15 Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools Reviewed

posted on 9/Mon/03/2020 17:53
What are Amazon product research tools?
Why Amazon product research is vital to your success on the marketplace
What product research tools can do for you on Amazon Marketplace?
Other Free Amazon Marketplace Research Tools to Consider

Selling on Amazon marketplace can be daunting when you consider having to do product research. To remove the hassles of manually doing product research, It requires the use of the right product research tools. Automated tools like product finders and keywords locators will help you discover new niches, find products with much sales and low competition; allowing you to beat competitors without much stress. 

Imagine having to scout through thousands of spreadsheets and pages to know the right products and keywords to use; this can be too demanding. Fortunately, you don't need to go through that. There are many automatic product research tools that can help you simplify and streamline the process within a short time. No matter your budget, you can always get one tool to use. There are several paid and free Amazon research tools.

What are Amazon product research tools?

Can you screen through thousands of prospective products on criteria like Amazon seller competition, Amazon customer demand, margin opportunity, the existence of Amazon Retail as one of the contending sellers, and all that? Without the aid of automated product research tools, you probably won't be able to do a deep-dive on most prospective items.

Amazon product research tools are different software and browser extensions used by sellers on the Amazon marketplace to simplify the process of identifying the best products to add to their catalog and the suitable listing approach; such as keywords and pricing systems. These tools remove the hassles of having to scourge thousands of pages or spreadsheets in order to select the right product and keywords. 

Why Amazon product research is vital to your success on the marketplace

Product research on any amazon is possibly one of the most significant tasks you must observe when looking for a strategy to make a success. 

Here are five major reasons why Amazon product research is important:

Know the right Keywords and Optimize Listing

Optimizing keywords and using the right keywords is important to making a success on Amazon. With product research, you can quickly discover keywords that are less competitive and use it to optimize your listings.

Keep tabs on your competitors

When it comes to selling on Amazon, there is a huge competition. You must dig up on your competitors, learn from their success, and capitalize on their weaknesses and turn it into prospects for yourself. With automated product research tools on Amazon, you can automate tracking of competitors and gain powerful insights that will make your products sell very well.

Know the optimal price

Very important to competition research, pricing is an important part of any product, particularly on fierce platforms like Amazon. With product research, you will know what price your competitors are selling and even get a hint of who their suppliers are.

Know the right time to sell

It is also very important to follow trends. Product research on amazon will help you know the right trends. Some products are seasonal – which means you need to know when to sell them

What product research tools can do for you on Amazon Marketplace?

Saves Time

Even if you're a seasoned seller on Amazon, product research on Amazon can be a frustrating, time-consuming and demanding manual data entry task. Researching several products and then entering them into worksheets, gathering product data for each ASIN and then doing some maths to determine profit margins can take up hours of your valuable time. Automated tools can do these laborious tasks in seconds.

Competitor Research

Another amazing advantage of the product research tools tool running a successful Amazon business is the ability to accomplish regular competitor research in a very short time. Knowing what your competitors are doing is very important if you want to maintain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the game. Manually tracking several competitors can be demanding and almost impossible with thousands of sellers on amazon competing for each niche.

Marketing Strategy Assistance

Crafting a profitable sales approach and selling the right products at the right time is crucial to having success in the marketplace. You can spend hours researching the best approach or even keywords to use. Most automated research tools will help you research the type of keywords and promotions your competitors are using to eat up your sales.

Choosing between Amazon Web App and Chrome Extension

Most popular Amazon marketplace research tools can be utilized from within Amazon's web app or through chrome extensions. Choosing between the two doesn't really matter though chrome extensions have proven to be more powerful. Chrome extensions allow you to make use of more functionalities available on the product research tools. Although some tools don't come with extensions, the Amazon web app is pretty cool also.

