means is that you will be able to analyze your costs and potential gains to be made by using the AFB services available to understand how much you would have to pay to have certain products stored and shipped.

AMZ Seller Browser

amazon extension chrome

To stay competitive online, it is almost as important to know how your competition is doing as it is to know how well you are doing. With the AMZ Seller Browser, you can see who ese is selling your products and see who is competing in your niche. Knowing who you are going up against on the online marketplace gives you the advantage of being able to adjust your products and prices to compete with the rest of the market. The extension also allows you to know what products would be beneficial to sell right now so that you can be ready to release a new product when the market has it at a high demand. The extension works alongside other extensions like The Camelizer to help you understand the product history and past prices of any item on Amazon. Using this extension will allow you to see what products are currently doing well on the market so you can plan to sell them or change your marketing to increase sales.

DS Amazon Quick View

amazon extension for chrome

For the person who doesn’t like crowded numbers and too much data, DS Amazon Quick view keeps things nice and simple for your convenience. Once you add this extension to your Chrome browser, you will be able to see information about any product you want when on the Amazon website. One of the interesting things about this extension is that is gives you some interesting numbers about products that can be very helpful in making a smart buying decision. One piece of information it gives you is the rank number of a product in any categories it may apply to so you can see how well your products are being ranked compared to that of the competition. Another really cool feature that is useful for sellers is the number of FBA sellers who sell any given product so you can see how many other people are selling the same product as you or a potential product you would want to sell in the future.

The Camelizer

amazon chrome extension

While it may look a little old fashioned and complicated to read, The Camelizer is an incredibly useful extension once you understand how to effectively use it. You can use The Camelizer for many functions with each feature offering you a unique way to view and monitor products. One thing you can use this extension for is see the prices of any given product from any form of Amazon seller that will be given to you in a graphical form so you can analyze old trends and sales records for your own benefit. Using the graphs of each product correctly could allow you to better understand how the overall market could shift in the future based on past data. You can also use the application to give you updated notifications whenever the price of a product you have marked changes.

Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

amazon extension chrome

Knowing what keywords are effective and ineffective on Amazon can be the difference between a successful product and one that is never even seen. With the help of the Amazon FBA Keyword Tool, you will have the ability to see what keywords and phrasing you should use with your products to ensure as any people are seeing them as possible. For example, if you are using very bland and basic keywords the extension will give you a rundown of other options you can use to improve your search results on Amazon. The tool also gives you an idea of how strong your keywords are by ranking them based on broadness and specificity. If you want to get keywords that are highly searched, the application will give you the number of people who are searching for specific keywords that you want to use so that your products can be set up to be seen by as many people as possible.


After taking a look at the best offerings for an Amazon extension for Chrome, we will now look to some of the most frequently asked questions that extension users have. These questions will help inform your extension selecting decision and should help make your final choice a little easier.

Is there a charge for Amazon Chrome Extension?

Every Amazon FBA Chrome Extension offers users a different package for their needs and come with various costs and features. For most of the extensions that you can add from chrome, the downloaded extension itself is a free product. Most of the basic extensions themselves do very basic features like giving you notifications and doing simple calculations on the spot. However, if you are looking for a more in-depth tool, you will have to pay the extension company a fee for their advanced services. Many of the features that are paid for are similar to the features offered on the extension’s primary website and give users plenty of feedback to suit their business's needs. Many extensions are able to give you the basic features for free and the price you will pay for the additional features will vary drastically depending on the company. On the extensions page on Google you can usually find a price range of how much the advanced extension features will cost you.

What is Amazon assistant for Chrome?

Shopping online is always a constant battle of looking for the best deals and making sure you are saving as much money as possible. To help make this process as easy as possible, Amazon has released their very own extension that gives users the ability to track products and prices throughout the entire internet. Similar to some of the other extension options, the Amazon assistant can be with you whenever you are looking at products on other websites to offer you the Amazon price and what a product’s price has been looking like in the past. For example, if you are looking to buy a pair of headphones from the company’s website, the Amazon assistant will pop-up on your screen with the best Amazon price so you can save some money. Additionally, the assistant will also show you the product’s price history and price trends, so you know if you are getting a good deal.

What’s a Good Sales Rank on Amazon?

Staying relevant on an online marketplace can be a very difficult process if you are unaware of how to use Amazon to benefit your company. Amazon has developed a ranking system that helps customers and sellers alike know what products and buyers are at the top. The Amazon sales rank system ranges from one to one million with the lowest numbers being the best results. Lower numbers indicate that you will be at the top of the search results because you have the best sales ranking and are a good seller. Making sure your sales rank number is as close to one as possible is the key to keeping your business relevant and viewable to the most buyers. Using specific keywords and being a good seller to work with in general will improve your sales ranks and expose your products and marketplace to more customers.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at some of the best Amazon Chrome Extensions on the market so that you can know understand just what you need to do to improve your business. The many benefits of using these tools to expand your horizons will keep you in the loop with your businesses progress and give you the instant information you need to dominate in your field. Data is the most important thing when running an Amazon business. All that’s left is for you to install some extensions and get to work with your new data.