How to Sell on Amazon the Easy Way

posted on 21/Sat/03/2020 01:20
What is Amazon FBA?
How Does Amazon FBA work?
Understanding Amazon Seller Center
Advantages of using Amazon Seller Center
Improve Your Amazon Seller Center Account SEO and Seller Ratings and Prices
What to Sell on Amazon 
Retail Arbitrage and Why it Works with Amazon FBA
How to Start Selling on Amazon in Three Easy Steps
Important Tips on How to Make Money on Amazon
An Overview of How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon is such a rich web service that helps merchants by professionally performing complex and sensitive order fulfillment processes on behalf of merchants.

Amazon Fulfillment is a powerful program designed to provide sellers with storage facilities for their inventory and execute orders from Amazon fulfillment centers. In any field of e-commerce, ready storage and stable implementation are critical to overall business development, customer satisfaction and profit maximization. 

This article breaks down various ways to sell on Amazon and dives deep into different steps that need to be taken to generate sales as a seller on the Amazon marketplace.

What is Amazon FBA?

how to sell on amazon for beginners

Amazon FBA provides individuals and small businesses as well as large enterprises with the opportunity to exceed customer expectations through secure, intelligent, and fast order delivery. Now, if you are a manufacturer or wholesaler, you can focus on purchasing and production, because by using selling on Amazon, you no longer need to maintain your own warehouse and save heavy placement costs. 

You don't even have to worry about the packaging and shipping of the product, regardless of the size or frequency of the order.

Amazon's fulfillment system may sound complicated, but in practice, following a comprehensive process, taking into account actual transaction needs and the latest e-commerce trends, it is very easy to follow. 

How Does Amazon FBA work?

Once you send new or used items to the fulfillment center, they are stored in an Amazon warehouse for immediate shipment. Amazon receives customer orders through its own website or initiates fulfillment of your products when you directly request them to ship. 

After this process, the specified items are lifted from inventory and then packaged for shipment. Finally, the ordered products are shipped from Amazon fulfillment centers to the destinations as mentioned above. 

After deducting the fulfillment fee, the net sales amount will be credited to your account and the same process repeated for the next transaction. You can rest assured that all the steps involved are performed automatically and seamlessly in a professional way by Amazon's most trusted, efficient and experienced experts.

However, it must be noted that inventory, according to FBA always remains under the ownership and control of the seller. Because there is no upper or lower inventory limit, you can add products or pull products from fulfillment stores when you need them. 

Similarly, the frequency of orders is not important at all, FBA Amazon fees are only deducted at the point of sale. Some other important FBA features include customized order processing, insurance and automatic tracking. 

Finally, it can be concluded that FBA emphasizes that you should focus on production, sales and management without having to worry about a dime on order fulfillment.

Understanding Amazon Seller Center

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The Amazon seller center is an integrated platform for individuals that wish to sell on Amazon’s marketplace. By selling directly to Amazon’s customers on the platform, you become a partner or a third-party seller.

Amazon allows sellers to take advantage of its efficient and reliable logistics network to store and deliver their products. Amazon stores your products in its warehouse then packages and ships them, and constantly provide after-sales service.

Products offered through FBA can be sold to members of the Amazon Prime Loyalty Program. And quality customers account for about 6% of buyers, but they buy 17% of total sales. This is a great advantage of using the Amazon seller center.

As discussed previously, there are different ways of becoming an Amazon partner, simply pick the selling platform that works for you, register and start selling. With the Amazon Seller Center, you get several tools and marketing tips to help you grow your Amazon business as a third-party seller.

Advantages of using Amazon Seller Center

The best way to take improve your potential of making money on Amazon is to constantly use Seller Center reports. These reports can help you analyze the effectiveness of sales, leads, promotions and marketing.

You should take the reports gotten from the seller center to get data and analyze your data. With the data, you should be able to learn what and where improvements are needed.

Improve Your Amazon Seller Center Account SEO and Seller Ratings and Prices

Amazon also looks at keywords in product titles to rank the list. Amazon's keyword fill options for product titles are very reminiscent of the strategies that SEO agencies used to improve Google rankings in the early 2000s.

When using a product title, the number of characters per line is limited to 1000 characters, which should include as many keywords as possible to ensure that your product is visible. Amazon recommends including brand, description, product line, material, color, size, and quantity in this field.

In addition to the product title, Amazon provides you with information to enter keywords in the keyword field. It's worth noting that including any keywords you've used in the product title is invalid because Amazon simply ignores this. You can enter five keywords or keyword phrases here, so use them wisely.

