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posted on 15/Sat/02/2020 05:06
What is Viral Launch?
Viral Launch Pricing
Viral Launch Solutions

Do you have an Amazon listing that you’ve always wanted to expand? Viral Launch is the perfect resource to help you breathe life into your brand and its products.

By giving you access to their many tools and experts, they will help give character and life to your brand. They have teams of artists, photographers, data analysts, and more. Together, they work to increase visibility and bring you more revenue. That’s why you’re on Amazon anyway, so you may as well improve it any way you can.

Regardless of how long you’ve been selling on Amazon, Viral Launch has a package for you. Each one is tailored to suit your needs. Even if you’ve never sold anything on Amazon, they can help you get started. Your chances of becoming profitable will be far greater, as you’ll have resources no one else has. 

Viral Launch

What is Viral Launch?

Among the vast marketplace of Amazon seller tools, Viral Launch is quickly gaining steam. If you aren’t familiar with these tools, and especially if you’re an Amazon seller yourself, there’s a wealth of information in them that can help boost your business.

Viral Launch is loaded with a suite of tools that are shown to dramatically increase your profits. And really, isn’t that the main goal? Amazon is simply a virtual collection of sellers. It’s a flea market in a shiny package.

With Viral Launch, you are kept apprised of which products are currently trending. From there, you can use the information provided to plan your sales strategy. You’ll be regularly told what kind of revenue each keyword generates on a monthly basis.

The information is accurate, up-to-date, and always changing. This is priceless. Why lean toward selling items that you can see in real-time are failing? It is quite literally worth its weight in gold. Instead of losing money on products that aren’t moving, have little attraction, and bring little to no revenue, you can move away from them to those which are proven to be all the craze.

Now, this information alone would be great to have. But wouldn’t it be even better if you could see how your competitors are faring? Well, Viral Launch does exactly that. These are valuable sales figures that you can use to make adjustments in what you sell and how you sell them.

For example, let’s say Fictional Spoon Company is showing that their sales are down for the month. But you notice that Fictional Fork Company is spiking way up. Logic would dictate that it’s time to start investing in and selling forks. And since these figures are given to you in real-time, you can make adjustments to your sales strategy just the same.

This is all well and good, but you need to keep an eye on your own sales, too. Viral Launch will send you alerts if sales are dipping. It will let you know when they go up, as well. This lets you take all the information and use it to your advantage.

If something isn’t working, cut it loose and run. You can always monitor a certain product’s changing revenue and popularity. If it starts to gain sales at a later date, you can get back on board with it when it does.

Viral Launch lets you enter in exact keywords and phrases to get the most accurate data possible. It will even recommend keywords to you. This is great in helping to keep your sales strategy from becoming complacent.

Viral Launch is quickly outpacing its competition with loads of extras that will help you to fine-tune your company’s goals and spending. We’ll jump to those in just a moment, but let’s discuss how much Viral Launch will cost you, the consumer.

Viral Launch Pricing

So, you’re probably wanting to know what Viral Launch costs. There are several categories under which Viral Launch offers its services. Let’s discuss each of them one at a time. This will allow you to see the big picture and get a better grasp on how far-reaching their products are.

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First, let’s look at Viral Launch’s packages. There are four tiers here, Beginner, Pro, Brand Builder, and Kinetic. Beginner is best suited for someone who is just getting started on Amazon; selling their first product, perhaps.

Conversely, Pro is best aimed at established brands that want to expand and grow. The Brand Builder package is for those who want to take control of their specific market. Kinetic is best for brands that have been around a while and wish to expand their pay-per-click revenue.

Let’s tackle these one at a time, as each package offers several benefits that are tailor-made to fit certain needs. We’ll cover their cost, too, so you know exactly what you get and for how much.

For those just getting started, Beginner gives you three helpful tools for $50 a month. Let’s take a look at what you get.

  •      Product Discovery

This helps you find products. Simple, right?

  • Market Intelligence

You also get this helpful Viral Launch Chrome extension. It’s important that you know which items are selling, and this tool will help you do just that.

  • Competitor Intelligence

This is a reverse Amazon identification number lookup. Get the inside scoop on 3 specific products to see how they’re doing for the month.

This is a great way to get started. Once you get comfortable with the process and have made a few sales, you can advance to the Pro package for the full suite. You’ll soon be on your way to having a streamlined sales strategy.

Pro is $83 a month. It gives you several invaluable tools that can help improve your sales in no time. Let’s have a closer look at each one.

  •      Product Discovery

A vital tool that lets you search for products that you want to analyze.

  •      Market Intelligence

This is a Chrome extension that helps you research products to see how they’re ranking for the month.

  •      Keyword Research

This handy tool lets you research Amazon keywords. Have you ever wanted to know what words buyers are searching for the most to help you strategize? Now you can.

