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posted on 5/Thu/03/2020 04:18
Why Use JumpSend?
Why JumpSend Is Not So Good
JumpSend Pricing

Maybe, you are planning to join Amazon as a seller or you have joined Amazon and listed your items. Your goal is now to make sales. This comes at a time when the number of items listed on Amazon is increasing daily. There are several other items offering your item a direct competition. This means you've to look for ways that will make your item make sales despite the competition.

Reviews are one way of attracting potential customers to your item and converting them into sales. Reviews tell potential customers about the benefits as well as the demerits associated with your item. If you item is good and of high quality, customers will definitely leave positive reviews on the item. This will help you increase your sales. However, to get reviews on your items, you need to first make sales. Only a customer who has purchased and used your item can can tell its merits and demerits. Again, to make sales, you need to improve a high rank for the item. This requires you to use the right keywords in the item's title, description etc. This seems to be a loop that provides no entry point.

A tool called JumpSend helps you make sales and get reviews on your items. It achieves this by employing various tricks. If you need to increase the reviews on your item listing, this is the right tool for you. Some of the benefits associated with using JumpSend include:

  • Increased sales velocity- if your item makes many sales, especially consecutive sales, it will rank higher upon search on the Amazon's search bar.
  • Increased search rank- this is brought about by the increased sales. Your item's search rank will be improved for the keywords related to it.
  • Increased organic sales- once you have attained a higher rank, you can do everything possible to maintain it, which will increase your sales further. For assistance with review gathering, and any other Amazon question, there is a platform you can turn to. IO Scout 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries - ideal! Now, on to JumpSend....

JumpSend Review and How It Works

Jump send has a marketplace with more than 100,000 shoppers, all in search for deals, meaning you can promote your brand to them. It comes with an autoresponder that helps you communicate automatically to any shopper who purchases your item.

You can start your selling journey by selling to this existing customer base at a discount as they are actively looking for Jumpsend deals. There are high chances that they will purchase your item and then leave a review.

jumpsend amazon

Once you have listed your item on Amazon , you will set the price that you want to sell it at. However, you will certainly realize that you won't make sales the way you want at that price. Don't forget that amazon is a very competitive platform. You will meet several other sellers selling items similar to yours. If you post your item for $20 for example, and it's newly listed and without reviews, it may be difficult for you to make sales. The reason is that customers will prefer to go for the items listed before and those that have reviews. 

Again, people who pay a standard amount of price for an item and find it good are less likely to leave a review your item. However, any customer who finds a problem with the order, they will be quickly to jump to Amazon leave a negative review on your item accompanies by a one-star rating. There are many items on Amazon that have failed simply because the first reviewed was a one-star.

You will also realize that most Amazon customers don't leave reviews that are related to the quality of the item. Other reviews are also unjustified. As you know, Amazon is a competitive platform. Your competitor may want to pull down your item for their product to prosper on the platform. One of the ways through which they achieve this is by leaving negative reviews on your item. The worst part with it is that most Amazon customers don't take time to read through the reviews left by others, but they simply look at the stars. If they see many one-stars, they simply leave your item. This means that you will lose many potential sales.

You can choose to sell your item at a reduced price. If you were selling it at $20, you can choose to reduce the price to $10. However, this means that you will be earning less profits. Note that profits are what determines whether you run a profitable or unprofitable Amazon business. Now that you have reduced your item's price, it means you have to sell more items to earn profit. Again, if you don't do it carefully, you may end up running out of inventory before you can restock the item. This means that you will have killed your item's ranking on Amazon.

JumpSend operates based on a very simple principle. Amazon allows sellers to generate discount codes for their items. Once you've obtained the discount codes, you can issue them to the customers that you like or select. With this mechanism, you don't have to reduce the price of your item on the Amazon listing. You simply discount the item to the shoppers whom you've given the discount codes. Note that the discount codes will still boost your sales, which will in turn boost your item's rank on Amazon. This improved rank will generate more organic sales, further skyrocketing your item's rank.

When launching a new product on Amazon, you need these discount codes very much, that is the time you need jump send. It allows you to input your Amazon discount codes into their system. Shoppers will then be able to search for items then request for a code. Once a shopper has been approved for the code, they will be able to head over to Amazon and purchase the item at a discounted price.

Don't forget that jump send comes with more than 100,000 Amazon shoppers, all being genuine. That's why you don't have to spend your money on Facebook or Amazon running ads so as to make sales. JumpSend will give you access thousands of customers who are willing to purchase your item.

