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General Requirements for Our Best Amazon Trackers
Other Amazon Price Trackers That You May Also Try Out:

Unarguably, Amazon is one of the biggest and largest e-commerce websites, both at the moment, and all time, partial thanks to the abundance of products listed on the platform. To enhance healthy competition among these listed products, Amazon fluctuates the prices of its products.

In this regard, as a seller on Amazon, it is quite essential that you discover how to get the most competitive prices for your products, and also how to retain it. And this, exactly, is where Amazon price tracker comes into play. With this tool, you can be sure of having full attention to the pricing scheme of your competitors, yet without having to be a spy on what they are charging per item that they sell. But then, in this regard, there are several Amazon Price Tracking tools to choose from. 

Simply put – a price tracker is used to track the price fluctuation of products and issues you notifications in case of a drop in price. Besides, price trackers also help in streamlining the process of price comparison of a product. 

Are you looking for the best Amazon Price Tracker that will suit your needs and match your requirements? Then here is the best place to be! In this article, we have curated a comprehensive list of the best amazon price trackers that can help you conveniently monitor or track amazon prices, such that you can maintain your relevance in the market place. 

Also, we have included a few more guides that will aid your usage of these amazon price trackers properly.

General Requirements for Our Best Amazon Trackers

While curating our list of best Amazon Price Trackers, we put a few criteria ahead of us. Find these requirements below:

Asides tracking pricing on, the tools must also;

  • Offer its users an option to track pricing, and consequently inform them about any changes.
  • Apart mustn’t allow its users to track only a selection but any product on Amazon.
  • The tools may also include mobile applications or preferably a browser extension.


1. Amazon Price Tracker

amazon price check

Amazon Price Tracker is undoubtedly one of the best price trackers available in the market. Created by Digital Inspiration, Amazon Price Tracker features an easy to use interface, plus compatibility across Amazon sites. But then it isn't free.

Nonetheless, once you buy the app, first, it allows you to create a watch-list of items that you are interested in, and also set the price thresholds for all products therein.

Consequently, the app will automatically help you to keep track of the fluctuations in the price of the included in your watch list and also notify you whenever any of the products drop below your already price threshold. You are also open to enjoying product digest through email daily.

Amazon Price Tracker is available either as a personal tool or enterprise tool. For the personal plan, Digital Inspiration only issues you one user license, which means you can only create one user profile on the app. However, on the contrary, the business plan allows you to create as many user profiles as possible on the app.

2. CamelCamelCamel

check amazon price history

Camel Camel Camel is also one of the most popular and effective Amazon Pricing Tracker available. One of its exciting features is its ease of navigation and unlimited statistics and tracking options that it offers every one of its users.

Camel Camel Camel functions as a browser add-on. But then, there is also a Siri Shortcut and even an Android App to this effect. Browsers that features its add-on includes Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

With this prizing tracker, you can be sure of getting the core information about a product, and also get alerted about price drops even through your twitter account. Overall, Camel Camel Camel is compatible with an extensive range of international Amazon Sites, and also allows you to search for products through their URLs.

Other enjoyable features are the filter options, Watch list sync, and so on.



Yet another reputable price tracker in the market at the moment is Keepa. It’s not a new introduction, and over time, has proven to be one of the best around.

Basically, Keepa’s mainstay is its WebApp – the desktop app. Besides, it also features an Android app, and browser extensions too. the browsers referred to in this regard include Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Compatible markets include .com,.mx, .ca,.br, .de, .uk, .fr,.es, .jp, .it, .au, and .in.

With a rather too simple design and straightforward interface, you can sure of finding your way around this tool comfortably and quickly. Apart from the basic tracking and alerting services that it offers, Keppa also provides its users with alerts for pride drops – both in percentages and in dollars – stock availability and deals. Keepa also offers price history graphs.

With Keepa, you can be sure of tracking products not only on the US Amazon page but also on European and Asian pages. It also allows you to choose whether to receive messages and alerts or not. To track any product, all you need to do is to tag such a product.

Although Keepa used to be free, now it costs about fifteen dollars monthly, and up to a hundred and eighty dollars per year.

4.   HONEY


Honey is a likable Amazon Pricing Tracker due to a few great reasons. First, its ubiquity, and then, it also offers its users ease of use, plus other extensive sets of features. Generally, Honey also provides its users, an exclusively free service.

Unlike many price tracking tools for Amazon that tracks the price of products based on such a product’s history, Honey has set some tools to place, which helps a great deal in digging things a little deeper. First, Honey's "savings finder" tool helps to find the best coupon codes for whatsoever items you are shopping for.