Top 10 Paid Amazon Marketplace Research Tools

1. IO Scout

best amazon tools

The most popular paid Amazon product research tool, IoScout is the most accurate product research tool for over 100 million items listed on amazon. IO Scout operates as an all-in-one solution for Amazon FBA sellers. IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout (Chrome Extension; FBA Calculator, and many more) with fewer restrictions – allowing your Amazon FBA business to continue flawlessly. The tool is favored by several merchants numbering over 29,000 for obvious reasons; ease of use and accurate product insights that keeps you ahead of stiff competitors.


Competitor Analysis

IoScout allows users to keep a tab on their competitors. If you want to be successful in the Amazon marketplace, you need to know what your competitors are doing right and wrong. IoScout provides a competitors analysis tool that peeps into the activities of other sellers. 

Keyword Analysis

With this premium tool, you can get an insight into ranking keywords especially for sub-niches. When you have detailed info on valuable keywords, you can outsmart your competitors and stay ahead of the game.

Product Search

It can be very difficult having to search through thousands of products to decide the ones customers want and it's profitability. IoScout helps users scout for trending products with good profitability and easy sourcing. 

It also has many other features such as enough filters and product listing optimization tools.


IoScout comes at a very affordable price. Sellers can start with just $29 with the most comprehensive plan going for $69.

2. Jungle Scout

amazon product research

Another paid amazon product finder tool, Jungle Scout removes the hassles of product research for sellers. Worrying about how to do the heavy lifting of data is probably one of the most tiring things in Amazon product search. Jungle Scout has many powerful features.


Competitor Analysis

Embedded is a feature that helps you monitor the activities of competitors. With that, you can respond in a timely manner to price changes and market trends.

Product Research with ease

As a starter, this amazon market research software allows you to sieve the whole amazon product in all niches – allowing you to discover great opportunities.

Chrome Extension

To make it an easy process, this amazon research product offers an extension on chrome – which allows you to gain instant insights while on a product page – making it easy to view important product data like review count, the estimated number of sales, history and many others.


Plans start from $19 on Jungle Scout

3. Helium 10

amazon product finder

Helium 10 is a powerful amazon product finder software for Amazon sellers. One of the most powerful amazon tools, 


Insanely Powerful Tools

Helium 10 has 13 website-based tools that sellers can use for their amazon product search. These tools eliminate most of the physically and mentally draining guesswork that comes with selling on the amazon marketplace. On the user dashboard, sellers can get insight into almost every single piece of information or data that takes profits to the top.

Amazing Chrome Extension

Also, Helium 10 offers users a chrome extension that makes product research on amazon seamless. 


Helium 10 starts at $17 every month with the biggest plan going for $397.

4. Viral Launch

amazon product analysis

One very product with much focus on easy identification of best-selling amazon marketplace products, Viral Launch is a powerful paid amazon product search tool. The software is integrated with tools that aids sellers in product research and market analysis


Amazon Marketplace Product Research :

Viral Launch has an integrated product research tool that scouts the amazon marketplace for trending products with high profitability.

Competitor Tracking

This is a wonderful tool that gives you insight into what competitors are doing on the amazon marketplace. Know what your competitors are doing and take action on pricing and products listing accordingly.

Keyword Research

Research is one major area that gives sellers a headache. Viral launch helps you to discover the right keywords with ease.

Listing Optimization:

Listing with this product finder tool gives you a leap in optimizing your product listing.


Viral launch starts at $50 with the biggest plan going for $339.

5. AmzScout

amazon product research tool

Chosen by high profile companies like Dell, Disney, and Huawei, Amzscount is an excellent product research tool that give users a powerful insight into product price, average purchase, reviews, net margin, and estimated revenue.


Keyword Tracker Tool

One very powerful tool introduced by AmzScount is the keyword tracker tool. This tool allows amazon sellers to get keywords with high competition and low competition. This allows users to create optimized listings

Product Insights

Get detailed information on what products are selling; with a tool that provides powerful data on items.