  •      Competitor Intelligence

Look up ASINs to monitor how an individual item is faring for the month. As with the Beginner package, you can see 3 a month.

  •      Listing Builder

This helps you better create listings that work for you.

  •      Listing Analyzer

This will evaluate 50 listings and provide you with information as to how well they’re doing.

  •      Keyword Manager

This tool tracks up to 2,000 keywords so you can see what’s trending among consumers.

Are you wanting to take control of your market and dominate in sales? Brand Builder has just the right compilation of tools to help you along the way. As with the Pro package, you get Product Discovery , Market Intelligence , Keyword Research, and Listing Builder . You get the rest of the tools, but with greater scope. Let’s check them out individually.

  •      Competitor Intelligence

Instead of getting the scoop on 3 ASINs for the month, Brand Builder lets you analyze 100 items.

  •      Listing Analyzer

Brand Builder lets you evaluate 100 listings, as well.

  •      Keyword Manager

           With Brand Builder, you can now see 5,000 unique keywords.

With Kinetic, you can take your brand to the next level. Improve profits on PPCs and get organic results from advertising performance – all with the guarantee of increased revenue. Product Discovery , Market Intelligence , Keyword Research, Listing Builder , 100 listings from the Listing Analyzer , and 5,000 keywords from the Keyword Manager are all included. But now you get even greater results and benefits, with an extra tool to boot.

  •      Competitor Intelligence
  •      You now have access to 250 keywords, as opposed to Brand Builder’s 100.
  •     Kinetic

This additional tool gives you sponsored ad management to help boost your profits.

As you can see, each plan gives you the right tools for your level of selling expertise. With all packages, you get powerful data and automation that work together to give you invaluable sales statistics.

This information is scoured from Amazon to bring you real-time data that you can use to your advantage. Viral Launch features more points than any other form of analytical software. You will stay ahead of the curve with a wealth of information that is guaranteed to see your revenue explode.

You also get seamless integration. Instead of losing out on sales and marketing by copying and pasting data from around the internet, Viral Launch does all the hard work for you. You are provided with every detail in a convenient and easy-to-read platform. The old adage that time is money relates well here.


Viral Launch offers Uber Launch . This is a tool for those who are just getting their feet wet in the world of online markets. Let’s check out what this service can do for you and why it’s so valuable.

With Uber Launch, you pay a one-time fee of $200. In doing so, you will have access to a plethora of sources that will help expand your business. Real-time giveaway stats, next-day expedited scheduling, one-time use coupons, granular scheduling, and more.


Viral Launch helps you get your name out there with their Brand Optimization resource. This crucial element will help drive traffic to you in ways you could never do on your own. You pay a one-time fee of $997, which will then open the door to having more traffic than you ever dreamed possible. This is thanks to the vast number of tools at your disposal.

  •      Optimized Product Title
  •      Optimized Bullet Points
  •      Optimized Product Description
  •      Backend Search Terms
  •      List of Relevant Keywords
  •      1-1 Contact with a Listing Specialist
  •      Competitive Product Photo Analysis
  •      Call with Our Branding Expert

For those wanting a better handle on the visual side of their storefront, Viral Launch offers Market Optimization . This will run you a one-time cost of $597. Here’s a list of what you get in this package.

  •      Optimized Product Title
  •      Optimized Bullet Points
  •      Optimized Product Description
  •      Backend Search Terms
  •      List of Relevant Keywords
  •      1-1 Contact with a Listing Specialist
  •      Competitive Product Photo Analysis

Lastly, if you’re simply wanting to better optimize your copy of a listing, Viral Launch has the Content Optimization package. You pay a one-time fee of $497 for several helpful resources that are sure to boost traffic.

  •      Optimized Product Title
  •      Optimized Bullet Points
  •      Optimized Product Description
  •      Backend Search Terms
  •      List of Relevant Keywords
  •      1-1 Contact with a Listing Specialist

Every one of these packages includes indexes and conversions of your keywords to better increase traffic. Viral Launch has a team of copywriters who carefully position every keyword to ensure your copy gets the best visibility in organic searches.

With that, you need to use keywords that your customers will most likely gravitate toward. Viral Launch’s copywriters create content that is more likely to attract eyes and work toward increasing your revenue.

Viral Launch has successfully ran over 40,000 product launches. They know what it takes to produce the best Amazon algorithms so that your listing is better seen by all.

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You can have the best product description in the world, but many consumers are attracted to nice pictures. Viral Launch can help you here by providing your listing with top-notch photos to better drive traffic.

They have three tiers to best suit your brand’s needs. Branding Expert, Conversion Master, and Conversion Starter Kit. Let’s have a look at what they can do for you.