Once a customer has purchased your item, JumpSend allows you to schedule email followups. Such emails will catch them at a time when they are more likely to leave a review on your item.

jumpsend deals

JumpSend also comes with pre-designed templates and you can use it to personalize emails. Digital bonuses can also be added as attachments when somebody has purchased your item. If your item is related to fitness for example, you can attach a PDF that takes them through a 21-day workout plan.

Why Use JumpSend?

You now know the problems amazon sellers experience and how jump send helps solve them. Here are the reasons as to why you should consider using jumsent today:

Has a Large Marketplace of Shoppers

This is the greatest benefit you will reap from using jump send. All customers whose data is fed into jumpsend are looking for discounted items on Amazon in order to purchase them. This means that you will save the money that you could have spend looking for buyers of your items through running Facebook and Amazon ads. JumpSend has many shoppers who are looking for your item.

Enlightened Shoppers

The jumpsend shoppers already know how to use Amazon coupon codes. This is a great advantage to you as a seller, meaning that you will have an easy time letting customers know about it. It is normally a great problem when a seller decides to give coupon codes to shoppers who don't know how to use them. They will complain that they can't use it, and if they are unable to use it correctly, there are high chances that they will leave negative reviews. Again, you may also find yourself in a situation where you spend too much time trying to explain to the customers how to use the coupon codes. If they fail to understand, they may leave negative jumpsend reviews.

JumpSend will save you from all the above hassles. Majority of their customers know the process of using coupon codes. Even those not knowing how to use them can direct contact jumpsend and they will be guided on how to use them.

Provides Genuine Shoppers

Joining JumpSend means that you will be able to access genuine shoppers with true interest in your item which will help you boost the ranking of your item.

All shoppers contained in jumpsent are true amazon shoppers looking for nice deals to jump into. These are not the kind of shoppers who simply research items then add them to their carts for a later consideration. However, these are the kind of shoppers who are eagerly waiting for deals to sprout up and snatch them quickly before other shoppers realize that such deals exist. This makes jumpsend the right tool for you as an amazon seller. Your coupons will never expire after listing them on jumpsent.

Generates Consistent Sales

JumpSend provides its users with an easy way of generating consistent sales for their Amazon items. You generate then maintain such sales.

If Amazon needs an item to make 10 sales in order to be ranked for a competitive niche or keyword and only 7 sales are currently possible, then 3 discounted sales can be made on JumpSend, helping make consistent sales for a high rank. If it were not for the 3 JumpSend sales, it means that the rankings could have decreased meaning the 7 organic sales would be lost.

Boost keyword and sales ranking

When your item makes many sales consistently, it will mean that your keywords rankings will also increase. Amazon relies on the A9 algorithm to rank items. The ranking is done based on the number of sales an item generates. Items that generate more sales are ranked higher as they are considered more popular on the platform. If the sales are made consistently, the better. The item will rank even higher.

When your item is ranked higher, it will be shown at the top when customers search using its keywords on Amazon. The visibility of the item will increase. When customers see the item, it means that there will be high chances of them purchasing it. This will further improve the ranking of the item.

Save Money

Nearly all Amazon sellers are spending huge amounts of money looking for people who might be interested in purchasing their item. One of the ways to look for these customers is by running Facebook and Amazon ads. That's why these two are very popular among amazon sellers.

However, jump send has changed this completely. Instead of you moving from platform to another looking for potential buyers of your item, it takes you right where these shoppers are. This means that you will not have to spend money creating and running ads. The greatest advantage with this is that jumpsend features shoppers who are already interested in purchasing your item. You will not even have to spend time and effort trying to convince them to make a purchase. They are ready and willing to purchase, only waiting for the right opportunity, which you've just brought to them. When running Facebook and Amazon ads, you will spend a long time trying to convince customers to purchase your item, who might not even make any purchase.

Well Managed discount Codes

The discount codes offered by Amazon are well managed in a bid to ensure that you don't discount all your inventory. If for example you've created 100 coupon codes, only 50 coupon codes are used by shoppers, then the remaining coupon codes will expire and you will be allowed to create new ones.

This will prevent the possibility of the seller discounting all their inventory in the process of creating and issuing coupon codes. It's your duty to ensure that you create the coupon codes correctly.

Gives Sellers a Competitive Advantage

During product launch, initial traction and sales are very essential, hence, each amazon seller should target to achieve these when launching their items. The initial sales will give your item the velocity to get moving.

If you fail to get the initial sales, your item will lack velocity. The item will in turn drop in rankings, attracting few sales. This means the item will keep on attracting few sales, with its rank dropping further.

