Your Ultimate Guide To Amazon Product Listing Optimization

posted on 18/Tue/02/2020 03:26
What Is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?
Amazon Product Listing Elements
How To Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings
Top 3 Tools For Amazon Listing Optimization
Get Your Product Listings Optimized!

You have the product, you created the product listing for Amazon, and you believe you’re ready to put it on the market. At face value, it may seem like you’re more than prepared, but are you really? As you know, in the online marketplace that Amazon has created, there is an abundance of merchants just like yourself, that are selling products identical to yours, and other various ones, at large every day. The competition within the marketplace has forced merchants to create strategies that will help to put themselves ahead of the curve.

Before putting a product online for sale, you should be thinking of the best ways in which you can optimize your Amazon listing to put yourself towards the front of the line of merchants. As most merchants know, listing of products is an extremely important factor in the outcome of your product page visits and sales volume average. Anything you can do that can help draw more visits to your product pages should be considered.

The importance of product listing should not be dismissed by any new merchants. The difference between a profitable merchant and a break even one could be the difference in their Amazon listing optimization skills. With hundreds of millions of users using Amazon, there is no doubt it is a place you want to be as a merchant. Taking the time to make your products look worth a click to online visitors can take you to the next level of profitability.

Created by Amazon is an algorithm known as their A9 algorithm. It works in twofold, helping customers receive more direct results while searching, and putting better selling merchants’ product pages ahead of others.

With this in mind, merchants should be doing everything they can to optimize their product listings as best as they can. The more you begin to sell, the higher chances you have of being more visible to customers who search for products on a daily basis.

What Is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

If you have ever searched for any single object on Amazon, who have been subject to Amazon’s A9 algorithm. With this algorithm, Amazon’s intentions were to link customers who searched for products with products that they are most likely to buy, pertaining to any category.

This type of algorithm can be compared to the one implemented by Google, but the Amazon one works differently in the sense that it is a buying platform, as opposed to a research platform, and wants to draw customers to products that they will most likely end up purchasing.

Amazon is aware of the fact that many of the customers who search for a product on their website are looking very quickly, analyzing for the best option as fast as possible. Due to this, the merchants that Amazon rank higher in product searching always tend to have very well-put together product listings. These listings are easy for the customer to view at a glance, helping them be able to make quick decisions.

In fact, customers tend to look at and analyze through the first few products listings on Amazon so quick, that studies have been conducted showing results such as;

  • Percentage of users that never look past the first page of search results: 70%
  • Percentage of users that click on the first product listed on a search result page: 35%
  • Percentage of total clicks that that are accounted for by the first three listings: 64%
  • Percentage of total clicks that are accounted for by the first page: 81%

With these statistics in mind, there’s no doubt that you should be concerning yourself with optimizing your Amazon product listings as best as you can. With a better product listing, your product page is more likely to be clicked on, which will lead to more sales, ultimately leading to being ranked higher by Amazon and having your visibility increased.

Within this algorithm, a big part of it does its best to calculate customers buying behavior. This means that it tries to give the best estimate of what most customers have bought after searching for specific products. It sounds simple, and it mostly is; what products do people buy after using certain keywords and other words in their product searching, whether it be a single word or multiple?

Having a clear idea of the buying behavior tendency of most people saves customers time by being presented with products after searching that they will statistically be most likely to purchase in the end. 

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With any algorithm, there are multiple factors that need to come together in order to make something true. This is no different in Amazon’s A9 algorithm. Included in their A9 algorithm are direct factors, such as product availability, search description relevancy, and price, as well as indirect factors including your reviews, advertising, promotions, applied images, fulfillment methods, and more.

When customers search for a certain product, all of the factors shown above play a role in what products will be displayed first after searching, in descending order of merchant ranking at the time. In unison, these factors play a huge role in the outcome of what customers buy, and the outcome of many merchants' sales volume.