Honey is another price tracking tool that lets users earn gift cars simultaneously as they shop. Honey Droplist is an awesome feature that helps users abreast of information, such as the availability of better prices, by sending emails. Finally, Honey also includes the browser extension feature, which allows you to see the best prices on the Amazon page for any kind of item that you are searching for.



Although not too long from the date of creation, Waatcher has proven to have what it takes to be regarded as the best Amazon Pricing Tracker in the market. Focused on monitoring prices, this price tracker offers suitable and effective solutions to the problem that its users have while awaiting a product to go on sale on Amazon. 

As we have mentioned before, Amazon changes its prices more than a million times per day, and tracking these changes manually may result in an unrealistic action. Hence, the need for Waatcher. With Waatcher, you are allowed to set your target price, and consequently be assured of being timely notified if such price threshold is met. 

This is termed “buy target” as similar to “buy limit” in the stock exchange market. Apart from this, this tracking tool features some advanced inclusions too.

First, we have the price history reports that it provides for its users, which includes the details of the lowest price, highest price, and the average price too. 

Simply, what Waatcher does is to allow you to set a watch on a product, and they will alert you when it’s a great deal.

Other Amazon Price Trackers That You May Also Try Out:

1.   EARNY

track amazon prices

This tool is slightly different from other kinds of Amazon Price Trackers. While most price monitors are focused on how much you save when you buy, Earny is particular about keeping tracking of every one of your purchases and also notify you when your purchased items experience a further drop in price. It also lets you know if you can enjoy price adjustments on any item. 

Earny functions in such a way that it scans through its users' email addresses. It also furthers, forming a database of all the online transactions that each user has made. Earny also features all the store receipts that you have ever received via mail.

Finally, this price tracker tool is available both on iOS and Android. It is also free, except for a few premium features.



This one is mainly for those who want a speedy response and turnaround. Invisible Hand is available as an extension both on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

This tool helps its users to compare the prices of items on Amazon, and it is explicitly oriented for British, German, and American users. To make use of this tool, what you need to do is quite simple; install and tag the Amazon product that you want to monitor, and it will show you all the available prices.

And consequently, also, a direct link to the lowest price will be forwarded to you. But then, Invisible Hand works based on real-time data, which implies that you may need to wait for a bit relatively longer moment before it can gather all relevant information.

Asides this, Invisible Hand is entirely free!



Another one on our “others” list is the Penny Parrot price tracker. Without gainsaying, we may tout this tool to have the best price-drop chart when compared to other Amazon price trackers. Overall, it is a tailored and uncluttered tool that offers way less of unnecessary variables.

Factually, Penny Parrot offers a simple, easy to navigate, and user-friendly user interface, which although is short of a few features, includes all important ones. And for this reason, we will be safe to regard this tool as being visible and significant.

However, one downside of the Penny Parrot Amazon Price tracker is that it is only compatible with and doesn't work for others, including .uk and co. Also, before you can be able to enjoy the features of this tool, you need to sign-up.



Created by Capital One, WikiBuy is yet another incredible price tracker that also features several tools that are almost always available for all users to access and make use of. 

Unlike the typical pricing trackers, whose tradition is to deliver a product’s price history as fast as possible, WikiBuy, on the contrary, redirects their users to their engaging and attractive re-created version of the listing.

WikiBuy also supports all Amazon markets, including .com,.mx, .ca,.br, .de, .uk, .fr,.es, .jp, .it, .au, and .in.


Undoubtedly, Amazon has been one of the largest, biggest, and most versatile e-commerce brands for years. Lately, the company has also expanded by establishing its products, which, of course, has also grown popular – Echo Dot and Kindle Fire. Tandem to this, we may be safe to say that Amazon cannot be overcome anytime soon.

Amazon that was just a modest online store for books, has now, over the years, grown to be a massive online marketplace that houses different sellers to sell their products and also in the same vein, offers its own products to prospective customers too.

Consequent to their massive listing, which has, without argument, dominated the market, savvies and frugal are always seeking new, emerging, as well as efficient ways of taking advantage of every one of Amazon’s deals. One such means of taking advantage is by monitoring the Amazon pricing of items in other to enjoy the least most possible price for any product you want to buy.

As these prices change as rapidly and as often as possible, even within a day, all thanks to the numerous and unending varieties of products available, it is almost always never possible to keep track of price changes manually. Sometimes, the price of the item you are monitoring manually may even change to its lowest possible at night, and by then, you may have been asleep.