What to Sell on Amazon 

how to sell stuff on amazon

You can sell physical products on Amazon in three ways: 

  1. Sell products on Amazon and ship your own order 
  2. Sell other people ’s products on Amazon, then let Amazon ship your products
  3. Sell your own products on Amazon, and then let Amazon take care of shipping. 

The first method is called the merchant fulfillment, also known as Fulfillment by Merchant(FBM). You list your products on the Amazon website, but you actually fulfill or ship the order yourself. The last two methods are called FBA with the second in the list often regarded as retail arbitrage, which you will learn more on, later in the article.

Putting them into context...

1. Selling your own products and owning your inventory may seem to be the easiest way to get started and the least costly, but there is a lot of work to do for the first method. You list your product on the Amazon website. After getting a purchase on the product, you are responsible for shipping of the product to the buyer. You can even use this method to sell things around the house.

2. You can also use FBA to sell other people's products. In this case, you go to the local store around you, find things already on Amazon, buy them, put your own unique product label on the product, package, create a list, ship it to an Amazon warehouse, and wait for the buyer. 

Before you buy a product, you can scan it with some smartphone applications to help you determine if it is profitable. If you want to shop, are good at finding bargains, then this may be your business. Another benefit of using FBA is that your product is eligible for the Amazon Prime program. Participants in this event can get 2 days free shipping service. For convenience, many people are willing to pay a higher price for the product.

3. The third method of using the FBA plan is to actually sell your own product. You find products you can sell, find manufacturers of your own brand, create your own brand and sell your products. This is the most profitable way to sell on Amazon. However, this requires more up-front funding. In addition, the risk is greater because you must have an inventory.

Retail Arbitrage and Why it Works with Amazon FBA

The principle of buying low and selling high is very effective online! You can easily join the online money rush by applying the very simple principle of buying low and selling high! Fulfillment by Amazon has made can make you a considerable profit on ordinary items you buy locally.

Retail arbitrage is not a new idea, but using the Internet as your market has a new meaning. You can easily buy items locally at discounted prices from discount chains/pharmacies and then resell them for profit using Amazon FBA direct shipping.

Retail arbitrage is a great way to earn cash without taking special steps. Think of it this way, if you take advantage of regional sales alone, which means you are getting deals that people across the country or the other side of the world cannot get. Your investment can turn into your cash cow!

The categories of goods sold using retail arbitrage are virtually unlimited when you consider them. You can resell everything from food to underwear. To be successful, you just need to understand the market for retail goods and enter that market. The category of goods sold with retail arbitrage is almost everything you would buy in a typical brick-and-concrete building.

You can even sell used items on Amazon! Sale of certain items is prohibited on Amazon. items such as dangerous goods and other restricted items. More information is available on the Amazon website.

Once you start selling products with Amazon FBA, you will easily understand why it works with Retail Arbitrage. The process is easy to get started. You pay a small fee when you register as a seller. Decide to use Amazon's services, source products elsewhere and ship to Amazon once.

You don't have to look for buyers, because Amazon is known worldwide and has more than 100 million visitors every day. You also don't have to worry about selling each transaction separately, Amazon does all of this for you. You don't need to do anything other than register, pay a fee and ship the item.

With a small initial investment of a few hundred dollars, you can start a business by joining the Amazon FBA, and the investment should be very good.

How to Start Selling on Amazon in Three Easy Steps

Selling on Amazon is really simple, and once you have listed some products and start making consistent sales, you could end up wondering why you did not try it earlier than you did. 

In addition to that, selling on Amazon reduces double of the risk you spend on items purchased from other sources such as garage sales, real estate sales, car boots, thrift stores, and product sources virtually anywhere. 

Selling on Amazon is not rocket science, it is the same as all other e-commerce platforms-buy low and sell high. It's that simple.

One of the common questions people ask about selling on Amazon and other platforms is, how much money should be made on each item sold in the Amazon marketplace. The truth is, it's up to you and your strategies, and I can only say that you only make a profit after deducting all the costs. So it makes sense to look at it that way.

You can sell one item and make a lot of money, or you can sell a small number of items and make a small amount of profit.

Step 1-Open an Account

If you are just starting a basic account and you want to start selling about 40 items per month. The reason is that the break-even figure is around 40 items. To start, you need to register a seller account on Amazon or change your existing account to a paid professional seller account. Opening an account is really simple, and if you have an account already, it only takes a few clicks.

Step 2- Procure your items

Once you are able to gather your inventory together. You can now sell them on the Amazon website. Just like selling on eBay, it is a good idea to start out on the website by selling books , DVDs and CDs around the house. As long as the item has a bar-code, you can sell new items by grade. If you are selling toys, they must be new toys or collectibles. 

