Helium 10 Review

posted on 19/Wed/02/2020 18:19

Amazon started as an online bookstore in 1995 and now it is among the biggest online marketplaces offering goods in almost all the categories. From electronics and furniture to food and jewelry, any type of item can be found on this platform. With the increasing trend of online shopping, Amazon has become a very popular site among both shoppers and merchants and every day many people from all around the world join this platform as a merchant or purchase something from it. Because of this, the competition in this marketplace has skyrocketed and this, in turn, has made the process of achieving success on this platform a bit complex.

The demands of buyers are increasing day by day and with so many merchants offering the same type of goods, they now have a lot of options available. So, this is your responsibility to present your goods in a way that shoppers choose them over the competitors’ goods. Gone are the days when generating sales on this site was simple. However, many sellers from different parts of the world are still earning a handsome amount through this marketplace by using the right strategies, technologies, and tools. So if you are looking to run your business successfully, you must carefully access all the aspects and make the right plan because one mistake can lead to failure.

Let us assume, you have launched a great item that is desired by purchasers but it doesn’t appear in the search results of their queries they won’t be able to find it and in turn buy it. To improve the search ranking of your goods, you must optimize their title and descriptions through the appropriate keywords which can be found through thorough research. Similarly, you must also consider all the other elements that can impact your sales.

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However, performing all these activities by yourself can produce inaccurate results because there is always room for human error. Not to mention, it is quite time-consuming as well. A tool worthwhile considering is IO Scout, especially the benefits of Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries. Also, IO Scout provide Sales Estimator for free. This is where the efficient and smart tools developed by different companies are required. The features of these tools are designed perfectly for all the needs and requirements of online merchants. One such popular tool that is used by many merchants is Helium 10.

If you are thinking of purchasing this toolset, this article will help you understand all its functions and features so that you can make a more informed decision.

What is Helium 10

It is that all-in-one toolset that every Amazon seller should try. Packed with a lot of effective tools, this app has helped many merchants in improving their performance by helping them boost their sales.

Since the performance of an item is measured through its sales and revenue, the app has all the features that assist the users with every aspect that can help them win more orders. Whether you want the details of different goods to pick the perfect item, improve your search and sales rank or you want to spy on your rivals, the toolset is ready to help you with everything. Along with the in-browser app, it also offers a helium 10 chrome extension.

Since there are so many features embedded in this tools suite, it has a high learning curve but users can find detailed video tutorials about every feature on their website. Furthermore, they can contact customer support anytime they want.

Helium 10 Pricing

Since the toolset is designed to make everything easy for the merchants, it offers a free package which consists of almost all the features that the app offers so that users can understand how they work and what they offer. If you decide to continue with them, you can then purchase any of the 3 subscription plans.

The platinum plan can be used for $97 per month and is ideal for the needs of newbies. It gives full access to features like Black box for searching the right items, Trendster for analyzing trends, Cerebro for ASIN search and Frankenstein for removing useless keywords. The yearly subscription is available for $970.

Experienced merchants will find the Diamond package perfect for their needs and it costs $197 per month. It offers more uses for index-checker and monitoring of more listings compared to the platinum plan. Furthermore, it allows multi-user login. The annual subscription can be purchased for $1970.

Lastly, the Elite plan as the name suggests is really elite. Not only does it offer all the tools and features that come with the other two packages but it gives subscribers access to the private Facebook group where you can discuss different aspects with experts. Furthermore, the users give you a free pass to the social event arranged by Helium 10. Many expert entrepreneurs and successful merchants attend this event so this is your chance to learn about their strategies.

Moreover, subscribers will also have the opportunity to attend online training and webinars conducted by professionals to teach you about the best strategies. In-persons seminars are also offered.

All these features perfectly justify the high price of this package which is $397 per month. No yearly subscription is available for the elite plan.

Helium 10 Tools

When you hear someone say that this toolset consists of each and every function needed by merchants, don’t doubt it because it really does. You can only truly understand the gems it has when you use it.

This cloud-based software has multiple tools for discovering the appropriate goods, successfully launching your goods, searching for the in-demand keywords optimizing your title, description, and complete listings, offering you detailed and accurate results.

