Jungle Scout Review: All You Need To Know

posted on 16/Mon/03/2020 06:35
Intro to Jungle Scout
What is Jungle Scout?
The Web-based Software: 
The Chrome Browser Extension: 
Jungle Scout Web App Features:
Review of Jungle Scout Web App Features
Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and Features
Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite
Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pro
Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite Vs Extension Pro 
Jungle Scout Web App Vs Chrome Extension
Jungle Scout Pricing

Establishing a business enterprise on Amazon is often an Augean task especially when you do not have any or the right set of tools. This is due to the farrago of brands, products, buyers and sellers using Amazon. 

To be a successful entrepreneur on Amazon, the power of research can not be overemphasized. A lot of research tools are available to all users on Amazon, however, this article extensively focuses on a cutting-edge top research tool called Jungle Scout. This is a full Jungle Scout review that goes over the top to show you its features and functionalities.

Before we dive in with the full Jungle Scout review, let's first take a look at a unique offering in the world of IO Scout FBA tools for Amazon product research. IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from other tools which we will mention in a moment with fewer restrictions; and now includes Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries.

Intro to Jungle Scout

jungle scout web app

With Amazon marketplaces available in the United States, United Kingdom , Canada , France , Spain , China and other parts of the world, the need becomes ever-increasing for a trusted product research tool that can extract rank, estimate revenue and provide other research services. 

Jungle Scout is a product database research tool that can be used to finding and validating Products on Amazon as such providing immense help to both experienced and inexperienced sellers on Amazon.  

Jungle Scout was designed in 2015 by Greg Mercer as providing the panacea to finding the right products to sell on Amazon. Up to date, Jungle Scout remains the best research tool for all Amazon sellers for all activities ranging from finding a product to getting a supplier to optimizing the product listing and many more. 

As such, Jungle Scout makes it their paramount purpose to give entrepreneurs the resources and tools they require to grow and thrive in successful enterprises. 

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a top-notch product research tool necessary for all Amazon sellers whether new or old-timers who need to find products, product-based ideas based on supply and demand. Use keyword trends to optimize sellers listings and to track possible sales opportunities on Amazon.

Jungle Scout offers a risk-free 14 days money-back guarantee when paying for either of the two monthly subscriptions available namely:

The Web-based Software: 

Jungle Scout Extension Lite

The Jungle Scout web-based software or web app is a very important software or application and is used to find, source and launch your product on Amazon.

A seller can filter specific data to find the profitable products listing that matches his search and a seller who is interested in using the app is billed or charged $49.00 every month.

The Chrome Browser Extension: 

jungle scout pro

The Jungle Scout Chrome browser extension is an accurate Amazon research tool that is added as an extension to an Amazon seller's chrome browser while the seller is charged $39.00 monthly. It can be accessed directly on any Amazon page to get accurate data from the product listings as they appear on the page. 

Jungle Scout and Chrome Extension: 

This is a combination of the web-based software and browser extension to give a perfect Amazon research tool which dominates the e-commerce market. Interestingly, an Amazon seller is charged $69.00 monthly to use this tool thereby smart saving $19.00 monthly if the prices of the web-based software and chrome browser were to be added individually. Let us now discuss the features of the aforementioned.

Jungle Scout Web App Features:

The Jungle Scout web app was designed in 2015 to help sellers find and confirm gainful products to sell on Amazon and was redesigned in 2018 with cooler and fascinating features. The redesign was aimed at giving more intuition to users and creating a better user experience to foster a quicker and more efficient experience for searching and confirming products and product ideas. The following are the features of the Jungle Scout web app;

Saving For Future Use:

While using Jungle Scout web app to investigate the market, you will oftentimes come across a product database filter that may work for your enterprise.

The 2018 redesigned web app allows you to save such data for future use and just load it when you need it such that you do not have to always reset your categories each time you are logged into the web apps database because all your previous selections will be remembered by the system.

Also, your savings will include very specific criteria such as the marketplace or country, prices, categories, listing quality score and any other distinguishing criteria that can help you remember the database filter. As it stands, this is an impressive feature in contrast to the 2015 version of the web app because it allows for useful information to be built on each research product session. 

Product Notes 

The Jungle Scout web app gives room for a seller to create product notes for more thorough research. This means that while doing product research, instead of having your notes haphazardly scattered between Google documents, spreadsheets, and other online notes, Jungle Scout creates a unified log of the notes the seller is tracking in the Meet Product Notes, in the Product Tracker. 

While adding new notes, it is best to categorize the notes also adding pictures and images if possible to make it easier to have faster and more accurate searches.

Keyword Ideas:

When putting your listing together, the 2015 Jungle Scout web app allows you to use your search term report to know what people are searching for. As such, if a seller has an active listing, he can search through queries and adverts data. Unfortunately, not every seller has that luxury.

