Sellics review - Is it the tool you seek, or not?

posted on 10/Tue/03/2020 20:54
Sellics Intro
What is Sellics?
Sellics pricing
Sellics Amazon services - The three editions of Sellics
The Sellics Seller Edition
Final thoughts - Conclusion

Sellics Intro

When it comes to selling stuff on Amazon, many people that jump into this business has a hard time finding the best product to get some profit from. Or, if they are already in the middle of this, some sellers have troubles tracking their products and reacting to reviews for example. Now, Sellics seems to be a great tool at first glance, and if you allow us to spoil the moment: it is a great tool. But for what ends? Let's find out in our comprehensive Sellics review and guide!

What is Sellics?

Sellics is an all-in-one online solution for Amazon sellers, which provides invaluable data to every type of Amazon marketers. As you are going out from our Sellics review, there are three different versions of this software. These editions cover the needs of sellers (individuals mostly), vendors (larger companies) and agencies. There are different pricing plans, and different features. In the article that follows, we are going to focus mainly on Sellics for sellers, because you are probably one of them.

So, back to question: what is Sellics. Sellics is an online tool, which offers product research, keyword research, notifications and even PPC campaign tracking. It really is a one tool for all solution. The base structure of the review following this (you can consider this a kind of table of contents):

  • Sellics Prices
  • Sellics Editions
  • Agency
  • Vendor
  • Seller
  • Sellics Sellers Edition review
  • Features
  • Sonar by Sellics keywords research tool
  • Services (e.g. customer service)

sellics sonar

Let's take a look on the Sellics prices first!

Sellics pricing

Due to the very simple fact that there are three editions of Sellics, there are three different pricings. As you are about to find out, Sellics features an interesting, revenue-based pricing method! After you are done with the 14-days trial, you can decide whether you want to use the service or not. If you decide you want, Sellics will inspect the revenue data of your Amazon Seller Central account to find out how many revenue you make, and the software calculates an estimated annual revenue, and based on that data, you will receive the offer. The subscriptions are recurring, but before every billing cycle, Sellics reviews your sales data, and creates a new offer if necessary. This way, if you have a rough year, for example, your plan will be less expensive; this way, you also save some money with this essential tool. Anyway, something similar happens when you pay a larger period upfront: Sellics won't bill you the difference you have the $1k-60k plan, paid upfront for a year and you make $120 in that year. Next year, however, you are going to go the higher tiers.

Let's take a look on the different tiers of revenue:

  • $0 - $1K : well, this is the beginners' price. If you master the features of Sellics, you'll make more money than a thousand bucks, and you are going to more than willing to pay the higher price for this essential tool.
  • $ 1K - $60K : this one is the intermediate sellers' range. In case you know what you are doing, your Amazon business should be skyrocketing now, earning you more than a few thousand dollars in a year.
  • $60K - $240K : this revenue range is something most amateur Amazon sellers dream of. Earning $240K in a month means earning approximately, $20K per month, which is more than enough to quit a dayjob for!

There are three other tiers, but we are not going to comment on those. Why? - you might ask. Well, because usually beginner to upper intermediate and semi-pro Amazon sellers read a review of a tool like Sellics. If you already make that much to be eligible for the higher tiers, you are either a hardcore professional, or you know Sellics already! Here are the high-end tiers:

  • $240K - $600K
  • $600K - $1.2M
  • $1.2M+

Let's now look at the prices for each plan (Seller Edition prices):

  • 0: since in this case you have no historical sells' data, it's monthly plan, setting you back $57 per month. (You can opt-in for annual or biannual plan later, when there is data for calculating revenue - after circa two months or so)
  • 1K - 60K: the monthly plan will cost you $67 per month, while the annual sets you back $47 per month, and the biannual costs, $57 per month.
  • 60K - 240K: as your revenue grows, the more data you are going to need, and the Sellics platform can provide you with. However, with the increase in data requests increases the price too. In this revenue tier, the monthly plan costs $97, the annual goes lower to $77 per month, and the biannual would cost you $77 a month.
  • 240K - 600K: the high-volume marketers have to pay $157/month for Sellics, but with an annual plan it goes down to $117, and with biannual, it's $137 per month.
  • 600K - 1.2M: professional sellers (although at this level, you probably have your own company and team to run your Amazon business) need to pay $217 a month, $187 per month for biannual, and $157 per month with an annual plan.
  • 1.2M+: the monthly cost of Sellics for super-high volume sellers is $317, biannual plan comes at $287 per month price, and the yearly plan costs 12x$257.

Pricing for vendors

If you represent a vendor, you should start by getting in touch with the Sellics team request the demo. There are two module-sets of Sellics for vendors: the Amazon Search Engine Optimizations and Analytics Modules,and the Amazon Advertising Module. The modules included are available separately, with the module-set prices starting at $269 per month for the SEO and Analytics module, and $449 per month for the advertising module.