Amazon Product Listing Elements

Here's how to optimize Amazon listings. Begin by asking yourself, “why should I care how my product listing looks?”. Then, consider how many times you yourself have turned away from a merchants product page simply because it did not look well put together, and was perhaps missing some information you needed. This is exactly what many people do every day.

They simply turn away from product pages because they aren’t constructed well, and this can be a huge factor in the outcome of your sales if you currently find yourself as one who doesn’t care much for how the listing looks. Through their A9 algorithm, Amazon knows that merchants who list their products with a well-constructed product listing receive more page visits and sales, thus keeping those merchants more visible when customers search for products through Amazon.

Of course, you would like to be one of the more visible merchants on the first page when people search for a product! In order to do this, you will need to begin creating effective product listings that will help you and your brand be taken more seriously.

Product Title

Amazon product listing optimization should start with the product title. Selling on Amazon, you will have a 250 character limit to create a product title, which comes out to a maximum of 50 words. Some categories offer more, some offer less, but as a principle, you should be using as much space as they give you to create a title.

Keep in mind that, when creating a title, you are writing it for human eyes, even though you may be focused on what their A9 algorithm might have to say about it. But, the algorithm goes off of what people are searching for, so don’t overthink it too much in that context.

The addition of a key element of feature of the product can draw eyes towards it, especially if the customer is looking for that specific key feature. Compared to the description and features, the keywords in the title are the most effective, so use ranking keywords in your title when creating it as well.

Product Images

When listing a product for sale, you are allowed to upload up to 9 images that portray your product, its features, and what’s included. Again, as a principle, you should be uploading as many images as they allow you to do.

Having a clear, easy to see photo of your product is the most important aspect to consider. Customers having the ability to zoom in and get a detailed, up close look of your product can mean a lot to them, and can steer them towards buying as opposed to walking away.

Because of this, it could certainly be worth it to invest in some professional camera gear, or to have some professional shots taken of your products. The minimum quality you should be comfortable with is 1000px in width and 500px in height.

The main image of your product needs to have a white background with no watermarks or anything else on it. The included photos should represent the scale and size of your products, as well as photos of them in home settings / the appropriate setting for the product.

Product Reviews

Having good reviews for yourself and the products you’re selling under your belt can add much more sales traffic to your product pages. Studies have also shown that customers will likely purchase from a merchant with tons of 4.0 star reviews, as opposed to a few 5.0 star reviews. In other words, consistency is key.

If you are new, and so is your product, you can begin getting reviews from automated email services, or by using Amazon’s reviewer program. Both of these can help you gain traction with good reviews if you are a new merchant and haven’t had much of a chance to garner many reviews yet.

Product Description

If you have a customer looking down your product page to the product description, it is safe to say you have a potential sale on your hands. At this point, the last thing you’d want to do is lose them because you didn’t prepare a good enough product description.

Included in the product description you would want convincing arguments as to why the customer needs the product in their life, in addition to the key features and aspects of the product. Don’t use too much fluff, and only include information relevant to the product. You are given around 2000 characters to use for this, which comes out to around 300 words.

In all, a product description should be clear and precise, should not use any quotes or testimonials, should ensure that the description is related to the images provided, should include features and keywords, should keep it relatable, and should not use HTML tags.

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Product Features

A huge factor in your product listing, product features are normally typed out in concise bullet-pointed information bits, as opposed to being presented in paragraph style. This helps them become much easier to read and analyze quickly for potential customers.

A common principle applied by many merchants on Amazon is to not exceed five bullet points of information. This keeps from the customer becoming information-overwhelmed, and helps to simplify matters.

Included in your product features / bullet points must be the most important aspects + features that your product has to offer. Including this information and keeping it conformed to a precise yet interesting manner will help customers to purchase your products with less hesitation.

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How To Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

As you can see by this point, the display and overall look of your Amazon product listing can play a huge role in the outcome of your sales volumes. Through Amazon’s A9 algorithm they have applied over time, it works out where the better-selling merchants with the better-constructed product listings get more visibility and sales volume than most other merchants.