Step 3 - List your products

There are many ways to list your products on Amazon. The first step is to go to the product page on Amazon, on the left, you will see "Sell something here", click this button to add the details of the product, add the price you want (this is also where it tells you the low price and high prices, sales rankings, etc.), and then click the next button where you should get estimates of what you will make for the listed product. If you are satisfied, click again, write every other information needed for the product, and the item will be listed on the Amazon website. Yes, it's that simple.

Important Tips on How to Make Money on Amazon

The Amazon business has provided a platform for people, small companies, and retailers to sell products and earn considerable revenue. However, some Amazon sellers don't know how to make money with the Amazon fulfillment program. 

Here are some steps you can take to become Amazon's top-rated seller:

Following Amazon's sales rules and guidelines

After registering a seller account. Be sure to follow all Amazon rules and product guidelines to avoid being banned. These guidelines can be found in the help section of the Amazon official website.

Striving to be an Amazon Featured Merchant 

Being an Amazon Featured Merchant is one way to solve the problem of how to sell on Amazon and make money. Although Amazon didn't say the exact formula of how to become a featured merchant, a few months later, with good sales and excellent customer feedback, it could be possibly easy to join this prestigious group.

Flexible pricing

Although everyone's main goal is to maximize profits, it is also important to have an effective pricing strategy. Check your competitors' prices and make sure the price difference is reasonable. If your product gets more orders, you can increase the price slightly to maximize your profit.

Understand Amazon fees

The most effective way to make money on Amazon is to understand the fees and expenses involved. When you buy a product for sale on Amazon, you must price the product to pay the cost and still make a substantial profit.

Obviously, you can use Amazon FBA to eliminate shipping costs, which requires sending your product to Amazon, which then processes the packaging and ships it to the customer. Amazon also charges a variety of fees, including sales and referral fees. So it is important to know all this before starting out.

Get the most out of Amazon marketing tools

Amazon has several marketing tools to help get your product attention. Some of these tools include Listmania, "Like" and "Label". Other tools are Jungle Scout, IO Scout, SellerApp, Helium 10 and a host of others.

IO Scout Amazon particularly is an all-in-one solution for Amazon FBA sellers. IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout ( Chrome Extension ; FBA Calculator, and many more) with fewer restrictions – allowing your Amazon FBA business to continue flawlessly!

Make sure you have enough products to meet market demand

Although most sellers start small, it is recommended that you have enough product supply when you start receiving more orders. This ensures that your customers do not look for alternatives, which increases revenue.

An Overview of How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Although it stands out among the most widely recognized queries we get from customers, it's not easy to answer a single answer. Unfortunately, this is based on a projectile without enchants, but a related system of tricks, strategies, and methodologies that you must try in the Amazon Seller Portal .

As it is with many customers, it has been discovered that a series of ideas to boost sales-some works but some didn't. Therefore, I have listed a series of helpful tips on that can increase your sales volume, but not everyone can obtain comprehensive knowledge on what you are about to read, based on the nature of your business, but some of them can make your business grow.

Product Pictures

Pictures are essential to driving conversions because buyers need to understand what they are buying. Ideally, the image should be around 1000 X 1000 pixels with a white background, and the entire product must be visible and should occupy approximately 80% of the space. The picture must not contain watermarks, borders, URLs, animations, seller logos or any other text.

Product descriptions and bullet points

Different customers use your product with different needs, so the shorter the content in the description, the more helpful it is for the customer to choose a product. Too much information will also cause your customers to leave your page, so product descriptions should be kept under 200-400 words. 

Although there is no published format list, a limited HTML format is allowed. These formats are known to work. Most categories can also contain up to five points and this should be the high-level details you want to include, so limit bullet points to the features that have the broadest appeal.


If you are just starting or looking for your product to get as many eyes as possible on them, try Amazon-sponsored products. This allows your product to appear below the search results, in the right column or in the details page.

Marketing outside of Amazon

Even though email communications and direct phone calls are an old school of thought and can cause people to leave your Amazon Store, that doesn't mean you can't market to people. You can write articles, and blogs just to market your products. There are many websites that let you write articles for free to invite customers to your Amazon store.


Discounts play an important role in moving sales charts to a higher level and establishing a connection between buyers and sellers. Daily deals and plenty of discounts can make your product category number one. This also opens up the possibility of appearing in the "Hot Sale" and "New and Notable" categories on the Amazon homepage, which will generate a lot of traffic.


As you can see, selling on Amazon is definitely something you can use to earn extra income or become your full-time business. If you want to start an online business or want to add an additional source of income to an existing online business, you should definitely consider using FBA.

Just like it is with other business models. There is never a guarantee that you will make money with the Amazon business. You can always give it a try. Remember, it is always best to start small and grow from your little success. Start by selling items from home, use the retail arbitrage business model as leverage and see where you can go from there.