Branding Expert is for established brands that want the best photos to assist in advertising their products. For a one-time fee of $1447, you get loads of valuable help. What’s great about this deal is that you can use the provided photos anywhere you like; not just on Amazon. This is a great option for those branching out into other areas of sales and marketing.

  •      12+ stunning product photos
  •      Mix of studio and lifestyle photos
  •      Professional shot list & branding consultation
  •      Extra photos for external use

Conversion Master gives you plenty of photos to boost your product’s visibility on Amazon. Let’s see what a one-time fee of $797 gets you.

  •      6-9 stunning product photos
  •      Mix of studio and lifestyle photos

And lastly, there’s the Conversion Starter Kit . For a one-time cost of $597, you get a small set of photos for increasing Amazon traffic.

  •      3-5 stunning product photos
  •      Choose between studio or lifestyle photos

Each package features useful resources to help make each listing as valuable as possible. When necessary, models will be used to make your listing stand out. If there’s a special circumstance that requires the use of, say, an animal or baby, there will be extra fees involved.

You also get access to Professional Post Production. A team of talented artists and editors work to bring your photos alive. This helps to drive clicks and give your brand its unique identity.

As always, you get Viral Launch’s Marketplace Expertise. Their photographers work together to make sure the photos used best support your product and brand. Your copy will come alive with character, drawing in more traffic than ever.

Managed Services

You get the best in PPC management with Viral Launch’s Kinetic Managed Services. By using their vast knowledge and expertise, Viral Launch ensures that your copy gets the best advertisement.

With a focus on getting bottom-line results, you have the assurance and confidence that your investment is used in the best way possible. You’ll see a natural increase in organic sales, keyword rankings improving, and more profit based on excellent advertisement.

Viral Launch Solutions

Viral Launch offers many solutions to help you along the way to expanding your business. We discussed a few of these earlier with the packages that Viral Launch offers. Let’s check out a few more in greater detail.

Viral Launch Kinetic PPC

This pay-per-click platform lets you control your results, maximize profits, and develop comprehensive strategies with integrated research tools. You set the rules for the tool to follow. This will help keep your ads profitable.

You’ll be kept up-to-date with the ever-changing marketplace. Adjust its settings to let you know only what’s most important to you. You’ll have access to more crucial data than ever before by seeing how other products are ranking for any given month.

You also get to keep any eye on how your ad spend is paying off. If certain aspects just aren’t working, you’re kept in the know so you can make the necessary tweaks and adjustments.

If a certain keyword isn’t working out for you like you had hoped, Kinetic PPC lets you remove it. There’s no need for something that isn’t working to drain your budget. Once you’ve found a keyword that works, you can adjust your listing to use it. This will get more traffic your way and help in increasing your profits.

If you have an old listing that is no longer getting clicks, you can incorporate these new keywords to help bring eyes back to your product.

Viral Launch Keyword Manager

This comprehensive dashboard shows you more keyword data than any other product available. Get important data like organic rank tracking, index checks, ad rank tracking, badge notifications, trends in search volume, keyword scores and more.

This works in tandem with the Listing Analyzer to provide you with more keyword information than ever.

Viral Launch Split Testing

This lets you adjust settings within your advertising campaign to maximize results and profitability. Analytics are used to show you what works best for your brand so you get the most traffic possible.

You’ll have access to comprehensive statistics. This displays graphs to show what’s working best so you’ll know what to focus on in your marketing.

You can create these settings in a matter of minutes and then walk away. A subroutine works around the clock to make you more money. This allows you to focus on other parts of your business.


How do I cancel viral launch?

Viral Launch makes the cancellation process easy. If you wish to terminate your plan, simply submit a request to service@viral-launch.com . Your account will promptly end. You can cancel at any time. Just go to your launchpad and select the Account tab.

A drop-down menu will appear, from which you will select Settings. You will then be taken to the settings page where you can then click on the Billing tab. From there, click on Cancel and you’ll be asked to enter the date you wish your services to end.

Can I Use a Free Trial?

You sure can. Viral Launch has a portal where you can create an account to try out their services for free. Click here to sign up.

Is Viral Launch Accurate?

By checking ASINs and featured products, Viral Launch is shown to be very accurate, especially when weighed against the competition. Product research, keyword research, product trackers, and market research all show that Viral Launch performs better than other similar products.

Use this to your advantage. Join one of the fastest-growing products and bring more traffic to your brand than ever. With Viral Launch’s commitment to growing your business, their team of experts can help make you more visible to consumers.

You will stay ahead of the curve with the most accurate and up-to-date information and sales data. Your brand will flourish, as will your profits. Remember, you can cancel at any time should you decide you don’t like it for any reason.

If you’re just entering into the world of Amazon, this is a business opportunity you don’t want to miss.