In order to become a more visible merchant, you will need to begin acting like one. Selling products hot and fast on Amazon is every merchant's dream, but to get there, the necessary preparation must be taken, such as taking the time to organize your product listing to include the elements listed above.

Most customers, who come to your product page and feel it is inadequate, will leave the page without giving it much second thought, considering there’s many other merchants out there selling the same products. In order to help you get a leg-up on the competition you face, many companies have provided platforms and services to help out merchants who wish to grow their online businesses.

Many of these platforms offer tools for free, and most offer more comprehensive tools and resources through a paid membership. Depending on the level of merchant you aspire to be, help received from the companies listed below, and others, can certainly be of great value to you in your journey of becoming a notable Amazon merchant.

Top 3 Tools For Amazon Listing Optimization

Understanding Amazon SEO is crucial in your quest to become a higher ranking merchant. SEO doesn’t stand for anything fancy, it stands for Search Engine Optimization, and related to it are the aspects of improvement that you implement upon your product listings to better help your product pages become more visible when the connected keywords are searched by customers.

Amazon’s search algorithm is known to outperform Google’s at a rate of 54% to 46%. This means that their algorithm is extremely accurate, and provides customers with products they are looking for most of the time, or at least over half of the time. Keeping this in mind, you should be doing everything you can that will help your product page become more presentable, and easily digestible by customers who come across it.

Across the internet are various platforms that online merchants can gravitate towards when they need help with something related to the business, or to use their tools and resources that are offered. Some, coincidentally, are better than others, and the better ones of the bunch will be shown below. If you're looking for the best Amazon listing optimization tool, here they are.


Known as one of the most reputable platforms for online commerce, JungleScout has time and time again proven to provide its users with insightful data and information that they can apply to their sales plans. With comprehensive tools, webinars, e-books, estimator tools, product trackers and so much more, it can essentially be an all-in-one platform, provided that you enlist upon all of their services.

JungleScout offers many tools to its members, some of these being very useful for Amazon search engine optimization. With the Keyword Scout, members are able to be provided with a list of high-ranking keywords that they can use in their own listings, helping to bring in more traffic to their product page.

Offered by JungleScout is a superb package, called the Premium Amazon SEO Listing Optimization Service. With this package and service, you will submit the product you wish to put up for sale to JungleScout, and in return they will provide you with a new product listing that they consider fully optimized. With this package, you will be provided with;

  • A SEO Title - You will be provided with a title for your product that is the most attractive and easy for customers to view
  • 5 Bullet Points - In an easy to read fashion, customers can quickly analyze your brands message and your products description, optimizing the highest ranking keywords possible to include within the bullet points
  • HTML Description - Customers may have questions about your products, and you have the answers to them. The HTML product description is where you get to fully explain your brand and products, and this will be fully optimized by JungleScout with this service
  • Backend Search Terms - In order to rank properly, it’s important that ranking keywords and relevant individual words are also included in modules in the back end of your product page. This helps to keep you and your products ranked more efficiently.
  • Keyword Optimization Analysis - Using keywords that have high volume and rank high often are great to include in your product pages. JungleScout consistently researches the highest ranking keywords, and provides the one to you that relate to the product you are selling. With the included keywords, your product page is likely to experience a bit of traffic
  • Free Best Seller Guide - At a $25 value, you will be given this best seller guide for free, upon your purchase of the JungleScout Amazon SEO Optimization package.

 This service can provide merchants with an excellent product listing that will draw lots of attention, and will be easy for customers to read and analyze quickly. With this provided product listing, you are guaranteed close proximity to the most efficient your product listing can be.

Seller App

Enlisting the services of a company with a lot of experience is always a safe route, and this is exactly what you’ll get from Seller App’s Product Listing Optimization Service; a safe and effective service that guarantees quality and punctual delivery.

