FBA Toolkit: Everything You Should Know

posted on 18/Wed/03/2020 03:10
What is FBA Toolkit?
FBA Toolkit Pricing
FBA Toolkit Features

“FBA” stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”, an exciting business model that allows entrepreneurs to build their businesses through Amazon. FBA toolkit is a collection of tools that are available online to Amazon sellers. Through the Amazon FBA toolkit, sellers are able to receive organized, precise, and useful data in regards to products for selling on Amazon.

There are free alternatives available to FBA toolkit, but the total package goes above and beyond what the free alternatives can do. If you are wondering what the daily sales are for an item on Amazon, FBA toolkit will give you an accurate projection so you can figure out what your potential profit will be, helping you to make faster and smarter decisions when it comes to your Amazon business.


In this FBA Toolkit review we will give you a complete overview of FBA toolkit, how to use it, how much it will cost, and what the benefits are. We also will answer the most frequently asked questions about FBA toolkit, such as what markets are supported, if there is a free trial, and if you can cancel the toolkit after you have purchased it.

If you are looking to get started with Fulfillment by Amazon and you want to cut right to the chase when it comes to research and analytics, we recommend giving FBA toolkit a try. Keep reading to find out more, including answers to the most pressing questions that you may have about FBA toolkit. Whether you are just getting started or you have an existing business account with Amazon, FBA toolkit can help.

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What is FBA Toolkit?

FBA Toolkit is a collection of tools that are used by fulfillment by Amazon. It generates estimates of the daily sales of Amazon products, in addition to other numbers as well. For those who do business with Fulfillment by Amazon, TBA Toolkit is one of the best resources available. Using FBA Toolkit is simple and makes sales projections and planning a breeze. FBA Toolkit analyzes information inputted from Amazon and makes estimates for future sales.

To find out what the estimated daily sales are for a particular item, all you need to do is find the “Best Sellers Rank” on the product page on Amazon. From there you take the BSR number and the category and enter it into the FBA Toolkit to see the results of the estimations.

As it is an estimate, the results are not 100% accurate, but they do however provide valuable insight. Some Amazon sellers have reported that the sales estimate may actually be even greater than that generated by FBA Toolkit, which may even be an advantage considering that you may be able to sell even more products than the program initially estimates.

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FBA Toolkit Pricing

There are free alternatives to FBA Toolkit available on the web, so why do so many people choose to pay the premium fees? The paid versions of FBA Toolkit contain valuable software that is continuously being developed.

When you subscribe to FBA Toolkit, not only are you getting the best analytics software available, but as they add in new innovations, the services continue to improve in accuracy and pay off for the users. In this section of the article we will give you an overview of the FBA Toolkit pricing plans to help you determine which one is right for your business.

  1. Scouter - The first option on the list is the Scouter plan for only $5. If you are not sure whether or not FBA Toolkit is worth it for you, you may want to start with this plan. You can also upgrade after the fact. This first plan is bare to the bones and provides you with the tools to track ten products. Each day you are given an allowance of 100 price lists and 100 barcode scans. The biggest benefit to selecting this plan is that it allows you to try out the program before investing in the more expensive packages to see how it works for you. Currently, you can receive the first month of the Scouter plan for FREE. This plan is only for the US version of Amazon.
  2. Starter - So you have “scouted” out what the FBA Toolkit can do for you using this Scouter plan for $5 (first month free!), and you like what you see. Accurately named, if you are just starting out with Fulfillment by Amazon business, using the Starter kit for $50 a month is the best bet. For most people who are just getting started, this package comes with everything you need. As your business progresses from there, you may want to upgrade to the higher levels. With the second package on the list you can track 250 products, create 1000 price list rows per day, and scan 500 barcodes per day. On the website you will also be able to see all of the tracked products with only a few exceptions. This package is only for the US version of Amazon.
  3. Business - The business tier of FBA Toolkit can track ten times as many products as the Starter plan. This $250 tier FBA Toolkit is ideal for those who have an established Fulfillment by Amazon business and are looking for an upgraded software plan to further grow the business. You get all of the benefits of the Starter package, but with a much higher capacity. The business plan also only works for the US version of Amazon and as with the previous plan, you get access to all the tracked products.
  4. Enterprise - For $500 a month you can be a subscriber to the Enterprise tier of FBA Toolkit. This is the second to most powerful plan that you can subscribe to and it comes with even more benefits that the previous three. The price jump from $250 to $500 comes from the added benefit of extended reports. The additional information that can be gained from the sales volume reports can be invaluable to your business. You also get access to the complete list of tracked products, but not only that there is training and support offered by FBA Toolkit to the subscribers of the Enterprise and Elite plans. With the Enterprise option you are not limited to the American Amazon website, but it is also compatible with that of many foreign nations websites as well.
  5. Elite - At $1000 a month, the highest paid subscription for FBA Toolkit does what other Amazon analytics softwares cannot. It combines the best technologies and tools for Fulfillment by Amazon and compiles them into the most powerful version of FBA Toolkit yet. You get to track 30,000 products at a time, create 50,000 price list rows per day, and scan 5000 barcodes per day. This plan includes the same great benefits of the Enterprise tier such as API access, detailed reports of sales volumes, and training/support from the experts at FBA Toolkit. Among the additional benefits of the Elite plan are access to historical data and more international Amazon websites.