The amazon product research tool is provided to users on the PRO model with the monthly subscription going for $44.99 while a lifetime subscription is $199. Compared to the average amazon research tool, this software goes for a fair price considering the lifetime usage.

6. Unicorn Smasher

amazon research tool

One of the leading research tools for sellers, Unicorn Smasher became popular with the addition of browser extensions to the amazon product research tool market. 


This incredible browser extension can provide real-time data on prices, reviews, ranks, ratings, and several other powerful information.

Powerful Dashboard:

Users can make use of the Unicorn Smashers powerful dashboard to manage all product research activities. It also makes the review of analytics simple.

Opportunity Score:

This amazon fba research tool allows users to invest in promising products of interest in the niche.


You can get Unicorn Smasher for an average price of $34

7. AmzShark

amazon product finder software

A powerful tool in its own class, Amzshark allows users to track sales and dig up competitor’s secrets. It comes with amazing features that remove the headache of doing product research manually.


Search Ranking Tracker

This tool allows users to know the exact place where particular products are ranking on amazon. The process is easy, quick and fast.

Keyword Explorer:

This tool allows you to quickly search for profitable keywords in your niche.

Keyword Comparison:

You can quickly compare keywords especially if you are targeting sub-niches.

Supplier Scout

This is one incredible tool by Amzshark. This tool digs deep to look for the suppliers of specific products.

Review Alerts:

This tool helps users track over 1000 products at a time. Real-time data like price, trend and customer desires are some of the powerful data provided by this tool


There is a $299 monthly tag on the product. This seems a little bit on the high side considering other Amazon product research tools are much lower for a monthly subscription.

8. Amazooka

amazon product finder

One amazon product research tool with customizable plans and customer support that is tailored to meet user’s expectations. This product according to the creators is your way to automated amazon success. It currently offers a 7- day free trial that allows users to evaluate the powerful tools in the product.


Customer Exporter:

Probably one tool that makes it stand out, Amazooka allows sellers to export customers data and retarget them. It comes with a filter that allows the targeting of users based on demographics.

PPC Ads Tracker:

Amazooka offers users the opportunity to optimize the use of Amazon PPC campaigns. This ads tracker provides dynamic data on your paid campaigns – allowing you to effectively harness its reach. Other key features include a product launcher, autoresponder, Keyword monitor


The products start with $60 for the trial while the top plan goes for $500 monthly

9. AMZ Tracker

amazon product research tool

For starters, AMZ Tracker offers keyword tracking reports that will show you where you are getting it right or wrong. It comes with very powerful features:


Keyword Tracking:

Many a time, amazon might be ranking your product for a particular keyword while you are pursuing another one. This keyword tracker shows you where your items are ranking for particular search keywords

Product Analytics:

This tool shows you why your products are selling or growing grey hair on the amazon marketplace. This provides a framework to re-strategize.

Product Alert

AMZ Tracker alerts you when one of your listings is about to be hijacked. With this, you can reclaim your listing and prevent others from gathering data on your products.


There is a 7-day trial that comes at just $50. You can test it out before subscribing to their premium plans which go for higher prices.

10. AMZ Suite

amazon product finder

While most extensions want to help you with product and keyword analytics, AMZ Suite takes a different approach to help sellers on amazon marketplace. AMZ Suite focuses on the customer side of running your amazon marketplace. 


Feedback Sentry:

The feedback sentry monitors your account for any negative or damaging feedback. This tool allows the automatic submission of a request to amazon for the removal of negative feedback that violates the feedback policy on amazon. 

Refund Rescuer:

Some customers might not return products properly and still go for a refund. This tool helps you recover your funds.


 This amazon marketplace software goes for just $79 monthly.

Other Free Amazon Marketplace Research Tools to Consider

While getting premium market research tool for your amazon business gives you a good footing, there are many free solutions that can do a pretty good work

1. CamelCamelCamel

The tool can easily compete with most paid amazon product search software. You can do almost all you do on paid tools with Camelcamelcamel for free. It has a product search tool that is absolutely free. Although there are paid options on the tool, the free options are powerful enough to help you through amazon selling.