Pricing for Agencies

In case you run, or represent an Agency, you should request the demo, and then a quota from Sellics. At this time, there is no public pricing for Agencies, every agency receives a unique offer.

Sellics Amazon services - The three editions of Sellics

Well, without further ado, let's have a quick glance on the Vendor and Agency Editions, and after that, we are going to get into details about the Seller Edition, which is probably what you wanted to learn about in the first place.

Sellics Vendor Edition

The Vendor Edition is a special edition of Sellics, which grants vendors and larger teams five separate modules, that help monitoring and controlling their Amazon business. This toolset grants controls over SEO, advertising, customer feedback and more. Let's have a look!

  • Amazon Advertising

With this tool, your ads team has access to a powerful helper that offers help in properly focusing your advertising campaigns, with PPC automation services.

  • Content & SEO

The SEO tools of the Sellics Vendor Edition offers keywords suggestions, and other helpful accessories to enhance your content's performance.

  • Customer Feedback

This is one of the best features, as it sends you alerts whenever you receive a review from your customers. Naturally, it can't help you avoid bad reviews and ratings, but with a quick reply, you can always lower the damage that has been done.

  • Buy Box Monitoring

Monitoring the Buy Box is an important matter, although it usually concerns big vendors. This is a tool that can help you find those third-party sellers who offer similar products for undercut prices, and it also notifies you in case the BB is taken from yuor product.

  • Retail Analytics

This is an all-in-one dashboard feature, which uses your Amazon Advertising and your Amazon Retail Analytics for an easier overview. With this, it's quite easy to see how an advertising campaign's performance affects the overall revenue.

Sellics Agency Edition

In principle, the Sellics Agency Edition offers you the same tool as it does in the Vendor Edition, but if you are an agency, you can use these tools to help your clients to enhance their performance. There is one major extra feature, though: Sellics offers the help of their own in-house Amazon experts, so in case you are a rookie agent, or you feel lost, this edition grants access to professional help. You can choose the modules you would like to gain access to, and there is also an option to request a demo.

The Sellics Seller Edition

There is a really high chance that the Sellics Seller Edition is the main reason you were looking for a Sellics review. We would like to provide you with a comprehensive guide about Sellics, and the rest of this review focuses on the Seller Edition's features and processes. Sellics claims to be the leading Amazon software solution for sellers, and we have to say, it really is close to that. There are several tools that you can benefit from, and while you set up your Amazon business, this complex software will have your back. The main features of this toolkit cover almost every aspect of selling on Amazon: product research and analytics, keyword research and analytics, PPC and advertisement analytics, inventory management, and a tool to research your competition. All of this comes in a handy, well-built cockpit, which has several widgets showing the most important data.

sellics amazon

Sellics for Product research

Finding products which could make a nice profit is always really important. The finest way to avoid failure is to do a thorough, dedicated research of the product and the niche you are trying to dominate. There are two tools for this task: the product detector, and the niche analyzer.

Product Detector:

The main idea behind the creation and use of this tool is to provide the users with detailed report about products listed on Amazon. You can use it to find profitable products and niches with a lower level of competition.

Although there are several similar tools out there that can do the same, but the whole package you get with the Sellics Seller Edition worth, and frankly, this little tool is as good as any other. As you'll see, there are several filters and sorting options, so you can find out which products are the best for you quite easily. The value represented by the product detector is high.

Niche Analyzer:

With the niche analyzer tool you have access to a powerful helper, that provides you an insight on the niche your picked. The niche analyzer software reads and analyses the competitiveness levels, and the sales volume of the selected niche. It also offers an overview of then niche, thus you can see how hard it would be to get to the higher rankings levels using the different related keywords. By reading the charts, you will gain insight on:

  • Sales volume in the niche (how many deals are done)
  • Sales volume of the big dogs in the niche
  • A predicted sales volume if you manage to gain higher rankings.

Sellics Seller Edition keyword research tools

The keywords and the product research comes hand in hand. Both are essential to be successful on Amazon. You probably already know that Amazon has an in-house developed search engine, which works similarly to Google, yet it's still quite different. In order to get the higher ranks, you have to make sales. And how can you achieve that? Well, apart from running advertisement campaigns, you have to include the right keywords in your listings' titles and the product description. With the keyword tool of Sellics, you can find those words which can help you get to the top suggestions in the Amazon search engine. What are suggestions? Just like in Google, when you start typing in Amazon, a list appears with suggested words, sometimes actual item names. That's where you want to be: in the first 10 suggestions.

The keyword ranks tool grants you the ability to find new keywords, find out what words your competition uses to achieve high ranks, while you can also view the combinations of high-volume keywords related to your query. With nearly 200,000,000 keywords to scan through, the Sellics keywords tool has an enormous database, and it can provide you with great ideas.