Seller App comes at product listing optimization from a multifaceted approach. Considering all possible factors that may play a role in the sales volume of your products when they are listed, they have concocted a well-oiled system that promises to optimize and execute your product listing to the highest efficiency possible. 

At Seller App, they put a ton of confidence in the experience that their copywriters carry, which are the people who will be creating your final product listing after all of the information they need from you is with them. After covering market and product research for you, they leave the rest up to a fine mixture of copywriting, sales driven data and keyword optimization.

Seller App has an astounding customer service reputation, and is known to get back to their customers quickly with the full intention of helping them solve their problem. This, alone, is a great reason to consider their services.

If you decide to purchase Seller App’s Amazon Listing Optimization Service, you will be provided with the services below, and more;

  • Market And Competitor Research - After you initially sign up for the service, you will make a call with them and give them any possible information on your product. Following this, they do the rest, and will keep busy researching your pertained market and analyzing other competitors and their product activity
  • Keyword Research - Relating to your product, they will pull high ranking keywords from various sources and include them in your listing in order to drive in more traffic
  • Product Title / Bullet Points - More important than most would think, is the display and sound of your product title. After carefully creating the title, Seller App will move on to include key product features, keywords and important information into confined and easy to read bullet points
  • Product Description - If you have a potential customer on your product page, the last thing you would want to happen is lose them because you didn’t provide enough information about the product in the first place. Providing you an information rich product description, including ranking keywords, you be much more likely to keep that potential customer on your page and purchase your product

If you decide that you would like to try out their product listing optimization service, it will cost you $350. Depending on the level of merchant you aspire to be, this service may or may not be worth the price. Either way, the investment to have a correct product listing in the first place could pay itself off rather quickly with a good sales volume. amazon listing optimization tool

IO Scout

Over time, IO Scout has solidified itself as a reputable and respected company that offers easy-to-use services. IO Scout has been left tons of positive reviews online from happy customers, saying how they have helped shape them into a profitable merchant.

With a subscription, you are offered many services from them, covering business aspects such as sales and revenue estimation, the analysis of over 150 million products, checking in on competition performance, saving search filters, and more.

The combination of these included services alone can help you to form a sales plan, and give you the ability to adjust to any changes along the way. Using the tools offered will help to give you a clear picture of what products are performing well on the market, and any possible opportunities, giving you more of an idea of what product listings to spend time on optimizing.

The subscriptions offered by IO Scout vary, and you are offered more freedom with their services with each higher level of subscription;

  • Start-Up - $29 per Month: Up to 25 Products Tracked, 2 Devices, 5000 Rows in Export
  • Seller - $49 per Month: Up to 45 Products Tracked, 5 Devices, 10000 Rows in Export
  • Business - $69 per Month: Up to 85 Products Tracked, 10 Devices, 20000 in Export

Offered by IO Scout is only three levels of subscription, so knowing what kind of seller you are will help you in making this decision. With a subscription, you are able to use their;

  • Product Tracker to stay on top of products and categories you are interested in. You will receive data updates by the hour on any price and stock movements
  •   Product Database to research and analyze millions of products that they have performance information on. You can find information related to historical price, sales, reviews, ratings, stock status and more
  •   Trends and History analyzer that will give you information on upcoming trends, as well as the history to many products so that you can gain a further insight into its marketability
  •   Chrome Extension that you can download and begin using right away. This extension will pop up and be readily available for you whenever you’d like while searching online

 The level of subscription you believe is best for you depends on how much products you sell, or how much you intend to sell. Luckily, IO Scout offers a free trial for all of their subscription levels, and you can begin trying it out today.  Amazon Listing Optimization

Get Your Product Listings Optimized!

It is more than clear by now, that having your Amazon product listings fully optimized is essential to help you become a merchant with more visibility to customers. When you begin selling more, Amazon will recognize this, and will place you higher and higher on search result pages over time. Before you get to this point, though, you must be taking your product listings seriously. Taking the time, or spending the money, to have an optimized product listing can mean the difference between being a profitable merchant, and a break-even one.