Product Research Tool:

The software comes with a free product research tool to help you search through the database of amazon and get top-selling products with less competition.

Price Drop and Availability Alert:

This alerts you when there is a drop in the price of a monitored product or when suppliers now have the product.

Browser Extensions: 

Camelcamelcamel provides browser extensions for chrome and Firefox for easy integration of the features. Other key features include price history chart, amazon locale support, and others.

2. AMZ Base

Another free amazon product research tool with great features. AMZBase is a useful and free software that assists you in searching for profitable products to sell on Amazon. 


Access to top platforms:

AMZ base provides access to eBay, Aliexpress, Camelcamlecamel, Alibaba and Google search. This allows you to quickly lookup on products 

Profit Estimator:

It helps you have a view of what your profit would look like. It also helps users in estimating potential profit by calculating FBA fees. 

Product Listing Tool:

AMZ base helps amazon sellers to swiftly obtain products ASIN No. and the description and title of listings on Amazon. 

3. Sonar

A free amazon product research tool from Sellic. It comes with amazing free features that can help a starter or average seller on FBA get insights into product statistics.


Keyword Research Tool:

This aids you in searching for profitable keywords especially in sub-niches.

Product Listing:

This tool also helps you to create perfect product listings by comparing your listing with competitors. If you want to get insight into what your competitors are doing right or wrong, this is a tool for you.

4. Google Keyword Planner

The most popular free tool for amazon product research and any SEO activity. It comes with amazing features that you can use to gain valuable data on the amazon marketplace before creating listings. Some great features of Google Keyword Planner that can help you include:


Keyword Research:

This is the most accurate keyword research tool you can lay your hands on. Though free, it is better than any tool you can lay your hands on. If you can master it, you can get valuable insights into the amazon marketplace.

Trend Monitor:

Everybody wants the best-selling product. Google keyword planners reveal trending products on any platform – making you jump on the profit train.

Best Product History Data:

This is where you can get the best product history. If you are looking for product data from the historical perspectives, Google keyword planner is your best bet. 

Secret keyword:

If you want to get insights into secret keywords that smart sellers are using to make insane profits, this is the right tool for you.

5. Keepa

One of the best price tracking tools for sellers, Keepa is a leading free amazon product research tool. It comes with cool features that can help you drive your profits up in the amazon marketplace.


Price Monitor:

If you want a quick alert on product price, trends, and other important data. You can scoop out almost any product data with it

Browser Extension:

This tool also comes with browser extensions for opera, chrome, Firefox and internet explorer. With this, you can easily do all your research on any page without leaving the page. 

Product Finder:

If you want products with high-profit margins and low competition, this tool can help you. It scans the whole amazon database for trending products and gives you insights into what competitors are doing right

Keyword Research:

You can get highly valuable keywords with this tool. 


Understanding what Amazon Keywords are

Amazon Keywords are the real deal in product listing on the marketplace. Amazon uses a database where products can be searched for using its name and description. As a seller, it is important to know how to use the right title and description. The titles and keywords are important to your products coming up when customers search for them. Keywords are the titles and descriptions of important points.

How many keywords can I use?

Actually, there is no limit to the number of keywords you can use in product listing on Amazon. However, it is important you include the right keywords without stuffing to ensure readability. 

What is SEO on Amazon?

Just like normal search engine optimization, you need to know the right place to put each keyword in your product listings to ensure it comes up when customers search for them. Amazon SEO is simply the optimization of your listing through the right use and placement of keywords in title and description.

Good SEO will take your product to the right customers when they make their search. To get your SEO right, automated tools are your best bet. You can quickly search for the right keywords for your products and optimize your listings with the aid of Amazon product research tools.