The Best Free Amazon Review Checkers

posted on 3/Sun/05/2020 13:35
What's a Review Checker?
How Does a Review Checker Work?
Free Amazon Review Checker Tools

Product reviews are one of the most crucial indicators of whether you should purchase the product or not, and they're directly affecting the sale volume of the product. But feedbacks on e-commerce sites such as Amazon are not always trustworthy. Many companies pay to people to post positive reviews on their products, or leave the negative ones and destroy their competitors' business. You want to buy a product, and you're not sure if the reviews are real, so you read them through to decide whether you should buy it or not. This is not an issue when the products have several reviews, but if there are dozens or hundreds of feedbacks posted, and something still feels sketchy, it's challenging to read every single one of them and make a decision. Reading hundreds of reviews will take a lot of your time, and eventually, you will get confused. At this point, you should use a fake review spotter tool, which will help you discover if the feedbacks are real or not, on a dime.

If you are a  seller on Amazon , review checkers will help you guard your sales business against fake and negative reviews that are sabotaging your reputation. Competitors often pay, so people leave negative comments on your products, to damage your business, and having a review checker is the only way you can defend yourself.

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What's a Review Checker?

Review checker tools are developed to analyze product reviews and provide you with a detailed report of all reviews published. It will designate suspicious negative reviews so that you can report their creators and remove them from your product.

Some Amazon fake review checkers are pricey and have other features included as well, but the majority of these tools can be found for free, and they're working perfectly well. 

How Does a Review Checker Work?

These fantastic tools are pretty easy to use. You just need to copy the product's affiliate URL and paste it into your fake review checker. When you click the button for summarizing, the tool will provide you with a detailed report about all reviews, and it will separate negative and positive reviews. Some review checkers have a FAQ section where you can read how to use it.

Amazon review checkers rely on an algorithm which is detecting doubtful activities, such as:

  •  posting a lot of reviews in a very short time range
  • posting too many reviews from the same account
  • very short 5 or 1 star ratings without a reasonable explanation
  • not having verified purchases, and so on.

These are just some of the factors that are indicating a fake buyer's testimonials that a review checker can recognize. 

Also, this tool is very convenient if you receive a bad review for something that's not actually related to your product. Sometimes buyers leave a negative review because they had issues with the shipment or delivery. You can oppose these reviews and remove them.

Free Amazon Review Checker Tools


  This is one of the most popular review checkers online. Fakespot has the ability to analyze a large number of product reviews in a short time manner. It's using artificial intelligence to determine false reviews, leaving only the positive ones who will eventually upgrade your sales volume and profit. Fakespot is very easy to use, and the best part, it's completely free, available as an extension for all browsers and even on mobile platforms on iOS and android.

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ReviewMeta is available for free, and it uses statistics to determine and identify the variance of the discrepancies between the review ratings. Analyzed data is collected from Amazon, and after the analysis, you'll receive a detailed report that can be easily understood. ReviewMeta will guard your business against fake and negative reviews that are implied to downgrade your sales. Also, you can adjust the rating system and remove the fake reviews in order to see the actual rate from real buyers. 


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Besides the tool for checking authentication of buyer's reviews, this app from Camelizer has several other great features. Keyword searching and price tracker can be very helpful to benefit the seller's business. You can find these tools online for free.

The Review Index

  It's available as a Firefox and Chrome extension, and it's an excellent tool for breaking the accuracy of the reviews, but only for technical products. All you need to do is copy the product's URL and paste it into the Review Index, and the tool will analyze whether the reviews are genuine or not with its sophisticated algorithm. The only downside of this free application is that it's not available on mobile phones, and you can use it only as a desktop app or browser extension.

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