Below we have mentioned some of the most effective tools of this software

  • Black Box
  • Profit Calculator
  • Trendster
  • Xray
  • Helium 10 Cerebro
  • Magnet
  • Frankenstein
  • Scribbles
  • Index Checker
  • Inventory Protector

  • Black Box

helium 10 tools

Since discovering the right items is the first and one of the most important steps to success in this marketplace, we will first discuss about why it is important and then we will talk about how this powerful tool can help you with this.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned merchant launching a new item, discovering the most appropriate one that is desired by the audience but has minimum competition is necessary for getting more order and earning high income. The logic behind it? Shoppers are the ones who actually pay for your goods and in turn, improves your sales. So if you have launched the item which is not what is needed by them, you won’t be able to get orders.

Similarly, when a large number of merchants are offering similar goods, shoppers have so many options which means you will have a hard time convincing them that your item is different than theirs and they should opt for your item. All these factors make the quest for the best item quite essential. To understand which item is actually the right one, you need to examine the data such as revenue, sales, and rank, etc. of similar goods offered by different merchants. These details make it crystal clear if the item has the potential to perform well or not.

So, Black Box actually helps you with discovering the most suitable opportunities by providing you exact and accurate results. You can examine each and every detail of more than 450 million items and evaluate the niche on the basis of monthly sales and competition etc.

Although the pre-set filters bring the best results for your queries, more filters such as category, expected monthly sales and revenue and price, etc. can also be applied to quickly find the most suitable items based on your requirements and specifications. Let us say, you want to analyze the goods with a very high search volume, ratings above 4 stars and a reasonable price, the results will consist of only the items with these specifications.

No matter which item you want to look for and which filters you use, the software uses an efficient algorithm and brings results in the blink of an eye. The tool may be a powerful one but it is quite easy-to-use. You just select the category you are interested in, fill in the filters tabs if you want and that is it, a list of items that match perfectly with your requirement will be displayed.

  • Profit Calculator

This tool is also for evaluating the capacity of the goods. How? To figure out if an item is worth investing in or not, one must know beforehand how much are they expected to earn from it; the higher the income the better it is for you.

But since profit is determined by subtracting the expenses from revenue, you must first calculate all your expenses. In case you are wondering what are the charges you have to pay for selling on this platform, we have mentioned them below for you.

Before you start getting orders, every merchant has to pay different kinds of charges. These include charges for the subscription plan and FBA fees. If you opt for the professional plan, you have to pay $39.99 while the charges of the individual plan are determined by the amount of orders you get.

Additionally, if you opt for FBA, the fulfillment services rendered by Amazon, you are required to pay for their packaging, shipping, and customer care, etc. These charges are calculated by factoring in the dimensions and weight of your goods.

So now you understand the purpose of this profit calculator? That’s right! It saves you from the inconvenience of calculating these charges manually and saves you time. It quickly calculates the expenses one has to pay on a certain item.

  • Trendster

As we mentioned earlier, this toolset has multiple tools for helping you grab the right opportunity, trendster is among them. With this tool, you can understand the performance of any item at a glance through the graphs and charts of its history of sales and prices. Use these visuals and trends to examine whether the item a high demand throughout the year or does it fluctuate.

By just entering the ASIN of the item, you will quickly get the visual representation of sales and price history while the most searched item can also be discovered through this tool.

  • Xray

This is also a tool for finding profitable goods and brings important details such as sales trends, estimated revenue, etc. but it is available in extension which means it brings the instant results right on the page of the item.

  • Helium 1o Cerebro

This tool is more about discovering the keywords of your competitors to learn how they have optimized their listings and modify yours accordingly to get the edge. Isn’t it a useful feature?

The results consist of a lot of information such as IQ Score, search volume and CPR 8-Day Giveaways. The IQ score reflects on the potential of the item, the lower the number the less is the potential of that item.

The search volume shows how many searches for a certain keyword has been made by purchasers. If you think, it is a very useful figure because through this you can learn about the relevancy of a keyword.

CPR 8-Day is another outstanding stats that actually tell you what amount of units should you give away in the next 8 days for landing on the first page of the search results.  

  • Magnet

helium10 x 4

Magnet aids the merchants in discovering the most relevant and accurate keywords for their goods. It consists of millions of high demand keywords in its massive database and hence gives you the most effective results.

This powerful tool not only finds the most relevant phrases and words for your goods but also tells you how many times a certain keyword has been searched by purchasers. Since there can be a lot of keywords relevant to your goods, it is not possible to use all of them in title and description, this is why search volume is quite useful. It lets you pick the most in-demand and popular words and phrases from the lot.