In this regard, making use of an Amazon price tracking app is the best solution. Not just any tracker, but the best Amazon Pricing Trackers. With the variety of options outlined for you in this article, you can be sure of enjoying all of the services that pricing trackers may offer to their users.

Also, have you made use of an Amazon Price Tracker before? If yes, then hopefully, you won't mind sharing your experience with several other readers and us? Which one of the above-outlined happens to be your best, and why? Did we miss any other exciting and excellently performing Amazon Price Tracker in our article? Kindly share your thoughts via the comment section just below this post.

Do you seek any more information, kindly check through the FAQ section of this page.


What are Amazon Price trackers or Amazon Price Monitors?

In the simplest of terms, Amazon Price Trackers are tools that are used to monitor the prices of items listed on all the Amazon Stores available and also get notified via email for even the slightest fluctuation of prices.

Why Do You Need Amazon Price History Tracking?

Basically, what the Amazon Price Trackers are used for is to monitor the prices of certain products, which of course, isn’t only advantageous to sellers only, but also to buyers too. For buyers, they monitor the prices of products with the sole aim of saving as much money as possible when purchasing such a product from Amazon.

While for sellers, they track and maintain Amazon's price history, mainly to be abreast of any kind of competition from their close substitutes. This translates that sellers monitor the process in other to ensure that they do not lose sales.

For instance, when one is monitoring the listings of all your competitors, in the case of a seller, and getting the estimates of their sales, and also tracking the number of reviews and prices, you will be sure of having a clearer picture of how much of profit your competitor is making, the selling price of such a product, and also the frequency by which the price of such a product changes. The Amazon Price Trackers outlined in this article offers all of this information in an easy to understand price graph.

For buyers too, monitoring the price of a product you are interested in allows you to save as much as possible, all thanks to the Amazon Pricing Trackers that are available for use.

How to Keep Track of Amazon Price History?

Most of the above-listed price trackers has simplified the entire process of tracking prices of products on Amazon, and consequently made it accessible and straightforward to operate for every interested person, especially now that the frequency at which Amazon updates its prices has gone up the scale.

Basically, almost all the trackers outlined in this article offer their users a pattern that allows them to accurately predict how much and when a change in the price of a particular product will occur. And this is also a technical edge for you to either make more sales or save more, as the case may be (either seller or buyer).

Also, prices can be tracked manually in the spreadsheet. Just that, doing things this way implies that you consent to intentionally waste your valuable time, which, of course, can be expended on other useful tasks.

Albeit, there are several advantages that you tend to enjoy when you make use of an Amazon Price Tracker – more about this has been explained in this article.

Is there a way to set a price alert on Amazon?

Yes, there is.

Having successfully set up your choice of Amazon Price Tracker, this tracker automatically monitors the price of such a product and consequently notifies you via email whenever there is a change in the price – either a drop in price or if the seller is willing to sell such a product at the offer price. The email to be sent consists of the name of the product, the current selling price, how much you will save if you purchase the item at that moment, and finally, an option to add the item to your cart.

Can you check the price history on Amazon?

Typically, it is impossible to check the price history of any product on Amazon. However, a few of the price trackers outlined in this article allows such. With them, you can be sure of tracking the price history of any item on Amazon as far back as thirty days. This information is offered to their users via a simple, straightforward, and easy to understand graphs.

A few trackers also allow their users to monitor the entire data history of any product on Amazon.

Will Amazon honor a price drop?

Well, yes. Although there is an attached "but."

The “but” in this regard is that you must ask Amazon to refund you the price difference in any product that you purchase if only you request within the correct time frame. For instance, if the price of a bought and shipped item on Amazon drops within the first sevens days of delivery, by contacting Amazon during this time frame, you can be sure of getting a refund of the difference in price. Amazon has intentionally set this policy in place to ensure that people can shop more confidently on their platform.

Can Amazon alert you when a price drop?

Basically, Amazon doesn’t personally alert buyers when the prices of certain products drop, except occasionally. But then, with the aid of the right Amazon Price Trackers, you can be sure of keeping an eye on certain products, and also get notified when such a product experiences a drop in price.

Why do Amazon prices keep changing?

As against the myths taking tolls on the web, Amazon doesn't, in the real sense, fluctuate prices of products based on seasons or when something happens during sales. Instead, prices fluctuate because Amazon is actively engaged in a continuous algorithmically pricing war with its third-party sellers. Factually, Amazon has determined the prices of items on the marketplace long ago via the use of certain fancy mathematics that we may not know about.