FBA Toolkit Features

The FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, Toolkit is a collection of tools and not just one software. In this section of the article we will give you an overview of the features of the FBA Toolkit. Whether you are looking at FBA Toolkit for a new business, or you are looking to upgrade the software analysis that you are currently using for your business, this list of features can help you to determine whether or not FBA Toolkit is right for you. There are three main features currently being offered by FBA Toolkit.

Product Tracker

You can track almost any item on Amazon using FBA Toolkit, and with the top level tiers you even get complete access to every product that is being tracked by FBA Toolkit. The amount of products that you can track at one time will depend on the tier of membership that you subscribe to, but with the higher tiers you get access to all of the products being tracked. FBA Toolkit tracks the stock, price, and the sales for that item each day over time, so that you can make purchasing and marketing decisions based on those statistics.

Price List Analysis

Determining which products are the most profitable is made even easier using the price list analysis by FBA Toolkit. All you have to do is upload your file, and the software will automatically process it and generate an information rich analysis of the data to determine which products are best in terms of profitability. The price list analysis feature is so incredibly easy to use that even beginners in Amazon fulfillment can use it and understand the results. All you have to do is input your price list, and the software does the hard work of analysis, helping to guide you to the best decisions using the facts and statistics that are available.

It takes the information available from Amazon and runs it through the software to create an easy to understand chart of all of the relevant figures. The price list analysis can be used in combination with the product tracker and the sales rank feature to help you stay on top of which products are the hottest selling in the Amazon market, and where you stand to make the most profit. The point in running a price list analysis is that it takes the guesswork out of your purchasing decisions by giving you a numerical estimate, based on statistics, to work from. Here is an example of a FBA spreadsheet produced by the price list feature.

fba toolkit review

Sales Rank

One of the easiest features to use is the sales rank feature. How does it work? It’s simple, all you have to do is locate the Best Sellers Rank and category for the item, and then submit that data into the software to see an accurate estimate of what the daily sales are for that item.

Some Amazon sellers have reported that the amount of daily sales for each item will actually be more than what the program predicts, so you may want to consider this when applying the data for yourself. This software simply takes the existing information available and processes it to create an estimate, and is not an exact number of daily sales. The sales rank feature from FBA Toolkit is free to use on their website, fbatoolkit.com.

How to Use the FBA Toolkit?

Using the FBA Toolkit is very uncomplicated and user friendly. It requires you to enter in a few numbers, or to upload your price list, and then it does the rest of the work for you, generating a wonderful overview of the statistics and estimates for future sales, helping you to make smarter and faster decisions when it comes to purchasing for a Fulfillment by Amazon business.

How the FBA Toolkit Sales Rank Feature Works

Using the sales rank feature of the FBA tool kit is super easy to do. All you have to do is figure out what the Best Sellers Rank is and then enter that number into the correct category sections. The program will use the information that is available from Amazon to generate an accurate estimate of how many of those items are sold each day.

If you are wondering how many of a product sells per day, you can check to see what an estimate is by using the sales rank feature. It is free to use and simply requires you to copy and paste the number from the Best Sellers Rank into the correct box on the website per category.

How the FBA Toolkit Product Tracker Works

Tracking products through FBA Toolkit requires a membership. If you are just starting out, you can try the lowest $5 tier for free for a month, which permits you to track ten products a month. Among the statistics that the product tracker tracks are the sales, the stock, and the price. Tracking the product is as simple as entering the ASIN number into a box on the website.

