Keepa Review: Everything That You Need To Know

posted on 20/Tue/10/2020 11:03
What is Keepa? 
 Keepa Pricing 
Keepa Features 
Keepa Features

The key to succeeding in Amazon is data. Without an app that can analyze sales volumes, profitability, keywords, trends, and opportunities, it is quite impossible to launch a product that generates instant or steady success. This is why we have seen the near-constant releases of apps from previous Amazon sellers. These apps can arm a seller with the necessary information required to make a product launch successful.

Keepa is a versatile application, with many uses. It is available to be used on web browsers and can be accessed from laptops, tabs, and cellphones. There are no usage restrictions. The Keepa app is quick to load to on your android, as it is on PC.

The app was originally designed to be just a profitability calculator. But eventually diversified into becoming a well-rounded tool with access to email alerts, schedule, and contact databases due to the open interest for the application that caused quick venture into different territories. 

Amazon sellers constantly change product prices based on demand. So, as a seller, you should stay on top of your competitors and always know their pricing strategy. Keepa  has excellent features for tracks the value history of every product that is accessible in Amazon. 

Whereas most apps tend to be heavy with data, Keepa is quite user-friendly. The Amazon value tracker, which gives far-reaching price tracking and accessibility alerts are very efficient. It is continually refreshed with data from the Amazon database, so sellers should keep a track of new products and price drop notifications. It is the one-stop-shop for Amazon product analysis. The advantage of using paid apps like Keepa is that fewer sellers have access to the advanced data analytics it offers. This means some fewer sellers can track historical pricing information for the same product that you are selling.

They also will not be able to access the names of sellers who have the buy box (FBA professional sellers with great ranking are usually the ones to get Buy Box). The advantage of knowing who has access to the buy box is, you know whose selling strategy is bulletproof and working in the market.

The less information your competitors have on the buying decisions, the better the chances your products will have better sourcing, pricing, and marketing strategy. 

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What is Keepa? 

Utilizing a professional value tracker app on Amazon will assist you with getting the following the best products to sell and growing your business. Keepa is one of the rarest apps in the market that allow users to use a variety of tools for free.

It is not just an app that permits you to get a good return on the products you are selling, but you also get the best pricing of a huge number of items. By inserting your ASIN number from the Amazon product page, it sends you alerts when there's a drop or rise in the price of a product or change of trends.

You just snap the ‘Track Product’ tab and select your ideal price, utilizing it as a sliding scale. On occasions that the item's cost goes under the limit, you have set, Keepa sends you an automated warning. The app is accessible from Chrome, Firefox and Opera internet browsers. 

With the effective use of historical price charts, you will know exactly what products are in season. Do not want to start selling snow shovels in the middle of spring, do you? You can then follow Amazon and Marketplace costs on various items. The adaptable device lets you track the price of products depending on filters that users use to choose products, like colors and sizes, just as various renditions of a particular item. 

When you set up the app to do a price watch on a product page, you can decide how Keepa alarms you when a value drop happens. Meanwhile, you can catch up on other work and leave Keepa to do its job. 

You can have warnings sent by email or through push notifications, including a private Facebook post or Tweet. Alarms can appear as a work area warning or an RSS channel. And whenever you want, you are privy to import your list of things to get from Amazon in an excel sheet that you can analyze later.

 Keepa Pricing 

If you want to take advantage of the full potential of all the features in the Keepa application, you have to take a membership. 

The fees for membership are only USD 20 per month. It is equal to or less than an evening dinner with the family. If you belong to Europe, the use of Keepa may cost you nearly 15 Euro.

Keepa gives you a game-changing value and is cheaper than most other tools. Therefore, do not go by its price, rather go for its value. Once you have started using Keepa features, you will feel the value it adds to your business. 

It has its free version also. But this version comes with limited data usage. If you are a professional seller, we recommend you use its advance feature. In the free version, you cannot enjoy its advanced features.

Keepa has numerous advantages, but all such benefits are available only in its advanced version. Tracking too many products or setting many price alerts is not possible in the free version any longer.

Keepa Features 

Set price tracking for chosen products

Keepa automates the price tracking for any item. When you are browsing the Amazon store and have landed on a product page, just click on the browser toolbar and enable the Keepa extension.