Want to narrow down your research further? Apply the filters to get the results that perfectly fit with your requirements and save your time. You can search by volume, word count and a lot more. The tool is developed so that there is no room for inaccuracy. Users can put in a seed keyword and the tool will return a list consisting of the best possible alternatives.

Another helpful feature of this tool is Magnet IQ. It is actually a filter that discovers the keywords that are most searched by the shoppers but still doesn’t have much competition. It is presented as a rating that is based on the total items that are also using the keyword as well as the volume of phrase search.

You might be thinking why all this fuss for a few words and phrases. So here is the answer.

Keywords play a major role in generating sales and revenues. Period.

Keywords are nothing more than words and phrases that purchasers search for when they are looking for a particular item. So if you have those words in your the title and feature section of your goods will automatically appear in their search results and when they are visible to shoppers there are more chances of them being purchased by the shoppers.

So in short, keywords help you rank better in search queries of buyers. This is exactly why is it quite important to ensure that you are targeting the right ones and avoid stuffing because it will have a negative impact on your listings. Here the right ones are those phrases or words that the buyers actually use while searching for a particular item.

  • Frankenstein

This is another strong tool that has to do with keywords. So what is really does is that it takes all your important keywords and remove all the unnecessary prepositions such as “it” or “with” etc. and return you only the most useful words. You can then use these words to optimize your listings perfectly.

Because Amazon provides limited words and characters for the listings, this tool is quite useful in making them more effective by removing the useless words from them. The tool is very fast, efficient and powerful as it can process thousands of keywords within a few minutes.

  •  Scribbles

Helium 10 really understands the importance of keywords and provides you every possible tool that can help you with every aspect of enhancing your listings. Scribbles is a smart tool which lets you optimize your listings flawlessly and that too without wasting your time and energy. It monitors all the words that are present in the content of your listing and add the important keywords that you are missing. You can then copy and paste the content on your item’s page.

  • Index Checker

If you still have any doubts about the ability of this toolset in terms of improving your listings, this tool will surely clear them all. As the name suggests this tool helps you in checking whether the keywords you have in your content are indexed by the platform or not. This is an excellent way to ensure you are not using the almost non-existent words because if a keyword is not indexed by the platform it will be useless.

  • Inventory Protector

We all know that giveaways and discounts play a significant role in ranking your goods on the first page of the search results so every merchant who is working to make their item appear on the first page uses this method.

But the problem is that this method brings with it a huge risk that is it can literally wipe out your stock. Here is how; suppose, you offered an 80% discount on your item and one shopper places an order of 1000 units. Imagine how much loss you would have to bear. Can’t even imagine that. Right?

Secondly, competitors are always looking to gain a competitive edge which is why they regularly spy on your inventory. When you put your item up for promotion, competitors can act as a shopper and try to add a maximum number of items in their cart to have an idea of how much inventory you have. You wouldn’t want your competitors to know that. Would you?

So the question here is how can you protect your inventory in such situations. You guessed that right, by using inventory protector. So what this to really does is that is it allows you to set a maximum limit of units per order. This way no shopper will be able to add more than a certain amount in their cart.

Helium 10 extension

The extension is the perfect solution for those who want to use the key functions of this toolset while browsing Amazon. The plugin consists of 5 efficient and useful tools that let you analyze important data. It helps you with examining useful details of items, determine their fees and expected profits, monitor the inventory level of any item and download feedback reviews of your competitors.

Final Thoughts

Helium 10 is an extremely powerful and effective suite of strong tools that has helped many merchants from all over the world in improving their performance by boosting their sales and increasing their revenues.

It basically has four main categories; product research, product launch, keyword research, listing optimization, and ongoing maintenance. These categories then further have multiple tools that help you with each and every aspect of the category they fall in.

Whether you want to spy on your competitors and analyze trends or are looking to improve your listing and searching for the appropriate item, this toolset will be there to help you with all your needs. It even lets you set a limit on orders to protect your inventory from running out.

The best thing about it is that it offers a free package consisting of all the key features so that users can test the features and then make an informed decision whether the features it offers fit with their requirements or not. Furthermore, it is also available as an extension which can be used to get results without leaving the page of the item.


Can I test the tools of this app before purchasing them?

You definitely can. There is a free package that has all the key tools and functions. You can use this to get an idea of how the app works and what it offers and if you want to keep using them, you can then opt for one of the three paid packaged depending on your requirements. To use the free plan, all you need to do is sign up.