When you subscribe to the Business plan or higher, you receive access to all of the information on products being tracked by FBA Toolkit. The product tracker is super easy to use, and looking at the analysis will help you make better purchasing decisions. The product tracker will also keep track of the inventory of this product that is in stock for each day as well as sales for each day, which is very helpful to buyers.

How the Use FBA Toolkit Price List Analysis Works

FBA Toolkit makes price list analysis super easy. All you have to do is upload the price list and FBA Toolkit automatically creates a completely thorough and detailed analysis of the sales and price. If you want to make the purchasing process faster and do not know where to start, software such as FBA Toolkit can help. It is one of the best softwares that is currently available and it has a membership plan that is right for everyone at all stages in their Amazon business.

You can use either barcodes or ASIN, UPC numbers to generate the list. How many products you can scan with the software will depend on which plan you invest in. The lowest, free for a month, plan only allows you to scan 100 price lists. Among the things that the price list analyser looks at are the profit margin, how many sales per day, and what current offers are for that product.

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Final Thoughts

For those doing business through Fulfilment by Amazon, we strongly suggest that you check out at least the free first month of the Scouter plan of FBA Toolkit to see if it benefits you. For accurate and unbiased analysis of data from Amazon, the free online services are just not up to par. For a truly professional resource, invest in FBA Toolkit to track sales rank, analyze price lists, and track the price, inventory, and sales of multiple Amazon products. The platform is extremely user-friendly and the information is laid out in a format that is easy to understand for most people.

Using FBA Toolkit is a smart way to make faster and better purchasing decisions for your Amazon business, based on the facts. If you are just getting started with Fulfilment by Amazon, then the FBA Toolkit may be your best friend. While the highest tiers of the software plans are made to take an existing Amazon business to the next level, the basic plans are perfect for those who want to start their own Amazon business, but need the statistics to back up their purchasing decisions with confidence. Using FBA Toolkit or another Amazon analytics software package is the easiest way to have the most efficient and profitable results from your campaigns.

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Thank you for reading our article about FBA Toolkit ! In this next section we will answer the most frequently asked questions that people have about FBA Toolkit.

What are the markets that FBA Toolkit supports?

FBA Toolkit supports almost all of the marketplace included on Amazon. For the first three out of five tiers only the US market is supported, but if you upgrade to the top two tiers you gain access to international Amazon markets. If you are looking to model your business towards international markets, you will want to invest in one of the two highest tiers that are available from the plans.

Can you get a free trial of FBA Toolkit?

Yes! FBA Toolkit does offer a free trial of their services. The first month, at the most basic plan, will be free and then after that it will switch over to $5 a month. The first month or two should be used to test out the software and work it into your larger business plan. Many people find that using FBA Toolkit is the fastest and most effective way to make informed purchasing decisions when it comes to Amazon products. If you are unsure whether or not paying for the full version of FBA Toolkit is worth it, we highly recommend trying it out for at least that first free month. Take full advantage of the free FBA tool until the free trial runs out, and then figure out how to apply this tool to your business for the future.

Can I cancel my FBA Toolkit ?

You can cancel your subscription to FBA Toolkit at any time, but be aware that they will not refund or partially refund any payments that have already been made. All purchases are final, but you are free to cancel at any time. They also reserve the right to cancel your subscription for you at any time, such as if the technology/software is no longer viable or important enough to keep it up.


We hope that after reading this article about FBA Toolkit that you have a better idea of what it does, why you should use it, and how much it costs. It is a user-friendly platform that is made to take the stress of making purchasing decisions off of you, and help you out by giving a detailed machine analysis of the products information according to Amazon. The features offered by FBA Toolkit are invaluable for Amazon businesses , including such great tools as product ranking, tracking the products price, inventory, and profit margin, and analysis complete price lists.

FBA Toolkit comes in five tiers, the highest being suitable for enterprises and corporations. The lowest tier of the Toolkit is great for testing out the software for yourself. There is a free trial of a month that lets you get a feel for the toolkit, and after that there are several levels of plans to choose from that are right for every budget and business level. There is free analysis software available on the internet, but none of them can do what FBA Toolkit can. The FBA Toolkit is an incredible collection of tools that will help Amazon businesses of any size.