After this, the information will be available on the same product screen at the bottom. Simply, scroll down to access the historical price change data for this product. 

Alternatively, you can also search the product by keywords in the Keepa application.

The default setting for the data chart is for three months. If you wish to change it you can select from a day, week, year or month and the complete data history of this period will be available for your use.

There are many other data points that you can access, such as the item price or ranking of the product based on the number of sales.

Most of this data is hyperlinked, and if you click on it you can dive into the details of sales in various filters such as the following: 

  • Sales ranking: the highest number indicates how far it had fallen the ranks in terms of demand for the product. The lowest number of details how popular the product has been. If a product has a sales ranking from #1 to #1000, it is extremely popular.
  • Price list of the product: this chart will show at what time the price of the product has been at the peak and when it has fallen. The entire trend will be mapped for 90 or 180 day period.

Set price drop notifications by email 

Do you have a product you want to buy from a particular seller, and need the best available price in the market? Put a price tracker on the Ray-Ban sunglasses. If it is priced at $699 by a seller on Amazon and you are looking for offers to source it at $500, you can automatically set price tracking in the Keepa app. 

Just visit the product page and enable Keepa price tracking from the extension. Set $500 as the threshold amount, so the app knows when to contact you. You can completely let go of the tracking at this point. Just sit and wait until you get an email from Keepa the second the sunglasses are priced at $500. 

Compare prices of products in various countries on eBay

The Keepa app also works for eBay, and you can use it to track various products via country and check the prices internationally. If you sell products in more than one country, this will be a handy guidebook on how local sellers are pricing certain products.

Track products in bulk by importing Wishlist

In Amazon, you can create a Wishlist with all the products that are interested in tracking. And instead of manually adding the products one by one, you can add Keepa as a third party vendor on the app and let it import the entire price list. The app will then set price tracking individually on each product.

Keepa Features


On the Keepa website, you can find the first feature – Deals. When you select the tab, there are lists of filters and categories on the left-hand side. Based on the parameters set on the filters the app will show you products that have come within a certain price range through a query sent to Amazon via Keepa API.

The filters can be selected for the following:

  • Type of deal

Deals can be selected by choosing any of the parameters in this list: sales ranking of a product, whether an item is a collectible if a product is selling as a refurbished item, products that fall within third party category of FBM if lightning deals are going on, what price reduction has happened from the seller who has a buy box listing. Products can also be selected on whether they are new, in acceptable conditions, good or very good condition. You can Select All to see all the details for all these categories at once. But that will be a lot of data to analyze at once, so searching category wise is much more efficient.

  • Limit drop interval

Whether the set price limit drop has happened with the period of the day, week, month, 3 months or all.

  • Select range

keepa chrome

In the select range, you can choose to track deals that have had a certain value drop in price. Such as from 10% to 90% will give you all the deals where the product has been listed between 10 to 90 percent discount. You can also select a price range of products to track. The product price limit could range from 0 to 10000 USD.

Once all the filters have been set, you can see the exact product range you are looking for and score excellent deals on millions of products.


New sellers can use the Deals feature to analyze the pricing of many products. But what if you are an experienced seller with a professional Amazon account and a bunch of products you want to launch in the market? Or you have already launched a lot of products?

You can add products in the track section, and it will individually track the price fluctuations of these items. The reason why price rise and fall should be tracked religiously is important to understand.

Consider this, you are the exclusive seller of a minion backpack for children aged below ten. Now there might be other sellers who have already established business with this product, or new sellers come along who track that this is a popular item and a lot of opportunities are there in making a profit out of this product.

They may want to launch their brand of minion backpacks. While that should not affect your business because your product is different from theirs, they can still eat into your market share. And when that happens you will slowly start to see a shift in sales numbers. Before long, some new seller has cornered market interest and your ranking goes down.

To make sure that does not happen, you need to be vigilant and know all of your competitors. Search for similar products that you are selling. If there are ten sellers, with ten different types of minion backpacks, add all of them in the Amazon Wishlist.