The 2018 version of Jungle scout was redesigned to have Keywords Clouds in the product database which serves as the optimal solution to use when a seller is creating his listing to identify the main keywords and this can be included in the sellers' title, product description, and product features. 

Review of Jungle Scout Web App Features

With the impressive facts mentioned above, an Amazon seller who makes use of the Jungle Scout web app features is on the to improving his product research using the most accurate Jungle Scouts sales estimator. 

Jungle Scout has focused on creating the most sturdy algorithms in generating accurate sales estimates and these estimates are called AccuSales which processes with precision more than 500 million data points and gives the most accurate estimates to take your enterprise to its pinnacle. 

If you are a new or an upcoming seller on Amazon, dutifully use the Jungle Scout web app features to get the best leverage and help uncover a world of opportunities to fuel your enterprise.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and Features

The Jungle Scout Chrome extension is not the same as the Jungle Scout web app. The Jungle Scout Chrome extension is an application on your device Chrome browser that integrates directly into Google Chrome browser allowing you real-time access to important data including monthly sales review counts, sellers ranking and lots more.

How does the chrome extension work? In a single click, the extension populates based on the search results from the page you are viewing giving you accurate sales estimates, profit projections, and competitive data analysis. 

With the chrome extension, a seller can determine if products are a worthwhile enterprise making use of concise and comprehensive sales data analysis. The following are the features of Jungle Scout chrome extension;

Bulk Review Request:

The Jungle Scouts extension automates requests for product reviews from buyers with ease. As such, sellers can send individual review requests to all eligible buyers via the seller central in a single click and receive the bulk review request.

Opportunity Score:

This feature is all about getting the product value in a metric, that is, efficiently validating or eliminating any product opportunity in no time making use of the opportunity score. The opportunity score factors competition, demand and listing quality data to confirm a product's potential for investment.

Historical Analysis:

Using the AccuSales data analysis engine, Jungle scout chrome extension validates a seller's ideas about a product and helps determines if the product is a worthwhile investment giving a monthly sales estimates 

Amazon Direct Connection:

The Jungle Scouts extension is every seller's link between action and reaction as they surf through Amazon. With a single click, the chrome extension delivers reviews based on the product page the seller is surfing bringing sales estimate, profit probabilities and market competitive data analysis.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite

Jungle Scout chrome extension lite is simply a basic version of the original Jungle Scout chrome extension. Although it is a lite version of the premier extension, it still grants you access to the basic features that will suffice to perform good research for products showing the following:

1. Average sales recorded each month, sales ranking, prices and average reviews for the products you view 

2. Access to columns on the search page that allows you to validate information about the products you viewed including the product name, the brand of the product, the product category, the product price, the product rank, the number of reviews available for the product and lots more.

3. Using the Associated keyword search which often appears at the later part of the window you are viewing, a couple of keywords associated with the one you searched for comes up giving you a clue of other keywords that are related to the one you searched for. This feature is denoted by the cloud icon on the page you are viewing.

4. On the current page you are viewing, the extract next page option allows you to view the products available on the next page.

5. The Jungle Scout Extension lite allows you to view the rank or price of a product which will display in another window showing you a graph of the product performance over a given period for both the rank and price

6. On the page you are viewing, the extension lite gives you a concise preamble of a product including the products average rating and the number of reviews it has when you hover your mouse pointer over the product name.

7. Lastly, another impressive option associated with the Jungle Scout extension lite is that you are to download, share and even export valuable information to where you will be further needing them especially when you are offline. 

Undoubtedly, using the lite version allows you to perform informative product research to a great extent. To use this tool, sellers are charged a fee of $97 annually and this remains helpful especially if a seller is on a budget. After considering the features of the Jungle Scout chrome extension lite, let us now discuss the differences between the Jungle Scout chrome extension lite and pro.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pro

As the word pro rightfully denotes, the Jungle Scout chrome extension pro is an advanced tool giving the user full access to all the advanced and additional features not available on the lite version. The following are the major advanced differences between the Jungle Scout chrome extension pro and chrome extension lite.

1. Using the pro chrome extension, you can filter the results of your product's search to your satisfaction. When you click the filter option seen at the bottom of the window you are viewing, you can set a limit for the values in the default column data thereby giving you’re a precisely narrowed down and specific search. 

2. Another conspicuous difference between the chrome extension lite and pro is the additional columns of information made available when you click the options icon appearing below the window you are viewing. Asides the default columns available on the lite version, the pro version gives you the following:

  1. Fulfillment By Amazon fee
  2. Item width
  3. Item length
  4. Item height
  5. Item weight
  6. New sellers
  7. Total Fulfillment By Amazon fees charged.

It is keenly important to note that to access the additional features of the Jungle Scout chrome extension pro, a professional account on Amazon is required as this makes the entire research process very easy. The Jungle Scout chrome extension pro version is charged at an annual fee of $197 and it is worth every penny.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite Vs Extension Pro 

From the extensive breakdown of the features of the Jungle Scout chrome extension lite and pro, it can be painstakingly said without an iota of doubt that both chrome extension versions are powerful and efficient tools in their unique ways as they can both greatly reduce time spent on product research and simplify the entire research process making use of their features.