If you manage to fetch the initial sales during product launch, your item will be much advantaged. Its sales rank will improve, attracting even more sales. This will improve the item's sales rank further. This is possible using the jumpsend amazon tool.

Helps Get More Reviews

You are not guaranteed that your product will receive many reviews. However, of the product is making many sales, then there is no doubt that you will receive reviews.

JumpSend comes with an autoresponder that helps establish communication with buyers and provide them with value. An increased communication with the buyer increases chances of the seller receiving more reviews on the item. JumpSend allows you to customize the autoresponder messages. You can take advantage of this to ask your item buyers to leave reviews on your item.

It may also happen that you have set another autoresponder on your Amazon account other than the one provided by jump send. If that is the case, you can still use it to establish consistent communication with shoppers. You can ensure that you have customized the autoresponder messages to request the shoppers to review your item. They will be convinced to do so.

Excellent Customer Service

JumpSend was developed by the same team behind the Jungle Scout Amazon tool. Jungle Scout is among the leading Amazon market research tools that we have today. Their web app is known by most amazon sellers and has received a great positive reputation.

The Jungle Scout team is known to offer excellent customer services concerning their products. In any case you have issues using jumpsent, you can contact their customer service agents and they will get back to you quickly.

Why JumpSend Is Not So Good

JumpSend is not a perfect tool. You should know the following before starting to use the tool:

JumpSend Does Not work With All Amazon Items

There are items that are not supported by the jump end tool. Example, Mercy by Amazon, Kindle eBooks and others. It only allows the promotion of items that have been listed on an Amazon Seller Account. Anything outside that is not supported.

JumpSent Does Not Support All Amazon Marketplaces

Jumpsend only supports two marketplaces, U.K and U.S.A marketplaces. However, most Amazon sellers belong to these two categories, making it not a big issue. However, marketplaces like Canada and Germany are growing in popularity. If you have items in these marketplaces, jumpsent is not the right tool for you. However, it will grow to support these marketplaces in the future.

You Can't Choose Shoppers

Initially, jump send allowed sellers to choose shoppers to give discount codes to depending on their Amazon profile and ability to leave a review on your item. Currently, if you give a seller a discount code, you've no way of knowing who that seller is.

There Could Be Resellers using JumpSend

Since you don't know who the shoppers on sites like jumpsend, you may end up giving your discount codes to shoppers whose intention is to resell the item. your item may then be resold on a website like eBay for a profit.

However, JumpSend has come up with measures to thwart by asking its users to install a chrome extension that monitors them to prevent the creation of multiple accounts. Again, reselling such items won't be much profitable since the discounts are of about 10% off the item's price.

JumpSend Pricing

JumpSend offers its users with 4 pricing tiers.

jumpsend deals

The only difference between these 4 pricing plans is the number of items that you can promote at a time. All the 4 plans provide the users with the following benefits:

  • Access to more than 100,000 shoppers in the market
  • Premium analytics on the promotions
  • Distribution of unlimited number of discount coupons to the shoppers.

The plans differ in terms of prices and number of product limits:

  • Starter Plan- Costs $29 per month. Has a limit of 3 item promotions
  • Entrepreneur Plan- Costs $59 per month. Has a limit of 10 item promotions
  • Business Plan- Costs $99 per month. Has a limit of 25 item promotions
  • Enterprise Plan- Costs $199 per month. Has a limit of 100 item promotions.

If you choose the Starter plan, it's possible to promote more than 3 items monthly, but not at a go. you can start promoting 3 items at a go, then stop promoting one that reaches its target. You can then replace it with another item. It is the most preferred plan by many jump send beginners.

Note that each plan comes with a free trial period that runs for 3 days. This is not long, but it allows you to test the program and see whether it will work for your item or not.


The goal of any Amazon seller is to make sales. However, this is not always easy. Amazon is a very competitive platform with millions of sellers selling different items. When you list your item, you will realize that there are several other items similar or related to your item. These items offer a direct competition to your item. You have to put all necessary measures to ensure that you fetches sales. This comes at a time when your item has no single review. Amazon customers like going through item reviews to determine the viability of an item based on what they are looking for.

You need a way of cultivating for reviews. This will help you make many sales. The sales will improve the ranking of your item. this will in turn generate more organic sales. JumpSend helps you achieve this. It comes with a database with more than 100,000 genuine Amazon shoppers. You create discount codes and offer them to these customers. The customers use these discount codes to purchase your item on Amazon at a discounted price. You then maintain constant communication with these sellers via email. You can ask them to review your item in the process of communication.