There is an indicator which helps to view which keywords are the most used in searches in relevance with your product or niche, and also, a tracker for keywords ranking is a solution to monitor the performance of your keywords ranking, while you can easily overview the results of the different optimizations you made.

Sellics tools for advertisement campaigns

The PPC manager tool enables you to to analyze, optimize, and of course, track Amazon advertisement performance. There are many pieces of information provided, such as CPC, click-through rate, cost, revenue, impressions and so on. From these data, you have the chance to see the whole picture about your ads campaign, thus providing you with the necessary insight to optimize it.

There is an optimizer tool, that's capable of showing you those keywords that aren't working too well. It can help you view those keywords that don't have enough potential, don't gain that much impressions, all based on the so-called ACoS, which stands for advertised cost of sale. You have the option to integrate the manager tool with the APA API (Amazon Product Advertising API) in order to automate and set rules to further automate your ad campaigns' keywords.

Sellics profit dashboard

This dashboard gathers all the information of your business endeavors from your Amazon Seller Central. You can view the clean profit you made after deducting every cost, including the different related Amazon and other fees (e.g. closing fees, individual sellers' fee if you are one, PPC fees, FBA fees if you are in the program, shipping, etc.).

It's a real-time dashboard, updated every five minutes, so you have the option to view the performance of a campaign, discount, or newly launched product in real time. The Amazon Seller Central integration is necessary, but this dashboard is certainly a great tool.

Sellics inventory management

Managing your inventory is not easy. It's especially hard if you have more than one products, and you are on the road to success with multiple daily sales. Of course, you need to work hard, to get there. But once there, you have to grab the hose for you inventory, because if you lose control, and people can't buy your goods because you haven't re-fill your inventory, you lose money.

The inventory management tool at Sellics integrates all your stock and inventory information into one dashboard, offering you the ability to calculate when to re-fill, reorder your items. You can also set up an alert to notify you when you have to replenish the inventory. The alert uses production time, actual inventory, delivery time, and the velocity of sales to calculate the right time.

It is a major feature, especially if you run your business with FBA, because you also have to calculate with shipping to the Fulfillment Center and with the time they handle your goods.

Monitoring competition and managing reviews with

Dealing on Amazon is a great business, but it's a dirty one at that! Sellics grants you tools to get ahead of your competition, and gain the upper hand if possible. Included with the Seller Edition, the spy module lets you to inspect the prices of the competition, and identify the top sellers. A tracker is available to monitor the sales volume, in order to avoid poorly performing products.

A great addition of the spy tool, is the listings hijacker alert, which sends you notifications when someone tries to hijack you. Listing hijacking is a nasty thing at Amazon. Hijackers are sellers who sell counterfeit copies of your product cheaper, and it's a phenomenon you have deal with fast, or you risk losing your reputation, rankings and profit.

The review management tool's most important feature is that you can reply to reviews immediately (Sellics sends you an alert when you have new review) from your Sellics dashboard. This won't change the 1-2 star rating you got, but at least other buyers can see that you respond promptly to reviews.

Sonar by Sellics

Sonar is the free keyword research tool for Amazon from Sellics. If you visit the site, you will see a simple search bar, where you can start typing the keyword you are interested in. It will show you the suggestions (the same ones you may see on Amazon), and when you hit the search button, you'll get a list of the keywords, related products and the most frequently used words. For full access, however, you have to join Sellics as a seller. The free version, however might grant you the initial insight you need to find out what keywords should you use.

Final thoughts - Conclusion

Sellics, according to the Sellics Crunchbase profile is six years old now. It was founded in Germany, and you know how precise German can be, so the quality of the software is guaranteed. At first glance, you might find the price a bit steep, but as your revenue increase, the more useful you'll find Sellics. We highly recommend that you go and try the free trial, and see what it can do!


How can I cancel my Sellics account?

Sellics offer a really nice user interface, and through that online interface, you can cancel your account any time. This is done by logging in to your account, find the account management page (click on the little human-shaped figure at the top menu, and click on Account - represented by a gearwheel icon). Under the box that shows the details of your subscription, click on terminate. After you confirm your choice, your subscription runs of at the end of the already paid period.

Can I use the Sellics trial?

Yes, and you definitely have to try Sellics - especially the Seller Edition! There is a free, no-obligations 14-days trial for Sellics, and it grants you access to every feature of Seller Edition. There is no catch, no auto-renew for full price and other scam methods. If the 14 days are over, you either leave, or buy a subscription. You don't have to do that right away, though! You have the chance to return at a later time to subscribe.

How can I reach the Sellics Customer Support service?

The team behind Sellics take customers seriously, and they offer a range of channels for reaching out to them. You can contact them via mail, email, chat, and they might be able to help you via social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Is Sellics secure?

Since complies with all US laws, and it also complies with GDPR. This means that your data, your transactions and Amazon Seller Central information are all safe. The subscription transaction are done via secure channels, so your credit card info is perfectly safe.