With that fully understood, if you are a newbie seller who is on a somewhat tight budget, the lite version would suffice to aid you in your product research process thereby assisting you to narrow choices available to you for a very cheap fee.

If you are a veteran seller, the pro version remains your best choice as this allows you to include more profitable products to your already booming enterprise on Amazon. As you start enjoying the benefits, you will realize that the chrome extension pro tool is not a white elephant because additional features added to the chrome extension pro are worth every penny they cost.

Jungle Scout Web App Vs Chrome Extension

Many sellers on Amazon often wonder why there is a web app and chrome extension for Jungle Scout. The fact remains that both tools, Jungle Scout web app, and chrome extension work in their different ways to achieve the same goal of finding products that will bring profits to be sold on Amazon.

As mentioned above, each tool can be purchased and used individually but to achieve the best results, they are best used together.  

Other features of the Jungle Scout web app includes: promotions and email campaigns, alerts of new products, listing builder, sales analysis, and Jungle Scout training academy. As such the web app functions as an all in one product tool for both new and old sellers alike. 

Jungle Scout Pricing

jungle scout free

Jungle Scout web app, chrome extensions and web app with chrome extensions combined can be paid for either monthly or annually as the case may be. However, it is noteworthy that a seller saves up to 50% on the annual subscriptions and may be advisable for those who wish to use it on a long term basis. 

Jungle Scout web app

  • Is billed at $39 monthly and $468 yearly helping you save up to $120  

Jungle Scout Google Chrome Extension

  • Is billed at $19 monthly and $228 yearly helping you save up to $240

Jungle Scout and Chrome Extension 

  • Is billed at $49 monthly and $558 yearly helping you save up to $558


Is Jungle Scout free?

No! Both the Jungle Scout web app and chrome extensions are not free tools. They have to be paid for either individually or together monthly though it is advisable to buy the one with both tools as it works more efficiently and costs less allowing you to save $19

Does Jungle Scout have an app?

Yes, Jungle Scout has a mobile app that requires payment before it can be accessed. 

Can I use Jungle Scout on my phone and mobile devices?

Yes, the Jungle Scout web app and chrome extensions respectively can be accessed through your mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Can I cancel the Jungle Scout subscription?

Yes! After or before the expiration of your monthly or yearly subscription, you may choose to opt-out of a subscription renewal as there are no contract obligations beyond the cycle of your current billing. If you choose to cancel, your subscription will end with no further charges deducted. 

What form of payment is acceptable?

Jungle Scout accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express using a secure onsite processing system. Jungle Scout can also send a Paypal invoice for buyers who do not have a credit card.

How do I contact support on Jungle Scout?

You can reach out to Jungle Scout Customer Support which consists of an experienced and humble team spanning across 10 time zones on support@junglescout.com. They are ever ready to assist customers with their questions or complaints.

Does Jungle Scout have a free trial?

Unfortunately, Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial. However, Jungle Scout offers a 14-day money-back guarantee in the event that a seller feels that the product paid for is not the right fit in 14 days. A refund will be processed.

What market places does Jungle Scout support?

Jungle Scout web app and Google chrome extensions support a variety of market places or countries such as India, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Will the price I pay remain the same for each month?

The price paid every month depends on if you have an Amazon Seller Central Account or if you are not yet a seller. 

Having an Amazon Seller Central Account implies that your monthly bill will be charged based on the number of orders your Amazon account has had and processed in the last 30 days while if you are yet to become a seller, your Jungle Scout subscription will not change each month.

Can I have multiple users on my account?

Yes! Jungle Scout web app can be used by individuals and by a team of like minds with the aim of achieving a common goal. You may add up to 6 employees or users from your company each having different login details to ensure the security of the system.

However, the Jungle Scout chrome extension supports only a user for each account because the chrome extension is installed directly on the Chrome browser which only supports a user at a time.

What information will other users have access to?

As the primary and pioneer user of the account, you have total control of your account. All additional users of your account join by invitation from you. 

Hence while they have access to all features and data, they will be restricted from having access to important and sensitive information like your credit card details, billing information or authority to make changes on the account. You retain the right to revoke the access they have through your account settings at any given time. 

How do I know the number of orders my Amazon account processes?

Simply check your central seller account for each Amazon account and marketplace you have connected to your Jungle Scout app to confirm the number of orders your account has validated in the previous 30 days.

If I own an Amazon seller central account, do I still need to buy Jungle Scout for non-sellers?

No, since you are already using the corresponding plan built for Amazon seller central accounts. However, if the Jungle Scout for non-sellers has the best pricing option and features that fit your needs, do not hesitate to buy Jungle Scout for non-sellers.