You can create a custom Wishlist for a type of product. Then copy the Wishlist URL and paste it in the box below in the Keepa app. When your tracked products reach a certain price drop you will receive notifications through email, RSS, Facebook or telegram.

keepa chrome

Keepa will instantly download your Wishlist and let you know any time there is a change is a price. If your backpack is selling for $30 and someone else comes along with a better offer of $28, you can readjust your price considering the cost of business and set it at anything from $25 to $28 and you will still retain your lead in the market.

Remember that whereas this is a great use of strategic defense in pricing, you should not only rely on the price wars for two reasons. You cannot always undercut the competitor. If they are getting it from another source that offers them low-quality bags for $15, you cannot adjust your price to $15 to match theirs.

If you have a quality product and your reviews will tell that story to new buyers. This is great as a strategy when you are just starting on the market and need new sales so you can get reviews. Not so much when you already have reviews.

Also, there are a lot of charges associated with Amazon FBA. You have to account for all the costs before you can set a price. If the FBA related fees are coming down to even 50% of the item price, then you are paying $15 for the charges. When you sell the product at $30, this makes sense. If sourcing costs you $10, you still make $5 in profits. So, anything below a certain level will be catastrophic for your business.

Use the tool as a suggestion and not as the bible of how to set your pricing.


The app is available for use in any of the popular browsers. Chrome, Firefox , opera and edge all have the Keepa plugin available in stores. You can open any of these browsers and add the extension. Make sure to be browsing Amazon from the same browser for Keepa chrome extension to be enabled for usage.

You can also use the web application instead of the extension. The only difference is that you have to track individual products through the Keepa extension , whereas in the app you can track all the products in one place.

However, the extension is much more flexible in terms of use, as when you are browsing Amazon the extension is available on the product page at the bottom. Whereas to access the web app, you have to go back and forth between two browser pages.

keepa chrome

The extension is also a light application. If you are thinking about how to use Keepa to unleash the full potential of the app, you have to visit the web application instead of the extension. Useful features like the Wishlist tracking and product tracking are not possible through the extension. It is only good for monitoring price variations.


You can search for any products that are on Amazon simply by searching it on the Keepa Amazon app . It has access to all of Amazon products and allows you to select specific filters depending on your interest. Want to see only the products that cost from $50 to $100? You can set the filter accordingly. If you have issues with any of the features in the app, there is a comments section where you can provide feedback.

Each search returns a maximum of 10,000 ASINs depending on your table row setting once you have submitted your query you can always go back to make changes by clicking on "Advanced Filter" above the product table.

But you can also add or remove filters or change the sort direction directly from the table using the column menus. In either case, your query will be encoded in the URL so you can save a browser bookmark of your selection. Navigating away from the Finder will clear all filters.

keepa review

Check the Keepa Tutorial:


How do I use Keepa extensions in Chrome?

Open Google Chrome and load Keepa from the Google web store page. Click add to the chrome button and thereafter extends it to your chrome browser. It’s an effortless process and every seller using Keepa should install the extension to have all the required data analysis on the go. Once Keepa is added to your browser you can use it while you are browsing Amazon products.

Can I use Keepa for free?

Enjoying its data application there is a requirement of its monthly subscription. You can stop it anytime. But the free data application of Keepa maintains a quota. The more you use the more your balances reduced. For beginners, Keepa data usage quota is completely manageable.

The quota system has one of the major features. Generally, the quantity of your data requirement is not that much bigger than it provides per month of use. So, you need not be worried about its quota of use per month. The quota system is in force in Keepa plugin for making sure users do not abuse the usage. Any prudent manufacturer must employ a limit so that it can prevent misuse and abuse of the app, which might affect the experience of other people. 

How do I install Keepa?

You have to open the Google Chrome browser and then go to the Google web store page. Search for Keepa application. Then click add to the chrome button and thereafter extends it to your chrome browser. It’s an easy process and every seller using Keepa should install the extension to have all the required data analysis on the go. After Keepa is added to your browser you can use it while you are browsing Amazon products.

Does Keepa have an app?

Keeps do not have a mobile app as of now. However, you can access it from any mobile device. There is no restriction on what devices you can use this on.

How do I cancel Keepa?

You can email the Keepa team at to request the cancellation of your registration if you have paid for the data access and no longer want to continue using the app.

This brings us to the end of this article. We will like to have your views on this. Have you ever used Keepa? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.